SubjectRe: [dq] Figures - New Bones Kickstarter from Reaper
FromStephen Martin
DateThu, 23 Jul 2015 16:54:10 +1200
3 days left, the KS ends Sunday evening our time.

There have been some cool additions from stretch goals and there will be more to come.
They have a good range of horror figures, some nice dragons (including an enormous 5-headed
dragon), giants, were-beasts, Victorian cannon and crew, adventurer eating plants, other
monsters and a range of potential PC figures.
Lots of pictures on the KS web site:

It is in $US and the $NZ-US rate is pretty crap at the moment, and shipping starts at about
$US 15 or 40 if getting the $100 box. But still works out to be pretty good value.

The $1 pledge works well if you only want a couple of things. You can use their pledge manager
to work out the cost and shipping on the bits you want then pledge that amount +$1.

If unsure you can pledge $1 to get your foot in the door then increase it and pay the rest up
to a couple of months later.

Not intending to do the hard sell, just want to ensure nobody regrets an opportunity missed.

Also if you're new to crowd-funding, note that you pay now but delivery is late next year and
further delays are common. While gratification is not instant, Reaper is reliable and will
deliver (unlike some KS projects).

Cheers, Stephen.

On Wed, July 8, 2015 8:10 am, Stephen Martin wrote:
> For those interested, for the next two weeks, Reaper is running another Kickstart for their
> Bones (white vinyl) miniatures. Most of them fantasy and generally D&D oriented. Some sci-fi
> figures, previously they have done some Numenera and call of cthulu style minis.
> Their figures are not as detailed as metal minis but they are a lot cheaper, lighter and very
> hard to damage. The detail is fine for gaming use, especially once painted.
> Easy to modify (cut with craft-knife and glue with superglue).
> Cheers, Stephen.

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