Subject[dq] June guild meeting - Venue and times
FromJulia McSpadden
DateThu, 8 Jun 2017 12:45:31 +1200
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Hi Everyone

The guild meeting is Sunday the 11th of June *1pm until 2pm*

Again we have only hired the room for  *1 hour ** nominations should be
both witty and snappy to allow us to get through the meeting*

We are in the Mt Albert YMCA / Community Leisure Centre, In the rocket park
(mt albert war memorial park)

*Taylor Room*

The Taylor Room is a good room for holding meetings, seminars or functions.
It holds up to 30 and 40 people. There are two large sliding doors that
open up onto a covered deck. The deck steps down on to a large, open grassy
area that has access onto a quite park. There is an available kitchenette
with a hot water zip just outside the room.

there are plenty of handy cafe's in the area if you need a coffee before or

There is a train station on Baldwin avenue

Don't forget to pay your fees and write for the Seagate times

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thanks all

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=3D"font-size:12.8px">The guild meeting is Sunday the 11th of June=C2=A0<b>=
1pm until 2pm</b><br><div><br></div><div>Again we have only hired the room =
for =C2=A0<b>1 hour=C2=A0</b><b style=3D"font-size:12.8px">=C2=A0nomination=
s should be both witty and snappy to allow us to get through the meeting</b=
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ssy area that has access onto a quite park. There is an available kitchenet=
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font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:10px"><span style=3D"font-=
size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif">Don&#39;t forget to pay your fees a=
nd write for the Seagate times</span></p></div><div><span style=3D"font-siz=
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anks all=C2=A0</p></div></div></div>


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Subject[dq] SGT time again
FromJacqui Smith
DateThu, 8 Jun 2017 12:52:05 +1200
Hello, fellow adventurers!

We need more articles, news and so on from YOU.

So how about it? Send me your adventure reports NOW. Even a one or two 
paragraph summary would be appreciated, and makes a nice bonus to your 
scribing XP for not a lot of work. Send me quotes and rumours, what's 
hot/not and anything else you can think of.

I'm creating a new occasional column for players of new PCs to tell us 
about them. If you have a new(ish) PC you're invited to write a 
paragraph or two introducing them to the Guild.

Don't forget the classifieds - anything to sell?

You can send contributions directly to me at
(Please send in plain text, .rtf or .doc or .docx)

Reminding you that you'll get paid in EP, (at 5EP per word rounding up) 
and if you contributed part of an ongoing series last time you'll get a 
500 EP bonus this time. I'm also awarding an EP bonus for appropriate 
pictures - which should in black and white and preferably line drawings 
matching the current style of the SGT.

Remember, it's your contributions that make it a great Seagate Times.


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