SubjectRe: [dq] Wiki Issues
FromStephen Martin
DateThu, 13 Aug 2015 00:01:14 +1200
But wait, there's more...

Release notes for new versions:

They have dropped page hit counters and consequently most popular pages list as standard
features. They can be re-enabled through an extension.
I assume this is because it no longer being the 90's, most people track visit data through
google analytics or similar.
If anyone cares about the hit counters and wants them back then let me know and be prepared to
supply beer, coffee or chocolate. :)

Lots of other changes if anyone has time to go through them all. Some security enhancements,
most changes should be irrelevant to us and researching the relevant ones just takes the fun
out of life. So much better for them to be surprises. :-)

Cheers, Stephen.

On Wed, August 12, 2015 11:48 pm, Stephen Martin wrote:
> It seems a server component (PCRE) was updated this afternoon our time, the new version of
> which was not compatible with the wiki version we had.
> Detail here:
> 'Simplest' fix was an upgrade to a later wiki version.
> We have now moved from v1.20 to 1.25
> The way extensions are used has changed, most old extensions are not compatible until
> upgraded.
> I have acquired new versions of some, will look into the rest when it's not late on a school
> night.
> Shouldn't be any show-stoppers for most usage of the wiki.
> If you have new wiki issues anywhere, please reply to let me know and I will get to them when
> I can.
> Cheers, Stephen.
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