SubjectRe: [dq] We're Dreaming Of A White Samheim
FromAndrew Withy
DateSun, 7 Jun 2009 13:23:01 +1200
Carzala is sometimes described as having a climate like Spain. There have
been occasional natural snowfalls in Carzala, but usually snow would be a
result of magic. Seagate is the same latitude as Auckland, and coastal
(albeit on the edge of a large continent). However, the highlands around
Brastor might get snow, given the Plains of Grass stretching to their East.

Early December seems analogous to Samheim (start of winter). When I was in
southern Spain in early December, the snowline was around 2,300 metres,
which is higher than anything in Brastor.

I believe that it snows regularly in most of the other baronies though -
Flugelheim, Artzdorff and the Western Marches are particularly cold, and
Aquilla and the mountain states get heavy snowfalls in winter. Some of these
states fulfil the role of Poland to Carzla's Spain.

Of course, with Air Mages, Demons and Curses, all bets are off. 

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Subject: [dq] We're Dreaming Of A White Samheim

After seeing the latest from the campaign committee that was posted on the
Wiki, I have a question for them.

Does it snow on Seagate? And do any other parts of Carzala get snow?


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