Giant, Faeries and Earth Dwellers

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    This Section includes all larger than average size humanoid species. Included are 6 flavours of Giants (Cloud, Fire, Frost, Hill, Stone and Storm). Other giant humanoids include Ogres, Trolls and Titans.


    Natural Habitat: Rough
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Number: 1-4 (1)
    Description: Cloud giants are huge humanoids between 15 and 20 feet tall. Cloud Giants will often build sky-castles on mountain tops. These will seem to float on pillars of cloud and can only be reached by a stone stairwell inside the pillars on which it floats. The pillars and the clouds on which the castle rests will be substantial (capable of bearing weight), though they will appear to be clouds. Cloud Giants are 3-hex figures.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: See Character generation.
    Movement Rates: Running: 600-700
    PS 24-42 MD 4-22 AG 3-21 MA 4-22
    EN 30-48 FT 18-24 WP 4-22 PC 5-23
    PB 5-23 TMR 12-14 NA None
    Weapons: Cloud Giants favour the club and the sword, and will have Rank 2-4 with these weapons. They will sometimes wear armour, although it is rare to see a Giant clothed in anything heavier than leather.


    Natural Habitat: Rough, Caverns
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-4 (1)
    Description: Fire giants are large humanoids about 12 feet tall.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: See Character generation.
    Movement Rates: Running: 400-500
    PS 15-33 MD 4-22 AG 3-21 MA 4-22
    EN 20-38 FT 18-24 WP 4-22 PC 5-23
    PB 5-23 TMR 8-10 NA None
    Weapons: Fire giants prefer the club and sword, and will have Rank 1-3 with these weapons. Armour heavier than leather is rare, although it does occur.


    Natural Habitat: Rough (especially mountains)
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-25 (6)
    Description: Frost giants are large humanoids between 15 and 20 feet in height. Frost Giants are 3-hex figures.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: See Character generation.
    Movement Rates: Running: 600-700
    PS 24-42 MD 4-22 AG 3-21 MA 4-22
    EN 25-43 FT 18-24 WP 4-22 PC 5-23
    PB 5-23 TMR 12-14 NA None
    Weapons: Frost giants generally use swords and axes, and will frequently achieve rank 4 or higher with these weapons. Frost giants will wear any type of armour, with metallic armour being common.


    Natural Habitat: Rough
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-10 (5)
    Description: Hill Giants are humanoids about nine feet tall. Their features will usually be uncommonly gnarled.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: But note that a hill giant is not affiliated with any element in particular, and thus has expanded options as to his choice of College. His mastery of a College will usually be minimal (about Rank 3) if he does belong to a College.
    Movement Rates: 350-400
    PS 12-30 MD 4-22 AG 3-21 MA 4-22
    EN 13-31 FT 18-24 WP 4-22 PC 5-23
    PB 5-23 TMR 7-8 NA Thick hide absorbs 1 DP
    Weapons: Hill giants will use all weapons, although they generally prefer simple crushing weapons like the club or mace. They will have rank 1-5 with these weapons. Hill giants rarely wear armour, although they will occasionally (2%) wear chain-mail or leather.


    Natural Habitat: Rough, Caverns
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-6 (3)
    Description: : Stone giants are humanoids about 10 feet tall.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: See Character Generation.
    Movement Rates: Running: 400-500
    PS 13-31 MD 4-22 AG 3-21 MA 4-22
    EN 15-25 FT 18-24 WP 4-22 PC 5-23
    PB 5-23 TMR 8-10 NA None
    Weapons: Stone Giants prefer heavy weapons like hammers and clubs. They will have rank 3-5 with these weapons. Stone giants frequently wear leather armour and carry shields.


