Subject[dq-announce] Minutes from the Autumn 811 Guild meeting
DateSun, 13 Mar 2011 17:34:53 +1300
Seagate Guild of Adventurers
Minutes from the Guild Meeting
Autumn 811 WK

0)	Gods Meeting
a)	We have been contacted by two DQ groups, one in Texas USA, and the other in
Somerset England, who wish access to our Wiki, mailing list and Times in order
to make contributions to our campaign.  Concerns were raised that they could do
something that could adversely affect the direction we want the game to go. 
Keith volunteered to moderate their contributions.

b)	Just after the Guild meeting, the 20 million silver penny bribe that the
Haven demons were supposed to collect was stolen before they came to collect
it.  They’re blaming us, we’re blaming everyone else, and currently there
are no leads to the culprits.  Witnesses claim that they saw two thieves
disappearing up Confederarion Bay so Sanctuary are the prime suspects.  A 20K
bounty has been posted per Guild member (Sabrina declared that as an insult and
doubled her own).  The Guild Council currently have bodyguards.  It is assumed
that anyone grabbed is a hostage.  GMs can use or ignore this situation as they
see fit.  More details in the Seagate Times.

c)	The Slow Portal to Elfenburg has been fixed (except for one minor leak to the
Elfenburg Swamp)  Travellers are still asked to be careful.

d)	There is an increasing number of cultists in Carzala.  The Powers of Light
are backing off a bit as they seem to be a bit ‘twitchy’.  The Sisters of
Perpetual Dissonance and the Church of the One Horned God have put out a bounty
on imps and devils.

e)	Preparations are underway for the marriage of King Ulric to Duchess Meredith
of Ranke.  Ranke will presumably need a new Duchess.

f)	GMs are reminded that experience points and item writeups should be ready and
available at the end of the session.  If they’re not on time, it’s
inconveniencing the players and their next GM.

g)	Dalran was nominated for the Star of Alusia.

1)	Adventures Going Out
a)	Jim – Brides of Blackrod.  Chaos Lord, an entity that is big and hefty with
horns and tusks.  He wants to hire people to find out about the ex-adventurer
Blackrod who was last seen in the Lands of Chaos specifically Jiroth.  He wants
the party to go to Jiroth and talk to the inhabitants.  High Mon.
b)	William -  Elemental as Anything.  A Duke’s Guardsman.  He reported missing
people, foreigners, piracy, thievery and cultism.  The Guard (and Duke) need a
hand to stamp them out.  Medium Tuesday.  Urban rangers required, should not
bring a watermage.

c)	Jacqui - Sumthin's A-Matter With Our Monster.  Brawny Caledonian male –
Donald McLoed.  Something is upsetting the monster in the local loch.  It’s
been chasing birds, swimming in circles and even upturned a fishing boat. 
Party need to find out what’s going on.  Med/high, Thursday, Mangere Bridge.

d)	Stefan – A Stoner’s Tale.  Boris, one of the Guild latrine cleaners found
stones down a laterine.  He has since disappeared and his room is covered in
reddish/brown powder handprints.  Low Wed/Fri Pt Chev.

e)	Jono – Elemental Robes.  Female elf employing a party to escort veteran
casters who intend to perform a ritual.  There is a possibility that the
adventurers could end up in pieces.  Complaints to be sent to Isil’Eth. 
Adventure full.

f)	Martin – Harvest Moon.  Adventure full.

2)	Smartest Adventurer
a)	Merco – Used two items in combination to maximum effect in order to
vanquish the undead
b)	Elgar – Came up with the plan to use the Baron’s cows to stampede them
over an orc band.
c)	Robert McLoed – Taking over the mind of the Ice Devil that was pummelling
the party.

Winner – Elgar.

3)	Bravest Adventurer
a)	Serendipity – When the party was fighting two iron dragons, she leapt on
it’s head and hung on pummelling it despite the dragon’s attempts to knock
her off.

Winner – Serendipity.  It was also noted that Dalran ripped out a dragon’s
heart after bravely allowing it to bite him.

4)	Stupidest
a)	Pent – While fighting these iron dragons that were bouncing from girder to
girder, Pent took out the girder that was directly over the party while the
dragon was standing on it.
b)	Billy – Hypnotised an abbot then proceeded to tell him everything instead
of the other way round.

Winner – Billy.  Isil’Eth suggested remedial training.

5)	Best Death
a)	Dalran – He survived nasty Horrors, dragons etc and the party got to
reasonable safety.  Mark then arrived and killed Dalran on sight because he was

Winner – Dalran (for a rather unexpected death)

6)	Star of Alusia
Awarded to Dalran because, after the party released a Nameless Horror that would
have wiped them out horribly, Dalran was able to rewind time, at great cost to
himself, and prevent the tragedy from occurring.

7)	General Business
a)	Bounty on adventurer’s heads because of the missing truesilver.  The bounty
is issued by the Legion from the Pane of Haven.  It is claimed that Blackrod was
there and it was also claimed that the demons chased the suspects down
Confederation Bay but lost them.

Meeting Closed

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