SubjectRe: [dq] RFI: Floating rocks, lakes of gold etc
FromStephen Martin
DateThu, 2 Jul 2015 14:22:15 +1200
The Marquessa was instrumental in the establishment of the WK, presumably sold to the people
of Bowcourt as providing greater wealth, security, etc. And then only a few years (ok maybe
10-15 years) later there is chaos, bloodshed, death and loss of land. She is an obvious

Some of this is Marquessa vs Richard Foxcourt waging PR campaigns during and after the
invasion. A mix of real and fabricated issues on both sides. Common people and lesser nobility

Tricky Dicky has strong homeland (Foxcourt) support after being a 'protector of the people'
from raiders and outlying units of the invaders while the Marquessa was focused on the Drow
army to the west. It was _obviously_ Richard's staunch defence of the route through Foxcourt
that meant the Drow took the westerly route. Then after the invasion the Marquessa sent troops
to deal with Richard - legitimate enforcement of law OR oppressive foreigners - depending on
who you ask and which armed troops are nearest.

During the invasion, to protect most of Bowcourt, the western border which was hit hardest was
turned into a magical border. Many western lords lost their lands, some of those that held on
then had their lands nationalised for the protection of those further east, or just had them
(magical equivalent of irradiated) and were expected to suck it up.
The greater good is all very well but why did it have to be at MY expense????

Some of south-western Bowcourt is still not reclaimed and not safe. And presumably the
neighbouring lords are more focused on protecting their lands than reclaiming their
Survivors of those lost lands are obviously upset and (not to her face of course) blame the

Cheers, Stephen.

On Mon, June 29, 2015 9:00 pm, Martin Dickson wrote:
> "There is ongoing tension between bowcourt and the king mother"
> There is tension between Bowcourt and the Marquessa of Bowcourt?
> Sounds... interesting.  Details anywhere?

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