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Mitothin mil Sirivon

DescriptionMitothin has dark red hair, green eyes and is the elven average of 6 foot 2 inches tall. Inset in the middle of her forehead is a large oval black opal (worth 10 thou sp). This is usually covered. She has average good looks, which she often augments with magic to very good looking. She is somewhat vain and very appearance conscious, and usually dresses stylishly in shades of purple, blue and grey. She seldom wears black or other common necromantic dress styles.
SkillsCommon, Elvish (both Rk 8), Orcish, Dwarvish (both Rk 5), Hobbit (4).
WeaponsBattleaxe, Cestus, Dagger (all Rk 4), about 18 others at Rks 0 - 2
SpellsWall of Bones, Hand of Death, Conjure Darkness (all Rk 6), Dark Vision (4), Necrosis (Rk 1 - yeah, like I'm really gonna use that one!)
Other AbilitiesNone.
CommentsMitothin is currently on maternity leave, but can be contacted at the Gloranthan Embassy in Seagate.
Mitothin is known to have a Death Curse (ie to do over anyone who kills her), specifics unknown.
She is pacted to Humakht, the Gloranthan God of Death and Honour.
Mitothin hates assassins and as a result of her pact, has several abilities which help her identify them and their victims. She is oathbound to stop any assassination in progress.
Mitothin doesn't lie, and will never break her word.
She has a strict code of honour which she abides by, although she is practical enough not to expect her colleagues at the SAG to also (or even to understand).
Mitothin is a member of the House of Sirivon, a minor branch of the Elfheim gentry. She comes from Russetfall Glade, a medium-sized settlement in Elfheim.
On 12th February 1995 she gave birth to quintuplets, three girls - Calelinmar (Cale), Cemorlind (Kemi) and Caralach (Cara), and two boys - Lorlantquess (Lorlan) and Liltluinen (Lilt). Their father is Kathor, a member of a tribe of Elvish Shapeshifters from the Carzalan High Mana Zone. Mitothin and her family live at the Gloranthan Embassy, where she is emplyed as a Trade Envoy.
Mitothin is generally a serious person (ie elf of the 'grim quester' type), although she has a dry sense of humour. She likes people and prefers to attempt to talk rather than fight. She tends to be very controlled, although like most redheads she has a temper, but has seldom been seen to lose it.
Mitothin is fastidious, avoids violence and has a strict honour code, yet she practises one of the most unpleasant forms of magic, has no remorse about killing when it is necessary, and is generally relentless in achieving her goals. Mitothin also tends to dislike other necromancers. She hates being made a fool of, but seldom holds grudges.
Mitothin suffers from chronic arachnophobia.
Others CommentsI'm the Orcish demon-father of her kids...especialy the littlest tasty one...heh,heh. - Scab
Awards Smartest Adventurer [1]
Joined Guild1994
PlayerTina Nevin
Last Updated23/6/97
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