SubjectRe: [dq] Guild Meetings
FromClare Baldock
DateSun, 17 Sep 2006 22:48:40 +1200
On 15/09/2006, at 17:22, carojono wrote:

> To correct the dropping numbers we could if we wished:

[snip] I think pretty much all these suggestions are pretty awful. I  
actually don't see what the problem is with wiki signups. In general  
they make it slightly easier for people to get onto the pre-sign-up  
games than it was before. There have been such games for a very long  
time, the wiki just makes them more visible. The trick, IMHO, is not  
to punish people for putting their games up on the wiki and signing  
people up before the guild meeting, or reward people for doing so,  
but rather to either:

a) make the guild meeting have more value of itself to people
b) accept that they are getting smaller and make sure you ask for an  
appropriate donation

This is our hobby, and no-one is obligated to do anything. If you  
make it too difficult for GMs to do things the way they like, or for  
players to choose to play on the games they think they will enjoy  
most, I expect you will drive people away from the guild rather than  
have the effect you want.

> 15) In recognition of the membership getting older - change the guild
> meeting to a dinner event at ABC on Sunday evening.

And this one I think is even worse. Dinner time is an even more  
difficult a time for families with young children to get out of the  
house than most.



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