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This section includes those entities which normally do not appear on this plane, but may be summoned from their own dimension. These entities include: demons, devils, djinni, efreeti, elementals (earth, air, fire and water), hellhounds, imps, incubi, and Succubi. Demon Lords are described in a separate section. The other summonable entities are described in this section. Generally, an entity summoned from another dimension will require from 1 to 10 Pulses (5 to 50 seconds) to materialise once summoned. In some cases, entities appear in a non-corporeal form and must be commanded to take on substantial form. An insubstantial entity has no power on this plane, but cannot be harmed. An entity in substantial form, however, can be harmed and can harm others.


Natural Habitat: Other Planes
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: A Djinn is a male humanoid about ten feet tall, with darkly tanned skin and a black beard.
Talents, Skills and Magic: A Djinn has all the abilities of an air elemental summoned by a magician with Rank 8 in the Ritual of Summoning Air Elementals. In addition, a Djinn can create matter weighing up to 200 pounds. This ability can be used once per day. The material created will have varying permanence, depending upon its solidity. Wood, cloth and other light materials will last for as long as a week, while steel, gold, or other hard substances will last only for hours. Djinni cannot be harmed by non-magical weapons.
Movement Rates: Flying: 700; Running: 350
PS 35-40 MD 20-24 AG 17-21 MA 12-18
EN 20-25 FT 30-38 WP 20-25 PC 16-21
PB 11-14 TMR 14/7 NA Skin absorbs 6 DP
Weapons: Djinni prefer large, curved weapons, with a double-sized scimitar being the weapon most commonly used. Add 10 to the Base Chance of any weapon a Djinn uses, and double damage done because of its size. A Djinn will have Rank 4 or better with a scimitar.
Comments: Like Efreet, if a Djinn is discovered on this plane it will either be in the service of some character or else be trapped in some sealed container. If the container is opened, the Djinn will service whoever released it as a slave, provided that it is not asked to do anything suicidal. Having a Djinn in a party can occasionally cause problems because other creatures, such as efreeti (who are deadly enemies of the djinni) will be attracted to the party.


Natural Habitat: Other Planes
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Efreeti are creatures of flame that have been trapped on this plane. They are humanoid in form, about 12 feet tall, and their dark-brown skin flickers as if it were about to burst into flame at any moment.
Talents, Skills and Magic: An Efreet has all the talents and abilities of a fire elemental summoned at Rank 12. In addition an Efreet can grant three wishes under certain conditions (see below). Efreeti can also become invisible at will. Efreeti cannot be harmed by non-magical attacks.
Movement Rates: Flying: 750; Running: 350
PS 40-45 MD 17-20 AG 15-18 MA 12-18
EN 28-32 FT 45-50 WP 23-29 PC 16-21
PB 8-10 TMR 15/7 NA 6 DP
Weapons: Efreeti use edged weapons of ordinary shape but twice normal size and weight. Improve the weapon's Base Chance by 10, and double any damage done. An Efreet will have Rank 4 or higher with whatever weapon it uses. In Close Combat an Efreet can immolate an opponent. Such an attack has a Base Chance of 65%, and does [D + 10] damage.
Comments: If discovered on this plane, an Efreet will either be in the service of some character, or trapped in a sealed container, such as a bottle. If the latter is the case and the finder of the Efreet releases it from its captivity, there is a 95% chance that the Efreet will serve him willingly. The other 5% of the time the Efreet will attack. If the Efreet decides to serve, it will either grant three wishes, or become the character's slave for a period of 1001 days (at the liberator's option). If three wishes are chosen, they must be used by the end of the day on which the Efreet was released. If service is chosen, the Efreet will perform any task asked of it that is not obviously suicidal. If a request involves physical danger to the Efreet is made of the Efreet, there is a 10% chance (+10 for each additional request) that the Efreet will rebel against its master and attack him. Efreeti are creatures of fire, and thus they will not go to or be found in frigid climates or underwater.


