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Common Avians

Common avians include buzzards, eagles, goshawks, owls.


Natural Habitat: Plains, waste
Frequency: Common
Number: 1-60 (10)
Description: These birds have dark brown plumage and thin, featherless necks of a beige colour. Their beaks are black and snub-tipped. They prey on the dead and near-dead (especially if unconscious).
Talents, Skills and Magic: Buzzards can see each other miles away, and thus when one buzzard descends for a meal, others soon follow. Except for their keen eyesight, buzzards possess no special talents, skills or magic. They are not tool users.
Movement Rates: Flying: 600
PS 3-5 MD 15-17 AG 14-16 MA None
EN 6-7 FT 9-11 WP 8-10 PC 17-20
PB 8-10 TMR 12 NA Feathers absorb 1 DP
Weapons: A buzzard attacks in Close Combat with its claws and beak. The claws' Base Chance is 45%, for [D - 5] Damage, while the bite's Base Chance is 40%, for [D - 6] Damage. A buzzard cannot attack in Melee Combat.


Natural Habitat: Rough (usually mountainous)
Frequency: uncommon
Number: 1-20 (1)
Description: Great Eagles are the largest of the birds of prey. They have a wingspan of 7 feet when full grown. Their feathers are grey except around neck and head (which is white).
Talents, Skills and Magic: Eagles have no special talents or skills. They are not magic users and do not use tools. They do have keen eyesight.
Movement Rates: Flying: 1200
PS 12-16 MD 22-24 AG 19-23 MA None
EN 9-12 FT 17-20 WP 11-13 PC 20-24
PB 10-12 TMR 24 NA Feathers absorb 2 DP
Weapons: Eagles can attack only in Close Combat with either beak (Base Chance of 50% of doing [D - 1] Damage) or 2 talons (Base Chance of 70% of doing [D + 1] Damage) without penalty in the same Pulse. An eagle may achieve Ranks 1-3 with beak and 1-2 with talons.
Comments: Eagles avoid humans except to occasionally steal goats or other small animals from human flocks. They will sometimes attack a party which ventures too near their nest.


Natural Habitat: Woods
Frequency: Rare
Number: 1-2 (1)
Description: Goshawks are the largest of the hawks. They are almost 20 feet in length. The feathers of a goshawk are primarily brown, although the belly is pure white and some of the tail feathers are black. The sharp beak and claws are black.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Other than their excellent eyesight, goshawks have no special talents, skills, or magical abilities and are not tool users.
Movement Rates: Flying: 1100
PS 4-6 MD 18-20 AG 20-22 MA None
EN 6-7 FT 9-11 WP 8-10 PC 20-21
PB 10-12 TMR 22 NA Feathers absorb 1 DP
Weapons: In Close Combat, a Goshawk can attack with two claws and its beak in the same Pulse without penalty. The claw attacks have a Base Chance of 80% and do [D - 3] Damage, while the beak attack has a Base Chance of 65% and does [D - 4] Damage. The goshawk cannot attack in Melee Combat.
Comments: Like the other birds of prey, the goshawk can be trained to serve man in captivity. It will bring 700-1200 Silver Pennies as a Trained hunter. Other types of hunting birds (including goshawks and gerfalcons) will have characteristics 1-2 less than the goshawk, will fly at speeds of 100-200 yards per minute less, and will have a value of 200-300 fewer Silver Pennies. They will otherwise be similar.


Natural Habitat: Woods
Frequency: Uncommon
Number: 1-6 (1)
Description: Owls can be of several types, but in general they are between one and two feet in length. Colouring varies, but brown feathers speckled with grey is a common coloration. Owls' eyes are both on the front of the head, unlike most birds, and they tend to have large, dark rings around the eyes.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Owls see well in the dark and have excellent hearing. They have no magical abilities, skills or talents and are not tool users.
Movement Rates: Flying: 600
PS 3-4 MD 18-20 AG 22-24 MA None
EN 3-4 FT 5-7 WP 7-9 PC 20-22
PB 9-11 TMR 12 NA Feathers absorb 1 DP
Weapons: In Close Combat, Owls can attack with one bite (Base Chance of 55% and Damage [D - 6]) and two claws (Base Chance of 50% and [D - 7] Damage) in the same Pulse without penalty. Owls cannot attack in Melee Combat.
Comments: Owls are primarily nocturnal predators, hunting small mammals as well as birds. They are said to understand human speech and to be friendly to man, often providing travellers with valuable information.

