Subject[dq] America's Cup - roleplaying all weekend (11th/12th July)
DateMon, 6 Jul 2009 00:07:45 +1200
Sorry for the interruption but I thought there might be people on here who 
might like to come along. - Karen

*AMERICA's Cup 2009*
*July 11th & 12th*

*WHERE*: Commerce A Building - Auckland University
*WHEN*: 8.30am Sign-in each day
*COST*: $25 Non-America Members     $20 America Members
($10 for one day)

*LARP - "Mystery on the Continental Express"*
It is the 1970's, and a train trip crosses country lines following the trail
of the old Orient Express in one of the grand old redecorated trains with
many people from all walks of life. Obviously everyone is having a fantastic
time and what could possibly go wrong...

Commerce A building, starting 7pm.
Free if you are registered for the weekend event, $5 for just Larp
attenders. (refreshments included)

So raid your parents wardrobes/op shops etc for some glam 70's fashions.

Limited numbers so see me about a character. A small questionaire will be
sent to each registered person to help tailor a character to you. The
earlier people contact Karen (, the bigger choice of
characters for the picking.
Registering for the Larp closes Tuesday 7th July.

*Systemless Roleplaying Games* Saturday

(9.30am - 1pm): *Kingdom of the Sun* - A supernatural western
action/investigation game.
It is 1842 and the United States is expanding westwards under their Manifest
Destiny. It is the time of the Wild West and gunslingers and cowboys are the
heroes of the day, and in this instance the tale is centered on a band of
law enforcers hired to investigate the murder of several Smithsonian
Institute archaeologists in Memphis, Tennessee and track down those

(2pm - 5.30pm): *The Five Burials of Raven Hill* - Baron Kassivari will die
tonight. A contract has been taken out on his life, and several assassins
are after his head. But everything goes wrong when he summons the spirits of
the dead - those whom the assassins once slew.
The Five Burials of Raven Hill is a psycological horror game where the
players are assassins who are being hunted by their previous kills. To make
matters worse the Order of Assassins has taken a contract out on their

(9.30am - 1pm): *By the Hum of the Montauk *- This will be an 'interesting'
game that we cannot tell you anything about as that would spoil the fun.
Trust us.

(2pm - 5.30pm): *"Neo-Pantheon Inc."* - A cut-throat comedic game in which
you are gods from an old pantheon trying to reconnect and convert followers
to their religion in the modern world. Blood sacrifices are out and End User
License Agreements are in as gods are forced to adapt their strategies in a
world vastly different from 2000 years ago when a divine injunction
prevented them from intefering with the world and led to their torpor.
Smite, and don't forget to Synergise with your Core Competencies!*


*RPGA Games*

Also over the weekend will be a range of RPGA sanctioned games availible
that we would encourage people to attend. While we would like to encourage
people to give a go at systemless roleplaying, the RPGA games are a fun
alternative with the structure of the D&D system for those that may feel
overwhelmed by the style of the systemless games.

Hope to see you there!

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