Subject[dq-announce] Guild meeting minutes - Summer 09
DateSun, 14 Dec 2008 20:32:53 +1300
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Guild Meeting Minutes
Summer 809WK
0) Pre Guild Meeting
	a) There are no Ranke rumours
	b) A large number of elves have become spontaneously pregnant - those that
went to the fertility ritual. 
	c) Alfheim is more polarised with various factions being formed. There are
good odds on a civil war starting.
	d) Ranke is forming a large invasion fleet, although who they are planning
to invade is unknown. Mordeux has retreated from Southern Ranke and Ormond
has been massing troops on it’s border with Ranke.
	e) It is advisable to keep an eye on Raniterre.

1) Adventure Going Out
	a) Bread and Circuses - A dark skinned fellow. Grain not arriving at the
capital city by ship from somewhere up the river. Wants us to find out why.
Medium. Night negotiable. GM: Helen
	b) Thanks for all the Fish - Privy Councellor of Elven Empire. They’re
out of fish and the Queen wants some. It’s a special fish that only comes
from Ruska. Isil Eth is paying the reward. Low. GM: William
	c) Bernard is running a high overflow.

2) Awards
a) Smartest
	i) Julius. An ice demon cultist had been captured. Julius told him that
the party were bounty hunters and told the perfect story which got the
party the necessary info and the cultist had no idea these were the people
he was hunting.
	ii) Akuiji (posthumously). The Books of Kael had been found in a block of
Bound Ice in a cave which was full of hibernating creatures. Akuiji was
able to charm the books out of the ice without waking any of them up.

	Winner - Julius

b) Bravest
	i) Imbrium - chased an earth mage into a tunnel. Also charged a bear that
was chasing the party.
	ii) Lucius - found a book that sucked souls and volunteered to change
places with the current occupant.
	iii) Pent - the party were stuck down a hole with combat monsters above.
Pent went up to hold them off

	Winner - Imbrum

c) Stupidest
	i) Vychan - He knew everything about where the party was but only told
them after the event.
	ii) Zanack - Met a stranger in a pub and agreed to take a package with
unknown contents through a portal into the demon realms. 

	Winner - Vychan

d) Best Death
There could only be one winner. Akuiji.  He volunteered during the soup
course to eviserate himself. He also became Champion and was sacrificed as
part of the elven fertility rituals. 

3) Roll of Honour

4) Star of Alusia
	No candidates

5) Other Business
	a) Battlecry. 21st - 22nd of February. ASB Stadium in Kaimaramara and
Selwyn College
	b) News of probable war north of Cazala. 
	c) Elvish news. 20,000 elves pregnant, expecting in seven months. There
are supporters of the Queen, supporters for the hair, republican, etc. The
elves are tense, nervous, and eating strange food.
	d) Taupo medieval joust next January. Details on website.

Meeting Closed.

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