Subject[dq-announce] Guild Meeting Minutes - Spring 809WK
DateSun, 13 Sep 2009 17:03:21 +1200
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Guild meeting – Spring 809 WK

0)	Gods Meeting Voting Issues (see the DQ wiki at
a)	Earth mage Detecting Poisons (G8) – Passed 9/1/0
b)	Elemental Proposal – Passed 7/1/2
c)	Changes to Languages – Passed 9/0/0
d)	Change to Waters of Healing – Passed 9/0/0
e)	Change to Waters of Strength – Passed 9/0/0

1)	Adventures Going Out
a)	A Spring Wedding. – A small hobbit. The Lords of the plane she is on are
having a wedding bit not everyone is happy about it so extra security is
required. Helen, Mondays, High, West Harbour
b)	Pirate’s Lament. A weather-beaten man with a hook instead of one hand,
accompanied by a boy who has been badly bruised and grubby. The man
introduces himself as Captain Hook. Their island used to be a fine place
but lately the inhabitants have become more malevolent. Some grand
adventurers are required to sort out the evil that has infused the island.
Pay is a chest of pirate treasure. Rosemary, probably Thursdays, Medium,

If anyone else requires an adventure, then please let us know on the email
list, or on the wiki, with the character name, level and nights of

2)	Awards
a)	Smartest
i.	Clarissa – Suggesting to move the continent away from the cataclysm
ii.	Pretty Flower – Came up with an alchemical formula to kill some spiders
iii.	Vapour – using wind whistle to blow the alchemical gas towards the
iv.	Tegan – distracting the guards by rolling drunks

Winner – Clarissa

b)	Bravest
i.	Aaron – went on a stealthy infiltration mission – with Faith
ii.	Amelia – During the ritual a proto-Aim was stealing souls. When
discovered, insults were exchanged then Amelia punched him in a sensitive
spot. Aim now has a grudge against female hobbits.
iii.	Zanac – bravely getting rid of his Fate
iv.	Tari – allowing herself to be seduced by the party employer so that the
party could benefit from extra benefits.

Winner – Amelia

	c) Stupidest
i.	Clarissa – had a short pact with Orias that granted her a special
teleport. She decided to use it and after teleporting two party members a
few thousand miles discovered she could not transport the rest of the
party. Amelia and Glass has to make their own way. 
ii.	Isil-Eth – Had to fall back to plan B after discovering the undead were
immune to her special effects. Basically was overconfident and didn’t check
that off-planer undead were different
iii.	Zanack – The plane was disintegrating around the party so he decided
to use his portal, which only worked once a day for a minute.
Winner – Clarissa

	d)	Best Death
i.	Zanack – most efficient death, and most often
ii.	Dwork – Flying into certain death

Winner – No vote

General Business
a)	Orias is now a Celestial Prince . Ask Darian
b)	Aim is nuts. There is an aspect of Aim that is polite and peeved.
c)	There is a new island subcontinent just off the coast of Hindia
d)	Duplicate languages are going to vanish

Meeting Closed

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Subject[dq-announce] SGT 65 is now online
FromKeith Smith
DateSun, 13 Sep 2009 18:31:01 +1200
The latest Seagate Times is now accessable from the wiki.


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