Subject[dq] (OT) Computer Gear for Sale
DateFri, 05 Apr 2013 12:03:03 +1300
My apologies for spamming the lists but I'd like to see these go to a good home
instead of being junked.  Maybe someone out there can use them for something

I've been having a cleanup in the office recently and I've got the following
items I'd like to sell:
2xdesktop PCs that are Win 7 ready with 40GB IDE HDs and 512MB DDR1 RAM

1xdesktop PC similar to the one above but with only 256MB RAM (ran out of chips)
and WinXP ready.

SATA drives for more storage can be added to these desktops with the use of PCI
SATA cards.

Two copies of Win 7Pro (32bit) and one of XP Home suitable for the above. (with
keys and Microsoft packaging)

I can set them up as complete systems (activated with security updates) with
free software installed (GIMP and LibreOffice_ plus a year's license to ESET
Security (antivirus & firewall).

Also have 4x1GB DDR2 RAM chips and 1x512MB DDR2 RAM chips. Make me an offer.

A copy of Windows Vista Home Basic, also in proper Microsoft packaging with key.
 I'll give this one away if anyone wants it.


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