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TitleWarlord of the Fangtooth Clan
Lord of Sandhurst
DescriptionSix foot hugely muscled orc with sholders the highest part. Claws and Tusks ( capped with iron ). Dark green skin.
Wears Heavy plate and oftern carries items such as portable forges, anvils, 60 lb rocks etc. Visious and Cruel when he outclasses his opponents and runs like hell from really tough foes. A coward bully boy. Likes to eat sentients and is allowed to in his tribes lands where his word is law not your dukes. Enjoys battlefield surgery and is well equiped with bone saws, skinning knives etc
SkillsRanger;Msci;Warrior;Healer(low); Drow;Orc
WeaponsUnarmed;2handed sword;hv x bow
Other AbilitiesGood vision ( clearsight)
Claws ; capped teeth
Dark sphere
Really strong PS28
CommentsSlasher is a brutal bully boy type orc. He enjoys rape , pillage and beating up weak foes. Drinking fighting torturing the weak... He calls other races lesser races to get into fights and says he likes halflings to orcs to get into fights . He is currently out there looking for a light sphere to find out what cataclismic really means
Others CommentsA great person to have on your side in a fight - Aqualina.
Awards Smartest (1) - Run away
Joined Guild790 ish
PlayerNoel Livingston
Last Updated3/7/97
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