Subject[dq-announce] SGT meeting minutes - Winter 812
DateMon, 11 Jun 2012 13:07:19 +1200
Seagate Guild of Adventurers

Meeting Minutes – Winter 812

0) Gods Meeting
a) E&E testing – still a work in progress but generally people seem happy.

b) Warrior.  Seperate the base from the abilities.  Static attack bonus and
defense, balances strike change and defense.  Vote to accept the basic
principles – Passed.  Special abilities to be looked at.  They can be given out
on a case to case basis.  Any abilities accepted by the group can be common to
all warriors.

c) Could the nominations for the Star of Alusia come from players?  We do want
the award to move about.  There may be times that the players do not know that
they avoided trouble. Concluded that we could still have GM recommendations but
a player could nominate but would need the acceptance of the GM.  To be done on
a case by case basis.

d) Campaign News – Various things are going on.  The truesilver is still
missing.  Food prices are high because of a harsh winter so not as much was
harvested.  Low level banditry is going on.  There are also rumours of
'visitors' from the west.  Assorted stirrings and fears as well as a smear
campaign against elves.

e)  Chris is resigning from the campaign committee.  William is now the sole
member and a call is going out for helpers.

f) Raphael's Sword has been surrended into the care of a different group of

1) Adventures going out.
Only two listed.  William's is full and Helen's has space for one or two. 
Bernard, Dean and Jim offered to organise overflows.

2) Awards
a) Smartest – No Award

b) Bravest
- Michael the Adventurer – Fighting big spiders and a medusa.  Everyone was
sneaking about.  Michael decided to to climb up the bamboo and strike at the
medusa from above.
- Sera – protected the rear of the party when being chased by the bad guys
- Tsayoi – threw himself on a grenade to protect the rest of the party
- Anooke – after finding a succubis in a brothel, he charged
 Winner – Tsayoi

c) Stupidest
- Sera – While at the home of a powerful immortal she said “I've got an angelic
sword”.  His reply “I'll have that”.
- Kilroy – They were in a lair of powerful necromancers and were disguised as
nightgaunts. Kilroy accidently killed Tegan then tried to resurrect her in a
death place of power.  Ooops!
- Dalran – Just on principle
Winner – Kilroy

d) Best Death
Tegan – by accident by Kilroy
Arwen – also accidently by Kilroy when they retreated from the necromancers and
teleported to Kilroy's place – still disgused as undead.  All Kilroy's
protective wards went off and Arwen was taken out
Winner – Arwen

e) Star of Alusia
Kilroy – fixing the mess he managed to create when he resurrected Tegan into a
very powerful necromancer
Winner – No vote

3) General Business
a) It's still grim all over the Western Kingdom
b) Arrangements for club membership etc still in progress.

Meeting Adjourned for Coffee

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