Fantastical Avians


Natural Habitat: Ruins, Caverns, Crypts
Frequency: Rare
Number: Rare 1-10 (2)
Description: Gargoyles are humanoid in form, but they have leathery wings, sharp claws, a horn, a tail, and spiked elbows and knees. Their skin is stony in appearance, and upon contact it feels very rough. Gargoyles have deep-set eyes, and sharp, small teeth.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Gargoyles possess no special skills or talents. They have only limited magical abilities in general but may use tools and even weapons.
Movement Rates: Flying:400; Running: 200
PS 14-20 MD 13-18 AG 12-16 MA 10-12
EN 7-10 FT 18-20 WP 9-13 PC 12-16
PB 2-5 TMR 8 NA Hide absorbs 8 DP
Weapons: A gargoyle can use his horn, his claws, and his bite in Melee and Close Combat. In any one Pulse, he may make up to two strike attempts with any combinations of these weapons. Base Chance for the bite is 45%, [D + 2] Damage; Base Chance for the horn is 35%, [D + 1] Damage; Base Chance for the claws is 50%, [D - 3] Damage. Gargoyles sometimes (but not often) will use weapons (instead of claws).
Comments: Gargoyles are hopelessly evil, and will attack immediately any party that they think they have a fair chance of handling. They can sometimes be found in the service of a highly evil character, in which case they will usually show more restraint.


Natural Habitat: Rough (especially mountainous)
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1-7 (1)
Description: The Gryphon is a large beast with the body of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle and back covered with feathers. The Gryphon's claws are so large that they can be made into serviceable drinking horns. The Gryphon is about 5 feet long and stands man-high when full grown. Gryphon eggs (2-5 possible per nest) are solid agate and quite valuable (4000 - 6000 Silver Pennies apiece).
Talents, Skills and Magic: Gryphons have no special skills or magical abilities, but their special talent is locating buried treasure and their nest will quite often be built near such treasure which they will actively guard. A ``domesticated'' Gryphon has a Base Chance of 60% of locating any buried treasure within a radius of 250 feet of it. Gryphons make valuable steeds, once tamed.
Movement Rates: Running: 200; Flying: 500
PS 30-36 MD 15-20 AG 15-20 MA 6-9
EN 25-30 WP 12-16 FT 30-35 PC 16-22
PB 0-5 TMR 4/10 NA Hide absorbs 6 DP
Weapons: The Gryphon is not a toot user, but has natural weapons in the form of beak (usable in Melee and Close Combat with a Base Chance of 65%, [D + 5] Damage, possible Rank of 1-3) and claws (useable in Melee and Close Combat with a Base Chance of 60%, Damage of [D + 5], possible Rank of 1-4). The Gryphon may attack twice with claws and once with beak in the same pulse.
Comments: Gryphons prefer solitude and will fly away when approached if possible, but will always chase and attack horses (whose flesh they prize). They are extremely valuable for use as mounts and cost accordingly (16,000-20,000 Silver Pennies). They nest in cliff-sides and build their nests of spun-gold (value 8,000-10,000 Silver Pennies).


Natural Habitat: Rough (lair in caverns or cliffs near water)
Frequency: Rare
Number: 1-20 (6)
Description: Harpies are buzzard-like birds with the upper bodies of women. They have long claws, and pale, thin faces. They make a tremendous amount of noise flying, and have a horrible smell.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Harpies can speak, but have limited magical abilities and no special skills or talents. They are occasionally prophetic, although they will only speak a prophecy if it is evil and they wish to torment the listener.
Movement Rates: Flying: 500; Running: 50
PS 14-20 MD 22-26 AG 26-30 MA 13-17
EN 8-10 WP 17-20 FT 14-19 PC 10-16
PB 2-6 TMR 10/1 NA Feathers absorb 7 DP
Weapons: Unless cornered, harpies do not fight man. If they do fight, they have their long talons (Base Chance of 70%, [D + 5] Damage) to strike with, both of which can strike twice in Melee or Close Combat in the same pulse at no penalty to the harpy.


