Subject[dq] BattleCry 2007 - February
DateFri, 24 Nov 2006 19:16:35 +1300
Hi all,

We have a go...  BattleCry 2007 - Pirates (arrghhh)

Freemans Bay Community Hall (same place as last time)
Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of February 2007

Costs: 2 days = $30, 1 day = $20.
If you pre-register and pay before the 27th of January you get a $5
discount, so $25/$15.
Cost for just the Friday evening Larp game or just the Saturday evening
gaming = $5

Tournaments confirmed for 2007:
25mm DBM Medieval/Ancients Doubles (limit 24 players)
Warhammer 40K (limited to 20 players)
Flames of War (limited to 30 players)
6mm Moderns (limited to 8 players)
Hordes/Warmachine (limited numbers)
Jyhad CCG
Legend of the Five Rings (1 day only)

Doors open at 8:30am for registration/set-up. Tournaments will run from 9am
to 5:30pmish both days.

Friday night Larp is Pirate themed. Venue to be announced.

Saturday night the Freemans Bay Hall will be available for non-tournament
gaming from 6:30pm till 11:30pm. Bring along your board games, card games
etc for some social gaming. We hope to run some of the smaller mini
tournaments during this time, like Bloodbowl, StarWars ccg, Pirates of the
Spanish Main. If you have a game you haven't played in years and are wanting
to find some opponents, this would be the time... also let me know what you
are interested in playing so I can post a list of "who wants to play this?"
for Sat night.

Prize Giving on Sunday night at 6:30pm. In the gap between tournaments
finishing and Prize Giving we hope to finish any of the mini tournaments
started Sat night, do some more fun games and we are looking at having some
special guest speakers demonstrating their modelling products and the like.

There is some crash space available for those from out of town. Email me if

Hell Pizza's have organised us a special rate for large pizzas so there will
be an order for pizzas happening for 6pm delivery. Order at the registration
desk. This will be for both Sat and Sun nights.

There will be teeshirts available, and a munchies shop. And several of our
sponsors will have stalls and demonstration tables on site.

Keep an eye on our website as
it's being updated daily.

Registration forms will be in shops this coming week, and downloadable from
the site soon.

For more information and to pre-register, contact me on or leave a message on (09) 3089631

BattleCry Organiser 2007

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SubjectRe: [dq] BattleCry 2007 - February
DateFri, 24 Nov 2006 19:34:54 +1300
Oops, that was [OT] but it got removed, sorry...


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