Subject[dq] WOTC takes over Heroscape
FromJacqui Smith
DateSat, 02 Feb 2008 23:43:51 +1300
For those of you who enjoy using Heroscape terrain (and figures) for DQ.

I was grazing favourites websites, and on checking was surprised to see that Hasbro have handed 
Heroscape over to their WOTC division (the D&D lot). Mostly I suspect 
because they've decided that their real market is among gamers, and 
they think the WOTC people understand gamers better. There are pluses 
and minuses to this as interested persons can discover using that link.

As an aside, Keith and I have been converting the Marro for DQ, 
changing names and converting weapons. They seem to have potential so 
far. Does anyone happen to have any Marro Drones? (the ones with glaives)


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