Subject[dq] Delph / Mongodia
FromStephen Martin
DateThu, 12 Mar 2009 11:20:42 +1300 (NZDT)
Jon has dome some stuff with Mungodia, but has now relinquished all claim on it and is very happy
for any GM who wants to do stuff there to do so.

What is on the wiki is what adventurers have found out about it (from visits to small areas on the
east coast and asking the locals), it is not definitive, nor limiting, but should be indicative of
the type of area and the sort of things that could be there.

Most of what the guild knows about Mungodia is equivalent to going up to a man fishing near the
mouth of the Amazon in the 1500's and asking what's up river, he replies Mungodia (Trans. 'The
Jungle').  The rest is speculation and rumour.

I would imagine that others found in other parts of the jungle or its borders would have other
names for it.  But for mapping and descriptive convenience the guild is referring to the region as

It is a VAST jungle that does not seem to have a unifying civilisation.
Many jungle villages near the eastern end, ruins, ancient magics, ancient horrors and powers,
possibly home to some of the hidden Drow cities.  Most of which are well hidden below the canopy
(or concealing magic).

Definitely a place that would be exciting to explore, and equally definitely a place that is fatal
to most explorers.

Cheers, Stephen.

Ian Wood wrote:
> sent on behalf of Errol,
> I'm fairly sure that Jon doesn't claim exclusive use of all of Mungodia - I get the feeling that
> he did some stuff on the eastern edge?

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