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Mr Pinefeller

DescriptionLarge 'Rugby forward' lookalike ( heavily muscled with lots of scars and calloses from hard work)
WeaponsHand and a Half, Kite Shield, Main-Gauche, etc
SpellsGeneral Knowledge
Other AbilitiesElven Vision ( Racial Witchsight)
CommentsMr Pinefeller is from a family of lumberjacks in the stoneburg forest to the north of seagate. He left home when he was 14 and joined a mercenary band operating in the now Western Kingdom until he joined the guild at 19.
He follows a code of Honor
1. Keep your freely given word
2. Never back down before evil
3. Never molest a woman
4. Never harm a child
5. Protect your friends ( has 'marine' like attitude - never leave your buddies behind )
Others CommentsLook out for the pike stuck to his arm. Its bloodthursty - Shizane
I chopped off the arm - sentient weapons are such a drag - trying to destroy the multiverse and all - and a real bitch on your social life - Reply Pinefeller

Awards Bravest ( Won 1 and Nominated 1)
Joined GuildWinter 795 I think or was it 794
PlayerNoel Livingston
Last Updated27/6/97
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