Daily Notes Part #1

1st Thaw 797 WK
Kel spent today checking the guild library for references to the area we are travelling to. She found information on
Glissom, King Durindar, The Mountains of Brack, The Prince of Darkness, Prince Fengil, Eltrandor
We then spent 1000 sp. on party equipment.


2nd Thaw 797 WK
Left the guild with horses and portaled to
Rode north to a town and stayed the night. Stayed in the local Inn. (15 sp. 1 cf.)


3rd Thaw 797 WK
Rode north through the forest passing wagons laden with food and wool until we reached a village called
Pillaton. Stayed in another Inn. (8 sp.)


4th Thaw 797 WK
Rode for half a day to village of
Ingham. Yet another Inn. (6 sp.)


5th Thaw 797 WK
Rode through farmland to
Axebridge. The Inns are getting cheaper. (5 sp.)


6th Thaw 797 WK
Rode north towards
Ashmore. We spotted and avoided a hungry bear. Later on the trail some hobgoblins, including an air mage, attempted to ambush us but we killed a whole lot of them and interrogated one. They were just pretending to be bandits. We recovered some coppers (147 cf.) to offset our expenses and continued on to town.

Ashmore does not have an Inn as it burnt down last year.


7th Thaw 797 WK
Rode through the forest to the river then across the ford and into a village. Stayed in an Inn owed by the widow
Morde. (48 cf.) Inquired of the road ahead.


8th Thaw 797 WK
Rode through the next village then on to
Glissom. Crossed with the ferry (8 cf.) run by Ned whose brother Hyden owns "The Silver Griffin", a reputable Inn. We negotiated for lodgings until the 14th (30 sp. 80 cf.) and went to the commons for dinner. (5sp.) Kel went upstairs to her room to rest.

Met Doron, local prince and heir to throne, who bought us drinks and wanted to hear adventuring stories.

Doron told us of a suspicious package delivered to the castle a few days ago by an Azurian ship.

He also told us of his wandering in the Siren forest, which is inhabited by fey (fairies, nymphs, pixies), searching for the Ruins of Mimir. Generally you are safe from the fey if you don't stray from the path. In the north of the forest is a small village that used to deal extensively (many years ago) with the city of Nem (Now frozen in the lake). He then got drunk, went and picked a fight with a big peasant and had to be rescued by the guard.


9th Thaw 797 WK
Held morning conference on next step then went to see the steward
Kilnded with regard to being the guards over the festival. He agreed to hire us for 50 sp. each for the one night (the 14th, also a full moon). Afterwards we found out that he is a Necromancer allied to The Prince of Darkness. We looked around the castle, so we could better protect it, and saw King Durindar on his throne. He wasn't moving and didn't look well, also he hadn't touched his food and seemed to have a lot of makeup in his room.

We went back and talked to Doron who said he personally wasn't very popular around town, especially with the local council. He also told us of a couple of notable personages around town.

Also Doron told us of The White Tower in the Siren forest which apparently contains a powerful weapon (sword he thinks)

We decided to try and get a closer look at the King tomorrow, as we were worried about him.


10th Thaw 797 WK
We had another look around the castle grounds, looking for good spots to do our guarding from, and noticed that
Kilnded had quite a lot of personal guards. He had six normal guards and two Guntan barbarians. Phon carried a great axe and a battle-axe, and Mut wielded a two handed sword and a crossbow.

Duncan hunted and captured a pigeon then Sir Ty slipped in to have a look at King Durindar. King Durindar was not alive but instead had been turned into a zombie (Sir Ty has seen this before), all the food was rotten and the makeup was clearly there to make him seem alive for his annual address to the people.

This disturbed us and we felt that Kilnded (a necromancer remember) had turned King Durindar into a zombie to rule the kingdom. So we went to the prince (who should actually be the king now) and told him what we'd found. We then discussed the best way to reveal Kilnded for who he was.


11th Thaw 797 WK
We watched
Kilnded carefully most of the day and observed that he seemed quite paranoid. At night he slept to midnight when he climbed up on his roof and performed some sort of strange ritual for two hours. Now we're really worried.


