Subject[dq-announce] Minutes from the Summer 801 Guild Meeting
FromKeith Smith
DateMon, 11 Dec 2000 11:12:21 +1300
Minutes from the Guild Meeting
1st Meadow '801 WK

The meeting started with a complaint from a Hospitality Establishment. A 
guild party had visited it in the last session and, during their stay, 
managed to do at least 1,000sp worth of damage to the place. The Guild 
Chairman said that this sort of behaviour was not on. The party concerned 
should go back and do the job properly. If they don't know how - ask any orc.

The Dark Circle appears to have stabilised but there was a good chance that 
it may be stronger on the 5th of Meadow - White Lotus Day - as that day is 
one of the days when the Powers of Darkness are at their strongest.

1) Adventures going out.
Ausgar Atholson - a hobbit. We were told that their village, located near 
Sunnynook, has lost all it's mummies (that's the ones rolled up in cloth 
bandages) and that a short time ago, an undead army had tried to steal 
them. It wasn't known if the mummies had been stolen or had signed up for 
the army. No matter what, they needed to be found and returned by the Day 
of the Dead (3rd Breeze).  Also their guardian was loose and was last seen 
somewhere near Gugnacs Hope. It is the avatar of Anubis and is huge and 
black as night. There are some funds available for payment but these 
hobbits don't do cream buns. - Low/bunny, Tuesdays, Rosemary.

Duke Rackstretch - A party is required to cleanse a temple which has been 
occupied by 'church members'. For payment he offered a free range of 
therapeutic treatments for the spine. He also asked for people of high 
moral standards. Medium, Monday, Paul.

Duff, Son of Duff -  Before the person was introduced, Guild Security read 
a warning that this adventure was an unknown off-plane risk and that it was 
not possible to go through the usual verification procedures. The party 
will be working for the Green Orcs on the Plane of Purple. Apparently the 
party will be summoned and compelled to do a task within a certain time 
limit. Success is possible but if they don't succeed the party will be on 
the Roll of Honour.
         After being brought in he addressed the meeting with the words 
"Greetings o powerful demons." He's here to summon those who want to go 
with him to perform a task and they will be paid. Mages are required. 
Medium, Thursday, Mike Parkinson.

Keldress - He is the High Priest of the Illimari and told us that the 
Calimar had captured a Naming Demon with the intention of collecting ITNs 
of their enemies, using a special device. The Names would include many 
Guild members. They wanted a party to liberate this demon. They may be able 
to retain possession of the device. High, Wednesday, Mt Eden, William.

Guild Security - Anathea is organisong a mission to kill a demon called 
Caine. The party is mostly full but they require a mage who is good with 
the weather. Services fee is to be negotiated. Medium, Avondale, Andrew.


1) Bravest Adventurer
Jacinthe - Volunteered to spy on the movements of zomblies in Cottingley. 
Returned slightly altered but intact with the discovery that there was a 
hostile wiccan present.

Sir Christopher - while the party was being attacked by demons and assorted 
imps, Sir Christopher stood in the room and challenged the toughest demon 
to a personal duel.

Hagan - while Sir Christopher is fighting the demon, Hagan decided to 
charge in from behind to help.

Winner - No vote

2) Smartest Adventurer
Brunder - when the party had to collect herbs he made a 'pot golem' to keep 
the herbs in so the party didn't have to carry them all.

Isileth - The party had to be ferried across the river Styx one at a time 
by Charon. Before Hargan's turn, Isileith said something to him and, on the 
trip over, Hargan continually refused to take over the oars of the boat 
every time Charon offered.

Jacinthe - After the 63rd backfire in a high mana zone, told the rest of 
the party not to cast any more spells without explicit permission.

Winner - Brunder

3) Stupidest Adventure
Sara Angelis - While exploring the cellar of Caer Percivel, Sara found 
three beer barrels and rushed over to have a look, and was promptly 
attacked by giant spiders. To make it worse, the contents of the barrels 
were spoiled.

Chris - They were in the abode of a paranoid shaper where everything was 
trapped and warded. To keep the doors opened, he had to sing continuously. 
However he saw an interesting book and went to get it. Since he stopped 
singing all the doors slammed  shut and he discovered the book was warded 
with whitefire.

Brightflare - The party were in flight hovering above a monastery that was 
surrounded by explosive spore plants. They were after some ships which were 
sailing away. So Brightflare decided to get more speed out of the wings by 
'mist skimming' low to the ground. However he was self-immolated at the 
time. All the spores exploded.

Jasmine and Dur -  They were windwalking inside a closed room and opened a 
bag. The bag contained a hurricane that nearly blew them apart.

Keesha - The party were in Hades and were told not to eat or drink 
otherwise they would be bound to the plane. However Keesha experimented in 
binding the ground and part of him died and entered the spirit world. When 
the party tried to leave Keesha discovered he didn't want to go. He took 
another step away and his head exploded.
Loxi - They found the bear they were looking for and discovered it was a 
were bear. Loxi decided to wake it up and ended up being rolled on and 
ripped to shreds.

Winner - Jasmine and Dur

4) Best Death
No nominations were received hence no award.

Other Business
It was decided to continue hiring this hall for the next year.

Meeting Closed

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