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Thorn Ilsdöttir

TitleUsually The Elf, otherwise none printable.
DescriptionThorn is a small, slender elf with platinum blonde hair & green eyes. She is very good-looking, even for an elf. Her clothes are quality fabrics or leathers in greens, blues, violets, golds & browns and are heavily embroidered, tasselled and covered with various other forms of ornamentation. On missions she usually wears a set of forest-green porcelein Civil War armor.
SkillsNone worth mentioning, although she does seem to know a little more Drow than could be considered polite.
WeaponsThorn has Rapier at Rk 10, and Scimitar at Rk 8 and Rk 3 (off-hand). She knows a variety of other weapons at Rk 4.
SpellsOh yawn, hitting people is sooooo much more fun. Still she does have Runewall at 7, Control Entity & Runelock at 6, Rune Portal, Runeshield, and Banishment at 5.
Other AbilitiesThorn has an extremely acute sense of smell - bloodhoundlike, in fact. She also has 26 Agility.
CommentsThorn recently became pregnant, and has gone up north on maternity leave.
Over the last couple of years she has been living at her friend Princess Isil-eth's house in Älfheim, but she recently acquired some land with a forest on it in the Bordelay wine-country, and is now building a hunting lodge there.
Thorn is adventurous, excitable, tends to say what she thinks and has a strong (sometimes foolish) sense of curiosity. She is also sincere, and extremely loyal to her friends. Thorn is fond of practical jokes (a Runemage trait!) and loves sneaky weapons, shopping and dangerous men.
She is rather non-Politically Correct, and also quite racist in the fact she knows Elves are the superior species on Alusia and is sorry for anyone who is born otherwise. Except with orcs and hobbits however, she is not unpleasant about it. She has a good knowledge of (elvish) history, and is proud of her connections to the Courts.
Thorn has a price in her head of 20,000 SP, half of that (dead or perm.dead) from her major enemy, the Duchess of Plas'tora (an enemy she left behind alive), and she also isn't very popular with the Duchess's ally Don Carlos of Destiny.
In summary, Thorn is a quintessential ELF.
Others Comments
Awards Stupidest Adventurer [1], Bravest Adventurer [1].
Joined Guild1993
PlayerTina Nevin
Last Updated19/6/97
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