    Natural Habitat: Rough (especially mountain tops)
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Number: 1-3 (1)
    Description: Storm giants are huge humanoids about 20 feet tall. Storm Giants are 3-hex figures.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Storm giants have all the talents, skills, magic, and other abilities noted in 6.6. In addition, they can control the weather, bringing rain, wind, thunderstorms, and even a fair sky. Depending on the difference between the weather they are trying to create and the 'weather state at the time that they are doing so, it will be from one to three hours until the effects of their control become evident. Note that storm giants are not particularly affiliated with any of the Elementals. There is a 50% chance that a storm giant will be a member of a College. If he is a member of a College, a storm giant will have rank 3-7 with General Knowledge spells, and Rank 2-5 with those Special Knowledge spells that he knows (GM's option).
    Movement Rates: Running: 700-750
    PS 27-45 MD 4-22 AG 3-21 MA 4-22
    EN 30-48 FT 18-24 WP 4-22 PC 5-23
    PB 5-23 TMR 14-15 NA None
    Weapons: Storm giants prefer edged weapons, particlarly axes. They will have Rank 4 or better with their favourite weapon. Storm giants prefer chain-mail, but will wear any sort of armour.
    Comments: True to their name, Storm Giants enjoy turbulent weather, and there will frequently be a thunderstorm about their mountainous home. Those traits mentioned in 6.6 are also applicable to storm giants.


    Natural Habitat: Rough, Woods
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-20 (4)
    Description: Ogres are large, ugly humanoids. They are 8 feet tall, have flattened noses and large, sharp teeth. They will usually be wearing rags.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Ogres generally shun magic, although there is a small chance that an ogre will belong to the College of Earth Magics if they have MA 15. The highest rank that an ogre will ever attain with any spell is 6, and this only rarely.
    Movement Rates: Running: 450
    PS 25-30 MD 11-13 AG 8-10 MA 10-15
    EN 20-23 FT 28-30 WP 18-20 PC 11-14
    PB 6-9 TMR 9 NA Thick skin absorbs 4 DP
    Weapons: Ogres prefer to use large clubs over other weapons. Ranged weapons are rare, but possible. Ogres will also use shields and wear armour 80% of the time. If they do wear armour, it will usually be chain-mail or lighter. In Close Combat or in the absence of a weapon ogres can also bite (Base Chance of 65%, + 4 Damage).
    Comments: Ogres eat those travellers that they waylay and take their treasure. They are intelligent enough so that they will not attack a party if they are hopelessly outclassed, but they are stupid enough so that they can also be easily outwitted. Ogres will usually have treasure in the form of gold and gems.


    Natural Habitat: See below
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Number: 1-2 (1)
    Description: Titans appear basically human or elven, but they are between 20 feet and 24 feet tall. They are also unusually muscular, and appear strikingly handsome or beautiful. They can be of either sex. Titans are 3-hex figures.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Titans are highly magical. They can turn invisible, disappear from this plane, and move through the air by willing it. They can also use spells, talents, and rituals of any one College. They are protected from physical attack by a magical aura which surrounds them. This aura also adds 40 to their Magic Resistance. They will know General and Special Knowledge of their College at Rank 10 and above.
    Movement Rates: Running: 600; Flying: 300
    PS 60-70 MD 12-16 AG 13-17 MA 19-26
    EN 30-40 FT 50-60 WP 17-20 PC 16-18
    PB 19-21 TMR 12/6 NA Aura absorbs 12 DP
    Weapons: Titans use human-type weapons of 4-times normal size (improve Base Chance by 20%, multiply damage by 4 after modification). They will sometimes wear armour (which functions in addition to their aura) if they are doing something which is pre-meditated, and they know will be very dangerous.
    Comments: Titans are basically good in nature, and they will help people on occasion. They are often very touchy, however, and if they think a human is being insolent they will not hesitate to kill him, although sometimes (30%) they will just vanish. If a titan is inhabiting this plane for some reason, it will have a large castle, very substantial treasure, and numerous storm giant guards.


