Subject[dq] To those with small children and a yard
FromHelen Saggers
DateThu, 26 Nov 2009 14:42:26 +1300
I have a old triple swing and slide set which my children have now out 
It was the kids xmas gift from the grandparents 3 xmas's ago and being 
powder coated galvanized steel still has some life left in it, but the only 
relative with children younger than mine doesn't want it.

With xmas, and the summer weather coming.... its time to sell it.
So if your want a swing set or know of someone who does....
I'll except any reasonable offer .... I would like to get my three their own 
tent for xmas.

The set is suitable for preschool and younger primary aged children, it is 
in need new bolts with which to attach the slide and probably a good oil as 
it has sat unused on my back lawn for much of the last year.


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