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Ithilmor (von Hecklyn)

CollegeCelestial Dark
TitleKnight of Ormond
DescriptionShort for an elf (5'8"). Slim. Black hair, violet eyes. On her way to beautiful. When not on adventure usually wears black gowns made of not quite enough cloth.
SkillsCourtesan, Troubador
Other Abilities
CommentsIthilmor is the daughter of Fenton von Hecklyn (Chris Caufield's Binder) and Casmira (A Life Aspected Pacifistic Earth Mage who I haven't seen around the Guild recently). She is the black sheep of the family, and made friends with the Dire Wolves living nearby her childhood home. I was the first of the family to sneak away from home and join the Guild.

I have a Knighthood from the Count of Ormond, and when not on adventure or at the Guild, I'm at my Manor House in Ormond, where I have a bunch of peasants and so on working the land. It's a good life and all you landless knights out there should try it. Just make sure that you get decent land and not some piece of swamp.
Others CommentsThe thief of my heart Turf

watch out for the rest too

She used to be such a sweet young lady before she met Turf - or was it tussock? - Fenton

Actually, Fenton, Turf has been a major calming influence on me - Ithilmor

Old age is catching up fast , my memory isn't what it used to be - she's had so so many men - fenton

But Turf is the only one I've introduced to you. Ithilmor

It's the rumours of more that cause me pain - my heart!!!
Awards None
Joined GuildSpring 1994 AP
PlayerClare West
Last Updated21/6/97
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