    Natural Habitat: Rough, Caverns, Ruins, Fields, Marshes
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Number: -3 (1)
    Description: Trolls are large green, vaguely humanoid beings with greenish black heads and extremities. They are well muscled and long-limbed with thick, leathery skin. Their large teeth and claws are ideally suited to rending the "manflesh" they so highly prize. A full-grown troll may stand almost 15 feet high. Trolls are 3-hex monsters.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Trolls possess no skills to speak of and are not magic-users. They may use simple weapons, but may never achieve any Rank with a weapon. Trolls possess the ability to regenerate themselves at the rate of 1 Damage Point healed each Pulse. Any damage inflicted by fire is, however, permanent and may not be healed by regeneration. Trolls are not afraid of fire.
    Movement Rates: Running: 300
    PS 30-50 MD 10-14 AG 12-16 MA 5-8
    EN 30-40 FT 40-50 WP 18-25 PC 20-25
    PB Always 0 TMR 6 NA Skin absorbs 5 DP
    Weapons: A Troll may use its hands (Base Chance of 55%, Damage of + 6, no Rank) to Melee Attack or may use hands and teeth (Base Chance of 35%, Damage of +4, no Rank) in Close Combat. It may Strike twice with hands and once with teeth each Pulse.
    Comments: Trolls become enraged by the presence of fire and will kill anyone who uses it if possible. Trolls can reproduce themselves but loosing a limb, which regenerates into a new troll, but only once per decade or so. The only way to prevent this or to keep a Troll from regenerating after death is to burn the Troll's corpse (or any stray pieces). A Troll is unlikely to possess or guard treasure, but may have a few "pretties" in his possession (gold or jewellery and such). The net worth of such items will usually be no more than 500 silver pennies, but could equal 1,000 in rare instances.


    Fairy folk include brownies, dryads, elves, fossergrims, leprechauns, nixies, nymphs, pixies, satyrs, and sylphs. They are all roughly related, though their natures have diverged since the time when they could claim a common ancestor, Brownies, Leprechauns, Nixies, Pixies and Sylphs all take [D - 2] damage from physical contact with cold iron in addition to any other damage that may be inflicted by a weapon made of that substance. This damage is due to burning. Other fairy folk do not suffer this effect, but prefer to use substances other than cold iron for tools and artefacts. Only the Elves have overcome their fear of the substance to the extent of habitually forging and using fine iron and steel weapons.


    Natural Habitat: Fields (usually around man or his dwellings)
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Number: 1-30 (6)
    Description: Brownies are "little people" similar to Leprechauns, but more sociable. They tend to be benevolent toward those who are not of Faerie (unlike their wilder kindred who despise humans).
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Brownies specialise in using minor magics to assist in keeping order, repairing minor damage, and doing light work around human dwellings. They can bless or curse crops in the same manner as a Witch. Their small help can also be turned to mischief if they are affronted in any way. This might take the form of falling roof tiles, collapsing floorboards, or other small disasters.
    Movement Rates: Running: 150
    PS 7-8 MD 20-25 AG 20-25 MA 17-19
    EN 4-5 FT 10-11 WP 17-19 PC 16-19
    PB 12-16 TMR 3 NA None
    Weapons: Brownies have no natural weapons. They carry small swords (treat as daggers), but do not use armour. They may also carry bows which will have the same characteristics as the Small Bow (see Weapons Table).
    Comments: Brownies will aid the human inhabitants of an area in exchange for food (a dish of milk left out each night). If disaffected, they will seek out and give information to the household's enemies.