12th Thaw 797 WK
Kel decided we should go with prince
Doron and investigate Lord Rockwall and Hadron, both council members, to see if they were in league with Kilnded.

We went to Lord Rockwall's (a large manor house for lunch. Apparently Lord Rockwall had come to Glissom 12 years ago and Kilnded had been installed as steward only 10 years ago. Also Hadron (the Healer) had only been living with Lord Rockwall only the last few years. Having previously lived with Sordin. Hadron was very old, a human around 150 years old or more, and a little hard of hearing. Hadron is apparently a Seer, Alchemist and Healer (who can resurrect).

Sasha had little tour of the manor house and it seemed pretty normal.

Discussions over lunch dealt with the Ruins of Mimir (also known as the City of Knowledge) that was in the forest. Also Hadron wanted to do a "Reading" on some one and would require a little blood for this. Kel went off with Hadron.

After lunch we chatted with Lord Rockwall who alluded to a mysterious adventuring past, he also showed us his axe collection and his magic chain armour of shattering. Sir Ty inquired about invested items that Lord Rockwall said he could make as well as some sort of experimental powder and potions. Generally seemed quite expensive though.

Meanwhile Hadron, in his seer capacity, was seeing all sorts of horrible visions with Kel. Merely by touching her arm he saw a vision of a huge head with big mandibles clipping off the top of someone's head and eating their brains (he says seers are MORE reliable than astrology). Hearing of this Kel decided this blood "seeing" might be a good idea. The results of this were more disturbing :

"There were three dark forces and one gray at work. We had to travel into the mountains to stop them, If we didn't darkness would befall and devastate the land."

She came back and Dunlan also had a reading (Hadron could only do two per day) and he got this :

"A very powerful Dark Force would be released if we do not stop it. There is one who plots you ill and a servant of the dark one who seeks to betray all."

After discussion we pretty much decided that the servant was Kilnded and we should do something about him.
We went back to the Inn and Dunlan did an Astrology reading early in the evening, asking the question

"When will the powerful dark force return to the land." and he found out the following :
"On the darkest night when the moon no longer shines, the prince of darkness will arise."
Sir Ty says the next new moon is two weeks after the festival, so we have two weeks and two days to do something.

Another further reading indicated that it mattered not whether Kilnded was present at this time or not. We decided we needed to check our Kilnded more thoroughly and perhaps have a chat to him.

We went to the prince's house then popped over to see Kilnded. He didn't want to come with us so we had to subdue him and his bodyguard Mut. He had some suspicious stuff one him :

Also Mut had the following : This caused an uproar in the castle and they sent the captain of the guard to ask us to look for Kilnded. He also said he had sent for Lord Rockwall to come to investigate the incident. We searched Kilnded's room for clues as to his disappearance (and for evidence of his complicity with the dark forces) and found: We then left the castle and went back to our Inn to wait for Lord Rockwall. After investigation we found that Kilnded had had a number of magic's upon him recently. We left a note at the north gate for Lord Rockwall telling him to meet us at the prince's house.
He came (at around three in the morning) and there was a lady called Dawn (actually a Mind mage) with him. We told him everything we had found out and they went up to the castle to have a look.
They returned and Lord Rockwall said that he would call together the council and convince them to go and look at King Durindar, as he was a zombie. They also said that they were worried about The Fire of Balor, otherwise known as the Sacred Hearth Fire, as it is said that Glissom cannot fall will it still burns in the Kings tower.
I kept watch as Dunlan did another astrology reading and everyone else slept.
Dunlan asked :"Will Dawn betray us on our quest." and he found out the following :
"Moon, Reversed temperance, Death, Reversed chariot, Reversed king of pentangles, Two of cups, Queen of swords, Ten of swords."
He had no idea what this meant.