Natural Habitat: Rough (especially mountains)
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1-12 (2)
Description: Hippogriffs are similar to Pegasi in that they are basically winged horses, but their head is that of some great bird of prey, with a fearsome beak. The head differs from that of an eagle in that it has large, feathered ears, almost like wings, at the back of the head. The front legs of the Hippogriff also resemble those of a bird of prey, with huge talons and feathers.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Hippogriffs have no magical or other extra-ordinary abilities, talents or skills, and are not tool users.
Movement Rates: Running: 200; Flying: 400
PS 18-20 MD 19-22 AG 16-19 MA None
EN 15-18 WP 12-17 FT 25-30 PC 17-20
PB 8-11 TMR 4/8 NA Hide absorbs 4 DP
Weapons: In Melee Combat, the Hippogriff can attack with two claws and one bite in the same pulse with no penalty. The bite has a Base Chance of 65% and does [D + 4] Damage, while the claws have a Base Chance of 55% and do [D + 2] Damage. In Close Combat, the Hippogriff can still attack with its claws normally, but the Base Chance on its bite is reduced to 35%.
Comments: Hippogriff do not like people, and generally shun any area that is inhabited. They are trainable with difficulty. Their value is 3,000-4,000 Silver Pennies untrained and 3 times that price trained. Hippogriff eggs are valuable (circa 800 Silver Pennies each) and very young Hippogriffs are even more so (1400-2000 Silver Pennies).


Natural Habitat: Rough (primarily mountain tops)
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1-6 (1)
Description: Pegasi are winged horses with pure white coats tinged with silver around mane and flowing tail. They are intelligent for equines and can sometimes speak the common tongue.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Pegasi have no special talents or skills except for their flying ability. They are not magic or tool users.
Movement Rates: Running: 300; Flying: 500
PS 55-60 MD 15-17 AG 15-18 MA None
EN 25-30 WP 19-23 FT 50-60 PC 16-20
PB 16-20 TMR 6/10 NA Hide absorbs 3 DP
Weapons: In battle, a Pegasus attacks as a heavy war-horse.
Comments: Wild Pegasi are tameable with difficulty. They will only allow themselves to be bridled with gold, however. They can carry up to 300 pounds flying. They are worth, 4,000 to 5,000 Silver Pennies untamed and 5 times that amount tamed.


Natural Habitat: Woods, Rough, Plains
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: The Phoenix appears to be much like an eagle in profile but is three times the size of an eagle. The bird's plumage is partly red and partly gold, and is dazzlingly beautiful. The Phoenix is a four-hex monster.
Talents, Skills and Magic: The Phoenix is highly intelligent, although it cannot speak. It does not have any magical abilities. The distinguishing ability of the Phoenix is its ability to reproduce itself (see ``Comments''). Other than that it has no special talents or skills.
Movement Rates: Flying: 2000
PS 17-20 MD 20-24 AG 17-20 MA None
EN 18-24 FT 30-35 WP 20-23 PC 16-20
PB 20-24 TMR 40 NA Feathers absorb 6 DP
Weapons: Phoenix cannot attack except in Close Combat when they can make three attacks in one Pulse without penalty: one with beak (Base Chance of 60%, [D + 8] Damage) and two with talons (Base Chance of 65%, [D + 6] Damage).
Comments: Phoenix are famed for their longevity and their method of reproduction. When an old bird is nearing the end of its days (500 years) it builds a nest at the top of an oak or palm tree, and makes a pile of cinnamon and spikenard in the nest upon which it lays itself down to die. A worm springs out of the body of the dead phoenix, and after the worm has matured, it becomes a phoenix itself. It then bears the parent bird to the Altar of the Sun, where it is consumed in flames.


Natural Habitat: Mountain peaks
Frequency: Rare
Number: 1-2 (1)
Description: Rocs are huge birds with wingspans of up to 250 feet. Except for their size, they much resemble eagles. Their body size is as a four-hex monster.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Rocs have no special talents, skills or magic, and are not tool users.
Movement Rates: Flying: 2000
PS 200-300 MD 20-25 AG 16-20 MA None
EN 150-200 FT 250-300 WP 16-20 PC 17-21
PB 3-7 TMR 40 NA Feathers absorb 8 DP
Weapons: Rocs are fearsome creatures in battle. They can engage in Melee Combat from a range of 3 hexes, and they can take three attacks in one Pulse without penalty. They attack once with a bite (Base Chance of 75%,[D + 20] Damage) and twice with claws (Base Chance 70%, [D + 25] Damage).
Comments: Rocs often swoop down from their nests to pick up elephants, etc. to take back to their lair and eat. A roc will sometimes attempt to steal a party's cart animals or riding animals, but will rarely carry off the people themselves.