    Natural Habitat: Woods
    Frequency: Common
    Number: 1-30 (10)
    Description: Dryads are insubstantial spirits living within the wood of a specific tree. They can leave their tree and wander about, but may never stray more than a mile from the tree. They usually appear in small colonies.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Dryads tend to be Adepts of the College of Earth Magics, though some may be members of the Colleges of Illusion or the Sorceries of the Mind. They will not usually be very powerful in Colleges other than Earth, however. They have the special ability of being able to take refuge deep within their tree if threatened.
    Movement Rates: Running: 200
    PS None MD None AG None MA 8-20
    EN None FT None WP 12-16 PC 12-15
    PB 16-24 TMR 4 NA None, but see below
    Weapons: Dryads use no weapons of any kind.
    Comments: Dryads can only be harmed if their tree is killed by chopping or burning it down. They are not usually inimical to man, though "Black Dryads" do exist who practice Druidic rites (including blood sacrifice). They will usually aid travellers, but are mainly concerned with the well being of their trees.


    Natural Habitat: Woods
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Number: 1-200 (20)
    Description: An elf is a lithe humanoid. They are unusually fair in appearance.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: See Character generation
    Movement Rates: Running: 275
    PS 4-22 MD 5-23 AG 6-24 MA 6-24
    EN 4-22 FT 18-24 WP 6-24 PC 6-24
    PB 8-26 TMR 6 NA None
    Weapons: Elves prefer bow weapons, and will have rank 4-6 with them. Rapiers are also commonly used. Elves will not generally wear metallic armour, although they may do so in unusual cases. The listed characteristic ranges are for NPC elves only.


    Natural Habitat: Streams, Rivers (especially near white water)
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Number: 6-12 (8)
    Description: Fossergrims look much like Gnomes and are about the same size. However, they are water dwellers and have a water-breathing capacity in addition to their air-breathing capacity. They will always be found in or near their lairs which will be located at the foot of waterfalls or rapids wherever possible.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Fossergrims have the ability to cast very weak and limited illusions over water so as to make shoals and rapids appear to be safe channels. They also have the ability to cast a charm over an individual, causing him to swim into their lair (which will be in an underwater cave) and be drowned. This works like a talent. Victims must roll 2 x Willpower or less or succumb to the charm.
    Movement Rates: Running: 150; Swimming: 100
    PS 8-12 MD 18-20 AG 15-17 MA 12-14
    EN 8-10 FT 16-20 WP 16-18 PC 15-17
    PB 8-10 TMR 3/2 NA None
    Weapons: Fossergrims attack with their teeth in Close Combat and have a Base Chance of 40% of doing [D - 2] Damage. They may also use small simple non-missile weapons (knives, short swords, and the like).
    Comments: Fossergrims are carnivores and especially delight in feasting on "the bigs" as they call humans, elves, and their kindred. Except for their special magical abilities which they use to lure the unwary into their halls, they possess little magic and few skills or talents. What other magic they possess will be Water Magic.


    Natural Habitat: Plains, Woods, Fields
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Number: 1-30 (8)
    Description: Leprechauns are similar in almost all ways to Brownies, but wilder and shyer of man. They tend to dress in muted shades of brown and green and to seek out the deep woods where they are most at home. They have 3 to 4 times the stealth of an average human and will, as a result, seldom be seen unless they wish to speak with a party.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Leprechauns possess the same Talent Magic as Brownies. In addition, they will usually be masters of either the College of Illusions or the College of Earth Magics. They have the ability to teleport themselves limited distances (no more than a few yards) by blinking. Leprechauns also have special skill with the Spell of Sleeping (regardless of their College) and add 10 to the Base Chance for the spell.
    Movement Rates: Running: 200
    PS 7-8 MD 19-22 AG 25-28 MA 19-21
    EN 5-6 FT 10-12 WP 15-18 PC 14-17
    PB 9-14 TMR 4 NA None
    Weapons: Leprechauns have no natural weapons. They will usually have Short Swords (similar to Daggers) and will use Small Bows.
    Comments: If a Leprechaun is captured and cannot escape, he will buy his freedom either by revealing the location of his treasure (300-400 Gold Pieces) or by granting the warder three wishes which the leprechaun will attempt to grant in such away that they turn to the disadvantage of the recipient (usually in some really grisly way).


