SubjectRe: [dq] Guild Meetings
FromJulia McSpadden
DateWed, 13 Sep 2006 18:07:15 +1200
Actually I think this is partly you are noticing games that are being signed 
up outside of the guild meetings, rather than that the wiki is causing 
people to sign up on games outside of the guild meeting.

It is normal for extreme games like the assault on Masada not to be annouced 
but rather a "perfect" makeup is assembled from the high/ very high level 
characters available

As for some of the other G.M's who didn't announce their games, Martin has 
only announced one of his games at the guild meetings in 10 years that I 
have seen, and Georges games are full for the next 2 years and I doubt that 
the wiki had much to do with that.

One is a game full of Air Mages and therefore all the available air mages 
got shanghai'd before the meeting.

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> Hullo
> I have noticed that we are getting fewer and fewer people attending the
> guild meetings.  This is perhaps because people are signing up for
> adventures on the Wiki.
> I think it is an important happening to reflect on.
> This is why:
> We know that one of the key challenges we face in our multi GM world is 
> that
> players form cliques with the players and the GM's they like adventuring
> with.
> In an environment where most games are signed up on line new people will
> find that they can not get into many of these games.  Also people who are
> not known to these groupings may not get into these games.  It will be
> harder for new people to find a good group to pay with and over time this
> will likely result in less new members becoming old members.
> Also we run the risk of fragmenting our guild and re-enforcing the 
> dynamics
> that have different groups with different perspectives not agreeing with
> each other about how things should happen.  The more this happens the more
> people don't want to play with other groups who may 'do it funny'.
> Conversely the more different people play together the more they see that
> while 'their' methods may be strange they seem to work in this version of
> the world and thus a wider range of views remain within our collective
> acceptable limits.
> I recognise that signing up on the Wiki is easy and hassle free.  Also 
> guild
> members are not faced with the anxiety of running to get into their
> preferred game and maybe missing out. Perhaps GM's are also happier 
> playing
> with players they know and who know them.
> However it seems to me that that this is a major water shed in terms of 
> the
> development of the guild.  There is a lot of value in players being able 
> to
> play with a wide range of people and GM's.
> If all adventure signing up happened on line many players would never play
> with each other and we would be a multi GM world in name only. I believe 
> it
> will gradually become less and less necessary to agree about things like
> rules and even world texture.  I realise that this will seem like a leap 
> to
> many older players who generally know a wide range of people and have
> adventured with them over the years; but when I consider the experience of 
> a
> newer person I realise that it would not seem like a multi GM world to me.
> When I first started to play the guild meetings where what made me realise
> that there really was many players and GM's co-operating together.  And
> being able to go up to a person I did not know and sign up for their game
> cause it sounded interesting was an important part of finding a satisfying
> place in the DQ guild.
> So I don't really know the answer to this cause the Wiki sign up is so 
> easy;
> but, I do recon there is an issue and I am interested in others
> perspectives.
> Cheers Hamish
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