13th Thaw 797 WK
Dawn assisting we interrogated Kilnded and found out all about his evil plot. He has made a deal with Prince Fengil to assist him in releasing Balor. On the evening of the Festival the legendary Hawks of Balor will swoop down upon the Kings tower and take the kings body and the Sacred Hearth Fire to Prince Fengil. Prince Fengil would then use the fire to melt the magical ice that is imprisoning Balor that Crocell created. Prince Fengil is currently occupying the temple of Balor on the northern side of Lake Nimmur that covers the frozen city of Nem. Kilnded's job is to cast a spell to put out all the fires to allow the Hawks of Balor to approach unseen. Since he liked Dawn so much Kilnded offered to marry her and make her his queen thus keeping her safe when Balor returned. Kilnded found an ancient invocation that allowed him to summon Balor to pact with him. As a result of this pact he learnt the following spells :
  • Call Master
  • Normal. This is bad enough.
  • Darkness
  • Darkvision
  • Eclipse the moon
  • Creates a localised Solar Eclipse. This also makes a large area of fear.
  • Extinguish Light
  • Turns off all lights in a large area.
  • Javelin of Darkness
  • Creates a magical Javelin. This will blind the target if they fail a MR.
  • Shadow Fall
  • Creates twilight for a 1-mile radius.
  • Shadow Form
  • Shadowed Self
  • Turns into a shadow and travels like that. Reduces the caster's life force.
  • Summon and Control Dark creatures
  • Travel Home
  • ?
  • Ventriloquism
  • Wall of Darkness
  • He also told us that he used Chang to "Take care of people." for him. He can't summon Prince Fengil but can send him a message via his loyal follower Baz. Prince Fengil is a greater undead (Wight) and is a celestial dark mage. He is at least a hundred years old. When questioned on the number of Hawks of Balor, Kilnded said there were a score or so of them. We sent the captain of the guard to arrest Baz. for complicity in Kilnded's treachery but he had escaped and ridden north - towards where Prince Fengil is. Members of the council entered the Kings chambers and found him dead (undead). Upon returning they pronounced that Doron would be crowned shortly after the festival. Meanwhile we discussed defending the Kings tower from the Hawks of Balor. The council refused to let us move the Sacred Hearth Fire so we discussed walling up the top entrance, to the tower which would force the Hawks to approach through the balcony to the Kings chambers, where we could ambush them. We looked at the Sacred Hearth Fire and it rests on a magical 3 foot round copper pan and seems to be magical fire.


    14th (Day of the Glissom Festival) Thaw 797 WK
    In the morning
    Hadron came into town to look at the Kings body. He said the King had been dead for around two years. He also knew something of the legends of the Hawks of Balor. Since we were defending the kingdom we looked over the royal treasury with Doron in search of useful magic stuff. We found :

    1. Null Plate
    2. -3 Ranks off any spell that impacts the wearer.
    3. Sever Blade
    4. Magical Hand and half with 10% SC of Grievous and 30% SC of Endurance blows.
    5. Rod of Red Ruin
    6. 5 Charges of ranged damage.
    7. Scroll
    8. Rank 5 Spell.
    9. Potion of Strength
    10. Adds a few point to your strength for a little while.
    11. Two Handed Sword
    12. Magic and +1 DM.
    13. Scale Armour
    14. Magic and +1 AP.
    15. Potion of Flogiston
    16. Summon and Control Fire Elemental. Same as Lord Rockwall's Lithon Potion.
    17. Ankh of Osyris
    18. Melds into Breastbone then gives an instant resurrection if you die then is used up. Can be removed by a rank 10 Healer.
    19. Crown of Truth
    20. 75% chance of seeing through illusions. If the wearer touches an illusion it is destroyed.
    21. Hard Leather
    22. Magical 8 AP hard leather with -0 AG modifier due to Rank 10 Armour-smithing. Size 6.
    Also there was : Lord Rockwall lent Dunlan his "Volcanic Axe" which flames and does +5 DM.

    In preparing for the attack from the Hawks of Balor Lord Rockwall walled up the top entrance to the Kings tower. We also put a scarecrow with the Kings clothes on the throne and prepared to guard the King chambers. I stood watch on the Balcony and shortly after nightfall seven Hawks of Balor attacked. They seemed to be golem like and we destroyed (they puffed into lots a little shadows) six of them but one got away. Nothing further happened that night and we were paid our money (350 sp.) in the morning.


