Subject[dq] Reaper Minatures
FromStephen Martin
DateSun, 19 Aug 2012 12:07:59 +1200
Posting for Martin who's having list issues atm.

Other options available but best deal is US$125 for about 150 good figures.  Plus optional

For those not interested in spending that much could be worth going in with a couple of mates.

Closes Aug 25th.

Just in case anyone would be interested and doesn't already know about it:

Reaper Miniatures are running a Kickstarter project to fund expansion of their "Bones" plastic
/ resin figures range (and conversion of their metals into that medium).

They've exceeded their initial $30K goal by quite a bit (currently about $840k) and have added
quite a few extras into their pledge offers.

It's running for a few more days.


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