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Ithildin von Hecklyn

LevelVery Low
DescriptionIthildin has long black hair and blue eyes. She is beautiful, quite tall and looks strong for an elf. She usually wears casual clothes in reds, blacks and greys, and wears a set of dyed crimson leather on missions.
SkillsDirewolf Rk 6.
SpellsHuh? Oh, spells! Forget it...
Other AbilitiesSibling irritation.
CommentsIthildin is Ithilmor's younger sister, and the daughter of KarisimeanFenton von Hecklyn.
She only joined the Guild a little while ago, and is looking forward to a long career in bashing the crow out of people.
Due to a BIG family and a childhood somewhat deprived of culture, Ithildin likes fighting, drinking, forests, fighting, travelling, singing, fighting... you get the idea...
Ithildin's current main aims in life are to become rich, famous, collect lots of magic weapons and do something even more outrageous than the family's black sheep, Ithilmor.
Others CommentsWho me? Outrageous? Never! It's all lies I tell you Ithilmor

Awards None.
Joined Guild1995
PlayerTina Nevin
Last Updated27/6/97
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