Subject[dq-announce] March Guild Meeting and AGM on Sunday
FromStephen Martin
DateFri, 11 Mar 2016 15:22:10 +1300
The guild meeting is this weekend.

Sunday 13th March 2016
12:30pm to 2:30pm

at Mt Albert St Judes Scout Hall, 1213a New North Road, Avondale.

Weather permitting we will hold the meeting out back by the fire pit again to enjoy the sun
(or shade). Otherwise we'll retreat inside.
Toilets and fresh water are available inside.

Please park on the road - there's plenty of street parking, don't drive down the narrow drive
that the rest of us will be walking up and down.

This meeting is also our official Club AGM which starts at 1pm. We are required to have a
majority of our (24 this year) voting members present to do the official stuff, it would be
appreciated if you could all try to be there - and it would be nice to see you all. :-)

AGM Agenda Items
1. Receiving any minutes of the previous Societyís Meeting(s)
2. The Chairís report on the business of the Society
3. The Treasurerís report on the finances of the Society, and the Annual Financial Statements
** Vote to accept the 2015 Club Financial Report Yes _ _ No _ _ Abstain _ _
4. Election of Committee Members
** Chair - Nominees:
- Stephen M Yes _ _ No _ _ Abstain _ _
** Treasurer - Nominees:
- Errol C Yes _ _ No _ _ Abstain _ _
** Secretary - Nominees:
- Keith S Yes _ _ No _ _ Abstain _ _
** Editor - Volunteers:
- Jacqui S
** Campaign Coordinator - Volunteers:
- Julia
5. Motions to be considered - none.
6. General business - none.

Any agenda items, nominations/volunteers or motions need to be sent to me for inclusion in the
Agenda by midday Saturday.
The club AGM is just about the management of the DQ society and real world stuff, NOT
important and fun stuff like games, campaign, and rules.

Agenda for the proper meeting is as usual.
GMs 12:30ish
We only have 3 games to announce so far, we may need another 1 or 2 depending on who turns up
looking for a game.
Games, Awards and general meeting after the AGM, hopefully by 1:10.  We've managed to keep the
AGM under 10 minutes most years.

We officially have the clubrooms booked until 2:30 but this is a lot more casual than the
council halls so feel free to bring a picnic lunch for before/after the meeting.
I'll be locking up and leaving at some point but anyone is welcome to stay on socialising
provided they clean up after themselves.

Thank you and see you all on Sunday.

PS don't forget your SGT contributions.

- Stephen.

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