    Natural Habitat: Marsh
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-40 (20)
    Description: Nixies are water-dwellers with pale skin (through which can often be seen green veins), golden hair, webbed fingers and toes, and gills. They have a limited air breathing capacity similar to Merfolk. They are recognisable by their sharp teeth which are covered in green slime.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Nixies will almost always have limited abilities as Adepts of the College of Water Magics. They will have no skills to speak of, but will have the talent of being able to automatically summon [D + 1] x Rank with their talent (1, if unranked) large Pike to their aid. Since these "water wolves", as they are called, have a special fondness for Nixies, there will always be Pike in the area.
    Movement Rates: Swimming: 350
    PS 13-23 MD 10-20 AG 14-21 MA 10-18
    EN 10-18 FT 12-24 WP 14-20 PC 14-22
    PB 8-18 TMR 7 NA None
    Weapons: Nixies do [D - 2] Damage (Base Chance of 35%) in Close Combat with their bite. in addition, they will often carry fishbone weapons and shields and (rarely) wear fish-skin armour (equal to leather armour).
    Comments: Nixies are fond of human flesh, though they will sometimes refrain from eating a particularly beautiful humanoid member of the opposite sex in order to enjoy their company longer. They are capricious and cowardly and prefer to destroy their prey by guile whenever possible. An invitation to a Nixie feast is usually a prelude to treachery.


    Natural Habitat: Woods, Fields (usually found with Satyrs)
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-30 (6)
    Description: Nymphs are beautiful humanoids with goat-like lower limbs covered in soft curly hair. They generally prefer to go about naked, but will wear light robes in cold weather.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Nymphs will have some abilities of either the College of Illusions or of the College of Earth Magics. They will have twice the stealth of humans. In addition, any male character who looks at a naked Nymph must roll 4 x WP or less or he will be charmed and will desire only to spend his days frolicking with the Nymph (or her sisters).
    Movement Rates: Running: 250
    PS 10-12 MD 14-18 AG 14-22 MA 18-22
    EN 8-12 FT 16-24 WP 18-24 PC 18-24
    PB 25-33 TMR 5 NA None
    Weapons: Nymphs do not use weapons or fight in any way. They rely exclusively on their beauty and magic for protection.
    Comments: Nymphs dislike the intrusion of humans, but will attempt to charm and seduce a particularly handsome man with their beauty (40%chance) if they do not first flee (50% chance) If they flee, they will attempt to punish those who frightened them. Nymphs can move from place to place by entering the trunks of trees and then teleporting from one trunk to another. It takes them 30 seconds to enter the trunk of a tree and one second to teleport to any other trunk within 100 feet of the tree they currently occupy. Nymphs have little sense of normal human anatomy or capabilities and will kill a human lover with their demands by permanently reducing his Fatigue or Endurance at the rate of 1 point from either (GM's choice) per week until the lover dies or escapes. The lover may make a check against 2 times his Willpower at the end of each week to see if he runs away from his sweet captors (leaving behind most of his weapons, armour, and other possessions in his state of befuddlement).


    Natural Habitat: Woods
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Number: 1-100 (10)
    Description: Pixies are small people about 2 feet in height, with transparent wings, pointed ears, and almond-shaped eyes.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Pixies are naturally invisible, but can become visible at will. They can create full-fledged visible and audible illusions, and can appear to change their form. They are also able to use most counter spells, read peoples' minds, and cause disorientation and the inability to think clearly in the victims of their pranks.
    Movement Rates: Running: 150; Flying: 250
    PS 3-4 MD 18-21 AG 17-20 MA 10-15
    EN 3-4 FT 8-10 WP 12-16 PC 10-14
    PB 10-17 TMR 3/5 NA None
    Weapons: Pixies use daggers and bows of short range (50 feet) but with great effect. They have three types of arrow: one which does [D - 6] damage, one that puts their victims to sleep unless they roll 4 x Willpower or less, and one that removes all memory from the victim for [D - 4] days unless they roll 4 x Willpower or less. The bow has a Base Chance of 60%. They may wear leather armour.
    Comments: Pixies are very hard to hit in combat (+30 to their normal defence). They are highly mischievous, and they will often play pranks to annoy the foolish traveller who enters a forest where pixies are said to dwell.