Elementals are the physical manifestations of the four primary I elements: fire, earth, air, and water. They do not normally exist on this plane, but are summoned by members of the Elemental Colleges. They will always be hostile to their summoner, and will attempt to kill him if they are released from his control. Elementals are impervious to attacks made with non-magical weapons. Magic does affect them. Each is vulnerable to its opposite element and can be damaged by attacks involving that opposite. Water and fire are opposite members, as are earth and air. An elemental's Endurance, Fatigue, and Strength vary according to its summoner's Rank with the Ritual of Summoning Elementals. Endurance and Fatigue vary as described in 42.7, while an elemental's Physical Strength equals a base number for each of the Elementals plus five for each Rank the summoner has attained.


Natural Habitat: Other Planes
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Air Elementals appear as a whirlwind of a height equal to their Endurance. They have facial features, which will appear on one side of the whirlwind.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Air Elementals can predict weather with complete accuracy. They can increase the speed of winds up to the equal of their endurance, blowing in a line ten times their endurance in width (measured in feet). They can also create windstorms per the Windstorm Spell (College of Air Magics) at a Rank equal to their summoner's Rank plus 4. They do not need to cast the spell, but rather they can cause the windstorm just by willing it.
Movement Rates: Flying: 500 + (50 x Summoner's Rank)
PS 15+5/Rk MD 25-30 AG 32-37 MA None
EN 5-50 FT 10-85 WP 14-18 PC 19-23
PB 10-12 TMR 10 + (Adept's Rank) NA None
Weapons: Air Elementals can materialise their fists to strike at their opponents. They can take two attacks in the same Pulse without penalty. The attacks have a Base Chance of 65% and do D10 damage, + 1 per Rank of their summoner.


Natural Habitat: Other Planes
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Earth Elementals appear as humanoids with dirt-coloured skin and gravely eyes. They will be as tall, in feet, as their Endurance.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Earth Elementals can sink into any substance made of rock or dirt, and remain hidden with only 5% chance of detection. They have a chance equal to their Endurance of knowing the location of any intelligent creature standing on earth or rock. They can move through the earth (without creating a tunnel or disturbing it in any way) earth Elementals can destroy stone structures by boring through stone at the rate of two cubic feet per Round for each point of Physical Strength available to the Elemental. Rock bored through in this way will be turned to dust incapable of supporting anything.
Movement Rates: Running: 200; Tunnelling: 100
PS 30+5/Rk MD 10-15 AG 12-17 MA None
EN 5-50 FT 10-85 WP 14-18 PC 16-20
PB 5-8 TMR 4/2 NA 8 DP
Weapons: Earth Elementals pound their adversaries with their massive fists. They can attack twice in the same Pulse without penalty, and do D + 6 damage if they hit, plus one additional point for each Rank of their summoner.


Natural Habitat: Other Planes
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Fire Elementals appear as leaping flames of a height in feet equal to their endurance. The flames are humanoid in form.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Any flammable substances (exclusive of human-size or larger beings) that a Fire Elemental touches bursts into flames, while non-flammable substances will experience a rise in temperature equal to the Elemental's Endurance for every 10 seconds the Elemental is in contact with the substance. Elementals can instantly extinguish any normal fire within 100 feet. They can create a wall of smoke, (as per the spell from the College of Fire Magics) at a Rank equal to that summoner's Rank plus ten. They can also produce a wall of fire (as per the spell from the College of Fire Magics) at a Rank equal to their summoner's Rank plus five. Both of the above two walls can be created as talents, without the necessity of preparing or casting a spell. Only one wall of each type can be maintained at any one time, however.
Movement Rates: Running: 400 + 10 x Summoner's Rank
PS 20+5/Rk MD 20-25 AG 25-30 MA None
EN 5-50 FT 10-85 WP 14-18 PC 14-17
PB 5-7 TMR 8 + (Adept's Rank/5) NA 3 DP
Weapons: Fire Elementals can attempt to immolate their adversaries. The Base Chance for such an attack is 70%, and if the attack succeeds D + 2 damage is done, with an additional point added for each Rank of their summoner. If the attack is made in Close Combat, double the damage done.


