Subject[dq-announce] Guild meeting minutes - Winter 808
DateWed, 11 Jun 2008 08:48:10 +1200
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Guild Meeting Minutes
Winter 808 WK

0)	Gods Meeting

a)	Star of Alusia. The vote was to remove the word ‘irressurectable’
from the requirements for awarding the Star. The objective was to get the
Star of Alusia moving. Passed 8/3/0
b)	Overstrengthing – This hasn’t changed since the last time it was
brought up for voting. Tabled for now for discussion.
c)	Thief. – It has been in playte4st by some GMs but not officially. Vote
to put into general playtest – Passed 12/2/0
d)	Healer – change to allow limb reattachment and revise times for
regeneration (see agenda). Passed 12/3/0
e)	Campaign report – More mayhem from human lands is going to the elven
countries with the possibility of civil war.
f)	Tax – Could this be reduced from 10% to 5%, starting from the Spring
808 session, as it was raised to 10% because of the Aquila/Aladar war.
Failed 6/3/6. To be discussed.

1)	Adventures This Session

a)	Ishmael Kalie from S.E.E.L.I.E. There has been an outbreak of daffodils,
an incursion of hobbits, domestic troubles, returning troops, and a red
dragon. Can pay lots. William, High, Tuesdays, Chez Ellis, Onehunga. Three
further players requested.
b)	Sister Bertha – a monkish female from the main temple of Diencecht in
Caledonia. Wants Brother Phaeton, and companions, to return with her to see
the High Priest. Jacqui, Tuesdays, Mangere Bridge, Mediumish.

The meeting was also advised that trouble is brewing in Alfheim and some
elves are taking sides.

2)	Awards

a)	Smartest

Pierre – The minotaur that the party had to get past was in a prepared
position. Pierre had an ability to swap places with another entity so the
party prepared to attack the spot where he was. He then swapped places with
the minotaur.

Lath – While talking to an oracle, Lath asked a question in such a way
that it wasn’t being asked.

Sir Kit – The party had to get a prince out of a djinn castle. They
sailed in on a magical lamp underwater. The djinn found this amusing.

Shoka – The party encountered a pool of liquid mithral. He sacrificed
several healing potions in order to use the containers to get as much
mithral as possible.

Flamis – The party had to get into a temple past several Dark Titans and
Storm Giants that were protected from fire. Flamis used firearcs to get the
party past the opposition so they didn’t have to fight them.

Koffi – Used a rag & string golem as a suicide bomber.

Isil-Eth – The balrog guarding the chamber only appeared to elves so
Isil-Eth sent the humans in to raid the Hall of Records.

Mehb – Used a potion of Avoiding a Fate to reverse the effect of what
Christopher did

Liessa – Had a brilliant plan against the balrog

Winner – Sir Kit and Isil-Eth

b)	Bravest

Viola – While the party was under attack, she was putting fire armours on
other people first.

Flamis – During a fight, she got separated from the rest of the party, so
she decided to ‘run the gauntlet’ in order to get back as quickly as
possible, taking all the hits. 

Dwork the Ork – Experimenting in ‘unusual activities’.

Pierre – Flamis was being carried off by a creature so Pierre swapped
places with her.

Father Broc – Allowed healing to be transferred from him in order to heal

Tari – When attacked by bad guys in a sunken ship, she confused them by
giving them a good tongue lashing.

Winner – Dwork the Ork

c)	Stupidest

Christopher – Had cast Ice Armour on himself in violation of the
prearranged  rules of engagement. The party nearly died from the ensuring

Father Broc – charging into a clearing and getting mowed down.

Lucius – decided to bless a temple while the party was sneaking in. It
caused the temple to fall down and also alerted everyone inside.

Engalton – Deflecting magic onto the assassin that was following the
party, and irritating him.

Malco – Taking a huge crystal that then did huge damage to the party with
lightning bolts as well as causing the chamber to become flooded.

Winner – Malco

d)	Best Death

Viola – Trampled, struck by a sword, clawed, and hit with fire from a
balrog, all at once

Malco – eaten by slugs

Pierre – The party had obtained gut busters from a storm giant, rated in
strength from one to twelve. Pierre drank a twelve.

Darian – Managed to hold position during combat just long enough for Sir
Kit to run up the spell.

Winner – Malco

3)	Roll of Honour

a)	Liessa – ascended to godhood

4)	Other business

a)	Verity is looking for special items to help deal with a Blood Cult

Meeting Closed

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