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Mortimer Graves

TitleKnight of Alfheim
Free Warrior of the Sea of Grass
DescriptionMortimer is exceptionally tall for a halfling at 3'10" and unusually slim. He has brown wavy hair and the complexion of someone who doesn't get enough sun. He tends to dress in well cut clothes, usually dove grey in colour.
SkillsMaster Philosopher & Mechanician, many other skills at lesser ability.
WeaponsDaggers, and only if offered no other course of action.
SpellsDamnum Minatum, Damnum Magnatum.
Other AbilitiesKnown to be an Agent of Buer the Star President, and to have a Water Mage toad familiar named Flytrap.
CommentsMortimer keeps a goodly house on the edge of New Seagate that he shares with his wife Petal, their only slightly demonic triplets, a Fire Mage apprentice, a Nightmare, three dogs, 27 cats, and one goldfish called Mack.
Others Comments
Awards Bravest Adventurer (1)
Smartest Adventurer (1)
Joined Guild1984 AP
PlayerMartin Dickson
Last Updated19/6/97
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