Natural Habitat: Other Planes
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Ice Elementals appear as lean crystalline humanoids with frosty hair and silvery blue eyes. They are half as tall, in feet as their Endurance.
Talents, Skills and Magic:Ice Elementals can disappear into Ice with only a 10% chance of being detected. They can freeze water within line of sight at a rate of PS cubic feet per pulse (entities within the area get a 3 AG check to avoid being caught and trapped while Ice forms around them), and they can cast Ice Construction and Wall of Ice at a Rank equal to their summoner's Rank + 4 in this ritual. These are talents and cost no fatigue. They may expend 2 fatigue to fire an Ice Bolt (as per the Spell) striking as an A class weapon with a base chance of 15% (+ 6 / Rank), and doing [D + 4] (+ 1 / Rank) points of damage. Since this is a physical attack formed from the Ice Elemental, the Ice bolt remains after firing.
Movement Rates: Running: 200 + 10 x Summoner's Rank
PS 20+5/Rk MD 20-25 AG 15-20 MA None
EN 5-50 FT 10-85 WP 14-18 PC 15-20
PB 8-10 TMR 4 + (Adept's Rank/5) NA 5 DP
Weapons: Ice Elementals strike their opponents with open hands and pierce them with their long icy fingers. They can attack twice in the same pulse without penalty doing [D + 3] (+ 1 / Rank) damage per strike.


Natural Habitat: Other Planes
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Water Elementals appear as waves, although the water does take on a basically humanoid form. The waves will be one-half as tall, in feet, as the Elemental's endurance.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Water Elementals can disappear into any body of water and become completely undetectable. They can increase the size of waves and swells as per the Spell of Wave Making from the College of Water Magics at a Rank equal to their summoner's Rank plus four. They can also produce a whirlpool as per the Maelstrom spell from the same College, at a Rank equal to their summoner's. Neither spell has to be prepared or cast, but only one can be maintained at a time.
Movement Rates: Swimming: 500 + (25 x Summoner's Rank)
PS 25+5/Rk MD 17-23 AG 16-20 MA None
EN 5-50 FT 10-85 WP 14-18 PC 14-17
PB 6-8 TMR 10 + (Adept's Rank/2) NA 4 DP
Weapons: Water Elementals form huge fists out of the waves. They can attack twice in a Pulse without penalty, and do D + 4 damage, plus one additional point of damage for each Rank of their summoner.


Natural Habitat: (See Below)
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1-10 (5)
Description: Hellhounds have the outward appearance of a Dire Wolf with reddish-brown fur and bright red eyes.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Hellhounds, will have some ability in the powers of either the College of Illusions or of the Sorceries of the Mind. They are able to breath fire in a cone 20 feet long by 10 feet wide at the base, doing D + 8 damage to all within Range. The cone will also ignite any inflammables. While on the Tactical Display it takes a Pulse for a Hell-hound to breath fire.
Movement Rates: Running: 450
PS 14-16 MD 18-21 AG 19-22 MA 12-20
EN 10-11 FT 20-22 WP 17-19 PC 25-30
PB 4-6 TMR 9 NA Fur absorbs 6 DP
Weapons: In Close Combat Hellhounds attack with their bite (Base Chance of 65%, [D + 6] damage). They cannot attack in Melee or Ranged Combat.
Comments: Hellhounds do not normally appear on this plane. They are usually brought here by a demon to guard some treasure. It is in this general capacity that Hellhounds are normally found, although they are occasionally release to wander the world and cause misery as they may. Hellhounds are highly evil. They love to kill and maim, burn crops, and ruin buildings.


