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Logan Bury

TitleBaron Logan of NewHaven.
DescriptionMedium Build. Normally well groomed and often with expensive if somewhat out of place adornments. Carries a very expensive looking stick.
SkillsMaking Money. Accounting, Legal Consultation, and Checkers
WeaponsNone of note, But stay away from that damn stick of his!
SpellsMost E&E Specific at med - high ranks. Can also reduce spell effects.
Other AbilitiesGreater Enchantments at Rank 19. Follow the signs to his waiting room in NewHaven.
Detect Scrying, Pocket Dimension.
Basset Hound Breeding specialist
CommentsI'm told he's got a gold Staircase in that Manor of his.
Others CommentsI hear he's got a staircase in that Gold Manor of his. - Saydar
I hear he has gold hidden somewhere under his staircase - anon
I hear he has a staircase hidden somewhere under all that gold - Scab
Awards Smartest Adventurer Nominee.
Joined Guild1990 AP
PlayerNeil Davies
Last Updated6/7/97
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