SubjectRe: [dq] DQ: GM Tools / Armies
DateTue, 23 Jan 2001 23:13:02 +1300

The close-formation tactics are another simple tool for competant GMs who
wish to vary the details of a combat for their party. A GM always has to
balance (or at least be aware of) the party's capabilities. However, as most
fighters I play with or GM have 140-160 strike chance, it is hard to
introduce a challenge to them without (excessive) magic.

Could people try to be a little more positive or constructive in their
attitude to other ideas, players & GMs, or keep their opinions to themselves
until they are a little less depressed?

And what's a goober?


I disagree. I think it is a bad tool.

Past experience has shown me that simply saying 'no, I have a bad feeling
about this.' doesn't work. It didn't work this time so I decided to use some
emotive language to help descibe why I felt this way. I have tried being
only constructive and postive in the past and with the result being the
advent of things I would only touch with a darksphere. Time for a different
approach I felt.

To your points.

Explain how a fighter has 140-160 SC without using access to 'excessive'
magic and skills. Any ways it is not the high attack but high defence
ratings which are a problem.

Then explain how to also make the game interesting for a non min-maxed
fighter. You know, someone who chose not to use a hand+half, have 20+ MD/AG
and not be smelling of myrhh all the time. This was one of my major

Goobers are to be covered in a whole separate (and sterilised) document.


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