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Kilroy Arundel Tandar

DescriptionI am a paragon of manly beauty, honest. Well anyway I am 5' 10" tall, slightly tubby, with scraggly red hair and beard, wearing slightly food-stained muddy brown clothing and blackened bare feet, but for seconds you thought I was a paragon of manly beauty.
SkillsI'm a great cook, good with animals, good at alchemy and trying to improve myself with filosofee. I also dabble in Tattooing, Wood Carving and rangery stuff.
WeaponsI is really good at Unarmed, Battle Axe, Shield, Mace, Daggers and Giant Axe.
SpellsI like RUNEWALL. I am also good at Light, Dark, Runeshield, Runeweapon and Runeportal
Other AbilitiesI can eat any formerly living material, but some of it don't taste so good so I avoid that. My skin turns transparent on the full moon nights so I go out and scare the peasants with my black robe and scythe. I don't like wearing shoes so I have these special runes on my feet which protect them. I can also remove curses, cast geas and curse people.
CommentsI have a wife and a son who live in my house at Slippery Rock. My wife runs an apocathery (you know herbs and stuff) mainly for the witches who we get on pretty well with. I went adventuring mainly to escape from my huge family but also cos its generally lots of fun and all sorts of different things happen. I like shape shifting stuff and have been at various times an amoeba, a unicorn, a seagull, a raven, a jester, a cheetah and, more recently, a giant. My wife prefers it if I stay more or less human though.
Others CommentsTypically a hinderance to the party. His irresponsibility tends to get others killed - Kel
Tell him when, where, and how high to jump in a loud firm voice and sometimes he'll do it - Blackthorn
Awards Stupidest Adventurer [3], I have done smart and brave things but no-one ever nominates me for them
Joined Guild1989
PlayerDean Ellis
Last Updated23/6/97
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