Subject[dq] Visiting New Zealand
FromLev Lafayette
DateMon, 1 Dec 2008 03:52:33 -0800 (PST)
Hi everyone,

I know this is very short notice and all, but I'll be dropping in to NZ over the next several days. I believe most of you are Auckland-based where I'll be spending the next few days.

It's a pity that I'm probably not staying long enough to catch a Seagate Guild game in action.. Maybe next time.

Anyway, if anyone wants to say 'hello', send me a line and a number and I'll see what we can arrange.

This is where I'll be..

December 2: Arrive Auckland 5.00pm
December 3: Auckland Conference 
December 4: Auckland Conference
December 5: Auckland Conference
December 6: Palmerston North
December 7: Palmerston North
December 8: Palmerston North
December 9: Palmerston North
December 10: Wellingon
December 11: Wellington
December 12: Wellington
December 13: Depart Wellingon 3.50pm

Best wishes,


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