Natural Habitat:Hell
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Imps appear as three to four foot high humanoids, but with horns, bat's wings and barbed tails. They tend to be muscular, but pot-bellied. Their skin may be blue, green, or purple, but is usually red. They have yellow eyes, flecked with silver and their teeth (including prominent incisors) are made of silver. Imps may also appear as goats, spiders, bats or large rats, but these are insubstantial forms. The imp cannot use his powers in this plane except in his natural and substantial form.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Imps may be members of any Colleges of Magic except the Entities as determined by the GM. Imps can only be harmed by silvered weapons or magic. Cold iron does not affect them. They have no skills. They have Rank 5 with all magic.
Movement Rates: Running: 350 -- Flying: 500
PS 15-20 MD 13-17 AG 16-22 MA 22-26
EN 14-16 FT 22-28 WP 28-32 PC 16-25
PB 3-5 TMR 7/10 NA 3 DP
Weapons: Imps may make a horn attack during Close Combat with a Base Chance of 20% and possible damage of [D - 1]. Imp horns may have a Rank of between 1 and 10 (controlling Player should roll D10 to determine Rank). Imps may also make an attack in either Melee or Close Combat with their long tail. Its tip contains a sting with a quick acting nerve poison (2-4 Damage Points per Pulse). The sting itself is treated like a dagger. Base Chance with tail is 30%. Imps may use other weapons, but may not wear armour.
Comments: Imps are dangerous servants in that they have a cruel sense of humour which they are not averse to visiting upon their master and friends. They may not be bound or forced to speak true, so there is no way to really control their actions. They will lie, steal, sow dissension, or play practical jokes (magical or non-magical) on average once per day. They will not knowingly get their master killed or maimed but are otherwise not overly considerate of the master's well-being. They will use their powers on the master's behalf when it is demanded of them (though even here their sense of humour may have an effect) and will fight the master's enemies. Imps may be called upon as needed and then returned to their own dimension. Given their warped personalities, the wise master will keep them in their own dimension as much as possible. Imps have a 7% Base Chance of knowing past, present and future events, but will seldom speak truthfully of what they know.


Natural Habitat:Hell
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Half-Devils appear as small (around 3ft) muscular humanoids with membranous wings, a small, hard, curved horn and vicious teeth. They tend to have dark coloration's, murky and speckled browns and blacks most common. Their tails are sharp, barbed and poisonous. Half-Devils, when on this plane, can appear to be an animal but cannot use their spell magic or rituals while in this form. They may, however, use talents. it takes 5 seconds for the change to take place.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Half-Devils may be members of any Thaumaturgy or Elemental college. Being creatures of mana they can only be harmed by silvered or magical weapons, cold iron does not affect their casting, and they know all spells, rituals and talents of their college at rank 5. Note that this does not include Ward, Investment, or other spells and rituals not intrinsic to their college.
Movement Rates: Running : 200 Flying : 400
PS 12-16 MD 7-11 AG 9-13 MA 14-18
EN 12-16 FT 17-21 WP 11-15 PC 10-14
PB 4-6 TMR 4/8 NA 2 DP
Weapons: Half-Devils may make a Horn attack or a Bite as well as Sting with their tail in Close Combat. They may use their Tail in Melee but at -20%. Their Bite has a Base Chance of 30% and does +1 damage (A class Critical). Their Horn has a Base Chance of 25%and does +1 damage (A class specific grevious injuries and +20% if used in Charge). Both can be rank 1 to 5. Their Tail has a Base Chance of 50% doing -2 damage. It has a quick-acting nerve poison in it that does 2 damage points per pulse. (Poison effects are not cumulative.) The victim can resist the effects of the poison by rolling under normal endurance when fatigue has been removed, or by rolling under twice normal endurance when their endurance is reduced to 3 or less. A Half-Devil's tail is always rank 4. A Half-Devil may use weapons (unranked), but will never wear armour.
Comments: Upon making a Lesser Pact with a Demon, that Demon assigns a familiar to the adept. This familiar is a Half-Devil. The GM should randomly roll the values of the above stats and then roll on the following table for the college. 1 E & E 2 Mind 3 Illusion 4 Namer 5 Air 6 Water 7 Fire 8 Earth 9 Celestial 10 Demon's Choice The adept may choose the location of the witchmark and a ritual drawing blood binds the Half-Devil to that adept. The Half- Devil will then always aim to please his master (although his understanding of the world may hamper this) but will severely dislike (and hope to avoid) any period of separation from the adept. Should the adept or familiar die, the bond is broken and the Half-Devil will immediately return to the seventh plane (where the adept may pick it up later if it was s/he that died). If the Half-Devil dies, a new one may be issued 5 years after the previous one was issued. Half-Devils, during ritual blood-letting, immediately acquire all spoken languages that the adept knows at one less rank. Half-Devils cannot read or write. Half-Devils have no other skills, although in their animal form they may have abilities, e.g. a weasel can stare down basilisks. Note that the familiar loses one fatigue per hour that it doesn't feed (irrelevant of form). Hence, the adept must feed it at least once a day (using four fatigue which the Half-Devil enjoys (obviously). In animal or the Half-Devil can understand the languages it understands in natural form, but cannot speak back.