    Natural Habitat: Woods, Plains
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Number: 1-10 (6)
    Description: Satyrs have the upper halves of a man and the legs of a goat or horse. They have bristly hair, and short, black horns. Their skin is a deep mahogany in colour.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Satyrs are somewhat magical. Their magical abilities are usually focused through a pipe which they play to charm, delight, or otherwise influence those around them. They are also 3 times as stealthy as humans, and can blend in with surrounding trees (90%chance they will be undetected if they remain still. Satyrs have the same power over women that nymphs have over men.
    Movement Rates: Running: 400
    PS 12-22 MD 19-22 AG 18-20 MA 15-18
    EN 10-18 FT 18-28 WP 15-18 PC 18-20
    PB 9-12 TMR 8 NA Skin absorbs 2 DP.
    Weapons: Satyrs use simple weapons like spears. Usually they will have Rank 1-5 with the weapons they use.
    Comments: Satyrs are much like centaurs in mentality: they enjoy drinking, dancing, and generally making merry. In general they dislike men, although they will occasionally attempt to seduce human females. They will usually be accompanied by nymphs.


    Natural Habitat: Rough (especially mountain tops).
    Frequency: Very Rare
    Number: 1-2 (1)
    Description: Sylphs appear as human females, but have large, almost transparent wings. They are usually very beautiful.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Sylphs can turn themselves invisible, and they are usually able to sense a party's intentions towards them, and so avoid harm. Sylphs are also able magicians, specialising in the powers of the College of Air Magics.
    Movement Rates: Flying: 700; Running: 250
    PS 10-13 MD 18-22 AG 20-24 MA 18-20
    EN 9-12 FT 18-20 WP 14-18 PC 18-20
    PB 21-25 TMR 14/5 NA None
    Weapons: Sylphs do not use weapons or attack. They use only their magic to defend themselves.
    Comments: Sylphs will aid a humanoid in need or befriend one to whom they take a fancy. If somehow coerced they will have a large treasure with which they may buy their freedom but it will usually be hidden on a mountain top. It will be worth [D + 5] x 300 silver pennies.


    This section deals with those species who prefer dwelling in caverns or earthen barrows, but who are distantly related to the Fairy Folk. They include: Dwarves, Gnolls, Gnomes, Goblins, Halflings, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, and Orcs. These beings all tend to prefer cool shadows to bright sunlight, and all except Dwarves and Halflings positively dislike sunlight and will not willingly venture into it.


    Natural Habitat: Rough, Caverns
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Number: 1-500 (10)
    Description: Dwarves are short, stout humanoids. They usually have long beards.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: See character generation
    Movement Rates: Running: 225
    PS 6-24 MD 5-23 AG 4-22 MA 3-21
    EN 6-24 FT 17-23 WP 7-25 PC 6-24
    PB 4-22 TMR 4 NA None
    Weapons: Dwarves delight in axes and hammers and they will have Rank 2-4 with these weapons. They also commonly wear heavy armour, with chain-mail being the type most frequently worn, although plate is also occasionally used. The listed characteristic ranges are for NPC dwarves only.


