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CollegeCelestial Dark
TitleKnight of Aladar
Colonel in the Aladarian Army
Chief of the Aladarian Secret Police
Description6' 150lb Human. Thin and wiry, not very strong looking.
Has sharp Arabic features, short black hair and often a slight beard.
Either dresses appropriatly for the situation or in flowing black robes.
SkillsAssasain, Spy, Thief, Merchant, Ranger, Troubadour and other less savoury skills
WeaponsFalchion, Dagger, Invested items
SpellsOf note Blackfire, Shadowform, Wings, Darksphere
Other AbilitiesDoesn't sleep
Invisible to the stars
Can sense in complete darkness
CommentsHas managed to escape the purges following the Aladarian war, and is still head of the secret police.
Rarely seen near the Guild, or anywhere for that matter.
Others Comments
Awards Who needs the praise of others
Joined Guild1990AP
PlayerDaniel Dixon
Last Updated24/6/97
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