    15th Thaw 797 WK
    We rested and recovered from our fight.
    Hadron did another reading on Kel and it wasn't nearly as bad this time. There were only two dark forces now and they definitely had suffered a setback.

    Also we examined the copper plate that the scared hearth flame sits on and found the copper disk was magical and created by Aim and is demonically resistant to fire. Actually if you could fashion a trap from the copper disk it is strong enough to hold Aim himself.

    The council offered us either 10,000 sp. or one of the magic items from the treasury (Not the Crown, Sever Blade or the Null Plate) to go north and sort out Prince Fengil. We choose the magic hard leather.


    16th Thaw 797 WK
    We left and rode north all day to a small village. As we were heroes a local family put us up. Heard about
    Sara, a local wise woman who knows about herbs and curing boils.


    17th Thaw 797 WK
    Next morning we rode north to the village
    Silver that is across the Felice river from the Siren forest. Next morning we will have to take the ferry then follow the path into the forest.

    We stayed in The Silver Stag Inn. (15 sp.)

    We chatted to a local in the commons about the forest. He said it was full of Elves who hassle travellers. They don't attack them but tend to do things like shoot their hats off with arrows, and try to tempt people to chase them off the path. The White Tower is a short way in the forest on a side path. Also he had heard of golden apples that if you eat one a day you will live forever. Also apparently there was an ancient king of the elves buried in the woods somewhere.
    North of the Siren forest there is a Dragon in the mountains as well as the Frost giants etc.


    18th Thaw 797 WK
    Next morning we crossed the ferry (1sp), and saw a path off into
    Siren forest after a logged area.
    A short way along the path we saw The White Tower with a side path leading to it.

    The tower had an open archway and an internal stairway. As you climb the stairs the tower and all in it shrink (unnoticeably) until you reach the top room. If you step into the top room the tower expands back to full height and any entities in the tower remain one twelfth in height (Major curse MA 20).

    We were being watched by at least two elves that didn't want to talk to us.
    Sasha lassoed the chest that was in the top room and we hauled it down. Inside the chest was a nice two-handed sword. We discovered this was silvered, magic and named "The Last Word". Any person wielding the sword will act last in the pulse (after magic) even if quickened but you will ALWAYS hit.

    As we were leaving the elves in the forest threw darts at us attempting to knock off our hats and hit in the center of our shields. They only seemed to be taunting us.

    We travelled further down the path and came across some nymphs frolicking in a pond. They threw us an apple each and said if we ate an apple a day we would not aging in any way (EVEN magical aging). However to reach the apple tree in the center of the pond we would have to cross the pond and this would make us old (but the apples would protect us). Thus as long as we ate an apple a day we would be young but as soon as we stopped we would become very old.
    We tried to get some more apples but the nymphs turned into Hags and chased us off.

    Further down the path there was a barrow off to the side.
    Tso went over and looked around it, we think this is where the elvish king was buried. Unfortunately he rose up and created a huge, thick (can't see your hand in front of your face) mist that smelt terrible. He then put down an Agony spell and some sort of fear thing.
    We ran away and only got drained a little.

    About half a dozen miles further down the track we saw the Village of Mimir with a black Knight just this side of it. Sir Ty challenged him to single combat and asked his name. He said he was Baz so we subdued him.
    It turned out that he had arrived at the village a couple of days before and was torturing the villagers to find out where the passage through the mountains started. We stayed the night and were put up for free.


    19th Thaw 797 WK
    After we woke up we found we were much less agile and dexterous and much more intelligent and wilful. Investigation revealed that this was caused by the water in the well in the center of the village and this was magic. We found out that the effect was temporary and only lasted one day. We waited one day for it to wear off (except Kel who went back and drank the water the next day).