    Natural Habitat: All but Waste and Ocean (Usually Caverns)
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Number: 1-300 (40)
    Description: Gnolls are dog-faced humanoids about 7 feet tall. They are very strong, and usually wear armour. Their skin is fuzzy, and yellowish-brown in colour.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Gnolls are good diggers if forced to do so, but they will rarely attempt mining on their own, even though they like caves. They have no magical abilities, although they will sometimes have magical items which they will rarely know how to use.
    Movement Rates: Running: 250
    PS 20-23 MD 13-15 AG 12-14 MA 0
    EN 12-14 FT 20-24 WP 10-12 PC 12-16
    PB 6-9 TMR 5 NA Hide absorbs 2 DP
    Weapons: Gnolls tend toward the larger weapons, usually axes. They will use ranged weapons, however, and any large contingent will have a fair number of archers. They usually wear light armour (leather or cloth) but strong members of a group will sometimes have better armour.
    Comments: Gnolls are very disorganised and travel in loose bands. They like to raid towns and travellers to gain plunder as they disdain to work themselves. Large bands will often have (value: [D + 5] x 100 Silver Pennies per Gnoll) treasure that has been previously looted.


    Natural Habitat: Rough, Caverns.
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-200 (50)
    Description: Gnomes are short, stocky humanoids, much like Dwarves, but even shorter (3 feet). Typically they will be dressed in chain-mail or leather armour, with a heavy skullcap, although powerful gnomes occasionally wear heavier armour as they "make light of burden." Gnomes are usually brownish in colour with hair between grey and white.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Gnomes are excellent stoneworkers, and as such they can detect many things that have to do with the construction of a building or the quality of a builder's job.
    Movement Rates: Running: 150
    PS 10-14 MD 10-13 AG 14-16 MA 13-17
    EN 8-10 FT 16-20 WP 19-22 PC 14-18
    PB 10-13 TMR 3 NA None
    Weapons: Gnomes will use daggers, short swords, clubs, and any other weapons that they can carry easily.
    Comments: Gnomes have a strong dislike for goblins, and will always attempt to attack them. Gnomes are organised into bands, each of which is competitive with the others, although not actually hostile. They are usually friendly to man, and they are very friendly with the Dwarves, their cousins, although they have a mild dislike of Elves. Large bands of Gnomes will often (80%) have a fair amount (value: [D + 3] x 100 Silver Pennies per gnome) of treasure. Gnomes found in their lair will have more treasure (value [D + 3] x 300 silver pennies per gnome) as Gnomes are fond of hoarding.


    Natural Habitat: Caverns
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Number: 4-1000 (20)
    Description: Goblins are humanoid in form, but have large fangs, pointed ears, and skin ranging from brown to pallid grey. They are usually very ugly, have foul breath, and an unpleasant odour. They wear garments made out of dirty cloth, and usually wear leather armour, carrying shields. More powerful goblins will sometimes carry better armour. They are about 4 feet tall.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Goblins are good at working with stone if forced into it, and so they are good at detecting facts having to do with stone (40%chance of detecting anything unusual or dangerous). They can see in the dark. They are excellent at torture, which they delight in. A goblin will in rare instances be an Adept of one of the Entities.
    Movement Rates: Running: 150
    PS 9-13 MD 8-12 AG 7-12 MA 10-18
    EN 6-8 FT 10-13 WP 8-11 PC 7-12
    PB 8-10 TMR 3 NA Skin absorbs 1 DP
    Weapons: Goblins will use any sort of weapon that their strength allows, although they generally prefer simple swords or clubs. They will also often use crossbows and slings. They may have Rank 1-3 with these weapons.
    Comments: Goblins are highly evil, and will often waylay a party, killing and looting. They love to cause discord, and will be deceitful where violence will not work. Their lair (and treasure) will be well guarded. Goblins dislike sunlight, and fight at a reduction in the Base Chance of 10 when under a bright sun. They hate Dwarves and Gnomes, and will attack them whenever possible. Goblins will usually be in league with dire wolves if there are any in the neighbourhood.


    Natural Habitat: Caverns (Burrows), Fields.
    Frequency: Uncommon
    Number: 1-50 (6)
    Description: Halflings are small humanoids, usually less than three feet in height. They are inclined to be fat.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: See character generation.
    Movement Rates: Running: 200
    PS 3-21 MD 7-25 AG 6-24 MA 4-22
    EN 3-21 FT 17-23 WP 6-24 PC 5-23
    PB 5-23 TMR 4 NA None
    Weapons: Halflings prefer small weapons, maces and slings being the most common, although short swords and daggers will also sometimes be used. There is a 50% chance that a halting will have Rank with at least one of the weapons that he is carrying. Rank with a weapon will never be higher than Rank 4. The listed characteristic ranges are for NPC Halflings.


