SubjectRe: [dq] Reaper Bones Kickstart II
FromStephen Martin
DateMon, 21 Oct 2013 11:13:12 +1300
The Kickstart closes midday Saturday. Last time the KS Servers were slow on the last day until
they crashed half an hour before the KS finished so I don't recommend leaving it till the last

Reaper have put up a Pledge Manager we can use that includes shipping costs.
They are guaranteeing these costs and absorbing any cost increases between now and next year.
Better for the KS and unlocking stretch goals if you pledge all in before the KS ends but
Reaper have said they'll keep the Pledge Manager open until the end of December, we can tweak
what we get or increase (but not decrease) pledges until then and pay for the increase via
PayPal - the KS only supports paying by Credit Card via Amazon. So if budget this month is bad
you can pledge $1 for now and top it up in Nov/Dec to get what you want.

US$100 core set is up to about 150 figures and 70 round bases. Or you can cherry pick groups
from the core for about $10 for 6-8 figures.

The currently open pledge levels are for Dec 2014 shipping. But earlier shipping slots do
occasionally open up as other people cancel or change their pledge level.

This is an unofficial listing of everything currently available with mouse-over enlargements
of the miniatures:

Cheers, Stephen.

On Fri, October 4, 2013 8:03 am, Stephen Martin wrote:
> Further not really a sales pitch...
> For those that don't want to commit a minimum of US$150, you can grab a $1 pledge which gives
> you access to all of the options and probably to most of the core add-ons so you can cherry
> pick what you want but probably not at as good a cost per figure.
> But if you only want a couple of things or want to limit yourself to a smaller spend, it's a
> nice option.
> Instructions: Pledge at $1, in one of the next screens you get to edit the amount, increase
> this to whatever you want to spend but don't change the pledge level. When the KS is finished
> you'll get a link to a pledge manager where you get to choose what to spend your pledged
> amount on.
> I don't know when or how they'll ask for the shipping cost as they presumably can't confirm it
> until closer to shipping time.
> On Wed, October 2, 2013 8:41 am, Stephen Martin wrote:
>> Reaper Miniatures launched their second Kickstart this morning, it runs till the 26th.
>> Pledge for the core package is US$100, currently for about 100 figures but likely to be for
>> over 200 by the time they finish. Plus pay more for optional add-ons (i.e. $10 for a
>> dragon).
>> The core pledge is being bundled in lots of 2,000 backers with later shipping dates for
>> later
>> backers.
>> They haven't specified a shipping cost, international backers must pay actual costs at time
>> of
>> shipping (late next year). But my estimate is US$60 to $US120 depending on the size of the
>> order.
>> Shipping costs are likely to be cheaper if you combine your order with someone else than if
>> you have two pledges, provided you keep the total pledge value below the tax free import
>> threshold NZ$400.
>> For those that don't know what the Bones are - they're a high quality plastic miniature (as
>> opposed to the traditional metal). They are paint-able, flexible, nearly as good as metal
>> for
>> detail (much better than GW plastic figures), and much cheaper than metal.
>> The 'Vampire' pack that was US$100 from the first Kickstart now retails for about US$300
>> with
>> a RRP value of all figures in it of about US$500.
>> I'm not really pushing the hard sell here, just trying to ensure everyone who might be
>> interested is aware and has the opportunity. Please spread the word to others not on the
>> email
>> lists.
>> Cheers, Stephen.
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