SubjectRe: [dq] Players without Games
FromJacqui Smith
DateFri, 16 Jun 2006 09:12:51 +1200
At 14:23 14/06/06, you wrote:
>We have four players without games this session:
>Michael P
>Nick B
>There may be one or two more who were not at the meeting that would like a 
>game to make up a full
>Are there any GMs able to run something for them?

Keith and I have been thinking about it... however, it means that the 
players would be looking at a foreshortened game, with us leaving for our 
little holiday on the 21st August.

It would help if we had a better idea of what level PCs people wanted to 
play, and what nights suited. I think we'd be looking at Monday nights or 
Friday nights only for us.


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Subject[dq-announce] Seagate Times
FromKeith Smith
DateFri, 16 Jun 2006 17:08:19 +1200
After some hiccups - the latest Seagate Times (#53) is posted on the 
library website


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