    Natural Habitat: Anywhere
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: 1-500 (30)
    Description: Hobgoblins are particularly large and vicious creatures of basically the same strain as Goblins. They have the same fangs and pointed ears as Goblins, but they grow to larger than man sized, almost 7 feet. They are also usually equipped with better armour (chain-mail being the mean) as they are very strong and can more easily carry its weight. Their skin is more hairy than goblins', although it is the same brown to greyish colour.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Hobgoblins have Goblins' stone-working ability and their ability to see in the dark, but they do not dislike sunlight, and often go out in the day on raiding parties. They have the same magical abilities as Goblins.
    Movement Rates: Running: 250
    PS 17-21 MD 14-16 AG 13-15 MA 12-20
    EN 14-16 FT 20-23 WP 10-12 PC 14-16
    PB 6-9 TMR 5 NA Hide absorbs 2 DP
    Weapons: Hobgoblins use all weapons, and will usually use the largest weapon their strength allows. They like whips and spears with long, barbed points that break off in the wound. Hobgoblins rarely use bows, although they will use slings and javelins. Hobgoblins will have Ranks 1-3 with their favoured weapons.
    Comments: Hobgoblins are organised into Clans which are highly competitive with each other and with their relatives, the Goblins and Orcs. The Clans are headed by the strongest member of the group, and fights for leader of the Clan are common. Hobgoblins are often hired to lead bands of Goblins and Orcs, as their strength and size ensures that discipline will be maintained.


    Natural Habitat: Fields, Caverns.
    Frequency: Rare
    Number: Rare 1-10 (5)
    Description: Kobolds are small, elderly-appearing Dwarvish types who wear hoods of bright colours. They are about 2 1/2 feet tall, and have highly gnarled faces.
    Talents, Skills and Magic: Kobolds are very useful around the house or farm, for they will perform many tasks relating to maintenance of property or animals. They have no special magical powers, and they are not as good at working with stone and at detecting unusual constructions as the dwarves. They can see in the dark.
    Movement Rates: Running: 100
    PS 7-9 MD 14-17 AG 15-18 MA None
    EN 6-8 FT 12-14 WP 14-17 PC 12-16
    PB 8-11 TMR 2 NA None
    Weapons: Kobolds carry Daggers and Hammers (Base Chance of 30%, [D - 2] damage). They do not wear armour.
    Comments: A Kobold in the house is a blessing, for they will perform all sorts of menial or semi-skilled tasks with great willingness and ability, where such is possible. They will work for only shelter and food. While travelling, they will most likely run away if they see a party at a distance, but there is a chance that they will be willing to trade information and befriend a character. In general, Kobolds get along with men better even than the Dwarves. Kobolds will almost never have treasure, although if they do it will usually be something of value only to them.


    Natural Habitat: Caverns, Rough
    Frequency: Common
    Number: Common 1-1000 (25)
    Description: An Orc is an ugly, stoop shouldered humanoid, much like a goblin or hobgoblin (to whom they are related).
    Talents, Skills and Magic: See character generation.
    Movement Rates: 250
    PS 6-24 MD 5-23 AG 5-23 MA 3-21
    EN 6-24 FT 17-23 WP 3-21 PC 5-23
    PB 2-20 TMR 5 NA None
    Weapons: The glaive, axe and scimitar are the favourite weapons of the Orcs (Rank 3-7 is typical) although other weapons will occasionally be used. Crossbows are the most common form of missile weapon. Orcs will wear armour, with leather being the prevalent type. Orcs will also commonly carry shields.