Subject[dq-pub] Adventurers required for armour quest - Basalic
DateWed, 28 May 2008 17:05:11 +1200
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I, being Basalic, are looking for some good keen blokes, or blokettes, to
help in getting some elven armour fixed. 

The armour in question is black mithral plate mail (12FT/5EN protection)
with the magical properties of protection of 12pts damage from elemental
college spells and 6 points of undead/demonic draining. It's also possible
to cast in it but at increased difficulty (+50BC). However, it needs
special repair to make the magical properties permanent and, now that the
harvests are in, seems to me a good time to get it done. If not done by
next Beltane, it'll lose all magical properties and become non-caster

(The GM for this quest is Hamish Brown and, since we're leaving for the USA
in early August, it'll have to be a short session, and we're not returning
until sometime after the Spring Guild meeting. I'm thinking of running
something in what remains of the spring session if people are interested)

If I can't get this done, I'm prepared to sell this armour for what I paid
for it, and the buyer can either take up the quest or just let the magical
properties expire.

Replies either here or at Bolton Manor.


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