Subject[dq] (Slightly OT) I think I'm in Carzala
DateThu, 19 Sep 2013 18:21:28 +0100
While driving along the narrow lanes of Somerset I suddenly got the 
thought that the countryside, that consisted of grassy fields, bounded 
by stone walls, could be Carzala. Narrow roads, separating villages that 
are only a few miles apart, wend their way through the green 
pastureland.  It only takes a few minutes to get from one to the other 
by car but would probably be a few hours by horse and half a day at 
least by foot.

Each village is basically a cluster of stone houses plus the village pub 
and church and is the center of the parish.  A city is defined as 
anywhere a cathedral is so it's possible for a city to be very small, 
population wise. Each city is the center of a diocese, which is the 
bishop's seat, and contains one or more parishes (run by priests).

The villages themselves consist of rows upon rows of houses separated by 
narrow winding lanes, mostly only two horse widths wide. Many of the 
houses are joined directly together and the market center is full of 
various shops, many of which have been there for generations. Walking 
down the high street of Wells and seeing all the old shops then the 
street opening up to the view of the cathedral made me think I could be 
standing in a street in Seagate, except for all the cars.

I've been able to take several photos of the landscape and the villages 
as well as many within the Wells' Cathedral itself which I believe may 
be suitable for the Wiki.

Anyway, that's just some thoughts I had this morning.


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