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DescriptionTank in plate. dark brown hair, dark brown, almost back eyes. Well muscled with lots of scars. Has no shadow.
SkillsJourneyman Ranger and Mil Sci, Apprentice Mechanician and Warrior
WeaponsHand and a Half, Unarmed, Glaive, Sheild
Other AbilitiesSometimes known to be brave to the point of stupidity.
CommentsMordrin is a dwarf from the Ironfastness. She is an Ensign in Hugler's Heavy Infantry in the Castellan Borders.

Mordrin is a Warrior, not just a fighter, and a realist. She would like it if the skill was more than just a name (that's the only reason she as it) and she'll like it even better when she can be tough without lots of mages to boost her up.

As with all my characters, I don't play the female modifications to the Character Generation (or the armour rules or anywhere). Roleplaying is a chance to have be a female who doesn't have any of the disadvantages of her sex. That I have to forego the advantages as well is just fair. But she still doesn't have a beard, and jokes about it still aren't funny.
Others Comments
Awards I got best death once I think (head chopped off by harpies).
Joined GuildSummer 1993 AP
PlayerClare West
Last Updated20/6/97
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