Subject[dq-announce] Minutes from the December Gods Meeting
FromKeith Smith
DateFri, 08 Dec 2000 09:44:54 +1300
Below are the minutes from the Gods meeting. Please let me know if there 
are any corrections.


DQ Gods Meeting Minutes
December 2000

Present: Clare, Mike Parkinson, Andrew, Rosemary, Ian, Stephen, Jason

Chair and Assistant Chair
The current vice chairperson is Ian Wood, who will be the Chair for the 
upcoming Guild meeting, and next session's Gods meetings. The vice chair 
for the next session is Clare

Adventures going out
Andrew 	High, on plane, probably full by now
Keith		Overflow
Rosemary 	Low tending to bunny
Mike P 	Medium, lots of mages, success only
Clare		Overflow
Paul 		Medium
William 	High

Campaign Business						
We wish to keep the Dark Circle as a feature, as it gives Seagate more of a 
'frontier feel'. Some mechanism or effect has made it stabilise with the 
edge between Seagate and Brastor. The edge is now gradual, with about 50 - 
100 miles of increasing effect until the full effect occurs. This means 
that Brastor is now traversable. There will be some insincere letters of 
thanks to the Guild for 'stopping' the circle (anything to not thank the 

The Barbarian hordes are still out there, and a more conventional defence 
is required. The idea was raised to create a Breastwork between Cazala and 
Brastor. (eg Ofla's Dike or Hadrian's Wall)

The Duke of Carzala  is thinking of sending some of the Brastor refugees to 
Brastor to
plant the summer crops, under military escort.

The Guild Adventuring Tax rate is still officially 10%

White Lotus is coming up soon on the 5th of Meadow. This is one of 
the  unholy days  where the Powers of Darkness are at their strongest. The 
Dark Circle may also be stronger during that day as well.

DQ Discussion Lists
It was decided that the lists should not be moderated but people are asked 
not to respond to those messages that are volatile or are flaming others to 
the list. Recipients are asked to send simple 'me too' or "I disagree" 
messages to the originator to reduce the amount of overchat.

Work In Progress
Mind - to go to the discussion group
Ranger  -do we want multi specialisation
Astrology - a discussion document is to be produced
Namer - second draft has been released for comments.

Meeting Closed

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