Subject[dq] Club Membership is due
FromStephen Martin
DateMon, 23 Mar 2015 16:08:49 +1300
Just a reminder to all and to please pass along to your parties.

Club Membership for 2015 is now due.
March 2015 - February 2016. $15 for individuals, $20 for households.

The club account number is on the wiki:

This is not urgent, we don't have any immediate outgoings to cover. But if you could all aim
to be paid by the end of May (two weeks before the next Guild Meeting) that makes the
administrivia easier.

We currently have have 4 paid and 2 (Bernard, Dean) part paid from overpaying last year.
The Club Members page lists the current members:

Print runs for the Seagate Times are based on current membership as at a few days before the
guild meeting. If you're not listed by the Friday before the meeting don't assume you can grab
a copy.

You are welcome to add your own name (without a green tick) when you pay. Or I can add your
name when I add the green ticks indicating I have checked the account and seen the transaction
(don't expect this immediately, I only check infrequently).

Thanks, Stephen.

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