Subject[dq] Future Pragmatism
FromStephen Martin
DateMon, 25 Jan 2016 17:29:26 +1300
Our club AGM is coming up in March and the budget and fees for next year are due to be set.
So it seems a good time to consider our biggest club expenses which are the Hall Bookings and
printing the Seagate Times.

We had 3 games out last season and barely made 4 this season, most of which were organised
outside of the guild meeting. Our attendance at guild meetings is dwindling.

Are they still relevant and desirable as they are?
Do we drop them all together, reduce to 6-monthly, annual?
Adventures can still continue on a quarterly basis, the organisation of them becoming
primarily electronic.
Without needing to organise games, the focus of the meetings could change to being primarily
social, the game-related story telling can be less formal.
NB We still need to have an AGM in person to meet the requirements of being a registered society.

And if we're not meeting in person, there's not much point in having printed distribution of
the SGT.
Saving printing costs and allowing a little more editorial freedom without print-friendly

We need to decide on the budget and fees at the beginning of March. But thought I would raise
this now with plenty of time for it to be discussed.

Cheers, Stephen.

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