Natural Habitat:Hell
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Devils appear as large muscular humanoids with massive bat wings, horns and fangs. They tend to have carmine skin and green eyes. Their tails are sharp and barbed and contain a poisonous sting.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Devils, like imps, may be members of any College (except the Entities) as determined by the GM. Devils can only be harmed by silvered weapons or by magic. Cold iron does not affect them. They have no skills, but possess Rank 10 with all magic of their College. Devils know a little of the past, present, and future of things (7% chance of accuracy) and will speak truthfully to the best of their knowledge in exchange for their freedom. They may not be bound or subjected to a Ritual of True Speaking.
Movement Rates: Running : 400 Flying : 500
PS 25-30 MD 15-20 AG 18-24 MA 28-34
EN 25-30 FT 35-40 WP 24-28 PC 22-26
PB 2-3 TMR 8/10 NA 5 DP
Weapons: Devils may make a horn attack or bite in Close Combat and may sting with their tail in Melee or Close Combat. Their bite has a Base Chance of 30% and does [D + 2] damage. Their horns have a Base Chance of 25% and do [D + 2] damage. Both are Rank 1-10 (controlling Player rolls D10 to determine exact Rank). Their tail has a Base Chance of 30% in Melee and a Base Chance of 50%Close Combat and does [D - 1] damage. It has a quick-acting nerve poison in it that does 3-5 Damage Points per Pulse. A devil's tail is always Rank 8. A Devil may use weapons, but will not wear armour.
Comments: Devils are extremely powerful companions, but tend to serve only with reluctance. They will attempt to bargain for their freedom in exchange for the use of their magic powers in any situation that does not involve immediate danger of death or maiming of their master. They are required to assist the master only in situations of imminent danger and so will usually be able to bargain successfully early in their service. Their power to see things past, present, and future is the same as that of imps (7%). They will never use this talent except in exchange for their release from service and return to their own plane.


Natural Habitat:Hell
Frequency: Very Rare
Number: 1
Description: Succubi are lesser spirits of the seventh plane. They always appear in the form of tall, beautiful women with flowing hair which hides their small horns. They also possess membranous wings shaped like bat's wings that fold down so as to be all but invisible when not in use. They have retractable fangs which they sometimes use to open the veins of those individuals whose blood they desire to drink.
Talents, Skills and Magic: Succubi possess Rank 10 in all spells and talents of the College of the Mind. In addition they possess the following skills: assassin, courtesan, spy, thief and troubadour. All skills of Succubi are Rank 10. Succubi possess the following characteristics:
Movement Rates: Running 350 yards per minute; Flying 400 yards per minute
PS 16-21 MD 24-28 AG 28-32 MA 26-30
EN 12-16 FT 24-28 WP 26-30 PC 24-28
PB 26-34 TMR 7/8 NA 2 DP
Weapons: Succubi may attempt to bite during Close Combat with a Base Chance of 40%. Their bite does [D + 2] damage to Fatigue each Pulse. This drain continues so long as they continue to bite (they need not make another Strike Check). The Succubi will cease biting only when they have become stunned or unconscious or when their victim is dead. They never inflict specific Grievous Injuries, but may do Endurance damage. Their bite may be Rank 1-10 (roll D10 to determine its exact Rank). Succubi do not wear armour and carry only small weapons that are easily concealed. They prefer envenomed weapons to all others.
Comments: Succubi will, at the behest of their summoner, attempt to meet, seduce, and then murder any individual of the summoner's choice. They will pursue their victim until returned to their own plane or until they succeed in killing him. Their speciality is to gain the confidence of the victim and then murder him in his bed. They cannot be harmed except by magic or by the touch of the Book of Toth, an ancient tome of magical lore found only in older and seldom frequented libraries. This rare volume immediately and permanently dissipates them, forcing them back to their own plane.
Incubi are exactly like Succubi, except that they appear only in the male form, rather than as females. They will tend to be 2-3 points stronger and will have 1-2 points less Endurance than Succubi, but will other wise be the same. They also are immune to all but magic and the Book of Toth.