    While we were waiting for the effect to subside we talked to the locals about the Ruins of Mimir and they told us about the sage from Eltrandor who came here fifty years ago with the Centurion Drajan. Apparently he went missing in the temple to Mimir (in the Ruins of Mimir). All that was found by the Centurion Drajan was some bloody parchment.
    Strange Puzzle
    Tso and Sasha decrypted this and came up with the following.
    The Translation
    We decided to go and investigate tomorrow (strangely Kel did not object).


    20th Thaw 797 WK
    Today we went to temple of Mimir in the
    Ruins of Mimir in the middle of the Siren forest. The temple was an open square with ruins and edifices all around. In the middle of the temple was a seventy-five foot round pit that was fifty feet deep. There was a spiral staircase around the outside and a huge (eighty foot tall) stone pillar (actually a worn statue) in its center.

    Down we went and knelt at the bottom and bid Mimir enter.
    A stone block in the side of the pit slid aside and revealed a dark corridor sloping away from us. About fifty feet down there was an open iron gate into a room.
    We went into the room and two figures wrapped in rags entered from side rooms. The one from the left was carrying a dish with white powder (Fog) in it. The one from the right had a dish with black powder (Poison) in it. Both carried short-swords and moved towards the altar in the center of the room. A brief fight ensued and we all got blinded by the fog and poisoned. Sir Ty, Tso and myself got one mummy and Kel (indirectly) got the other.
    There was a secret door that opens behind the altar when you put white powder in the left depression on the altar and black powder in the right.
    On the other side was a skeleton of a man with the top of his skull snipped off (remember Hadron's reading with Kel about the big insect that eats people's brains).
    Quotes from Kel :
    Kel to Tso : What if triggering that trap summons a demon and it kills us all. Then you'll be embarrassed.
    The skeleton was lying on top of a pressure plate that closes the secret door once you step off it. It had two scroll cases :

    We assumed that through the next door was a big bug demon which was forty feet long and eight feet high with nasty claws and huge mandibles.
    Unfortunately we were right. It was named Necrophobius.
    Fortunately we had set a trap for big bug things.
    Unfortunately it got out of our trap by turning into a shadow then back again outside.
    Fortunately we had a plan for this and hid in our own trap whilst shooting at it.
    Unfortunately it had very thick skin and we could barely hurt it.
    Fortunately Sir Ty got rid of it before it could eat too many of us.

    The next room was twice as big as the one we were in. It had eight pillars that were carved to represent various intellectual pursuits. If you touched the columns a voice would speak and impart strange knowledge to you. You could only touch one column and they did different things.
    Apparently there is something you have to do to activate them first ?
    Dance+5% Defence as long as you are not evading.
    MusicTeaches an instrument. Can charm animals.
    PoetryCan perfectly memorise any verse.
    PhilosophyMakes you more sceptical. +10% vs. Fright and Mind control.
    NavigatorA free navigator or ranger rank.
    RhetoricBardic voice but cannot convince others to go into danger.
    PaintingSkilled at painting. You can locate off the likeness.
    Animal TrainingA free rank in beast mastery.

    At the other end of the room was a corridor exiting it that had a strange side corridor in it. The side corridor had two shallow grooves cut in the floor which were flowing with blood (Yuck). These ultimately ended in a face that was crying blood.
    Sasha touched one and it spoke to here in an incomprehensible babble. We were all disappointed.

    We left that room and headed down the corridor towards the grooves of blood. We thought they were magical and Kel thought they proberly were poisoned as well. Sir Ty looked down the holes they ran into and started to feel as if he was choking. We pulled him back. It appeared that looking at or down the holes subjected you to some form of Mental Attack ! Kel covered the grooves and holes and we continued past the blood corridor to a door.

    Through the door was a demon face on the wall which briefly tried to make the front people go mad then it faded away (spooky) and there was nothing in the room.

    So we went back down the blood and grooved side corridor towards the bleeding face. There was a magic area down there with a beautiful girl standing in a side alcove (don't believe it for a second - remember the hags). Dunlan was very brave and discovered the magic is a mild form of mental control that made you a little drowsy and believe everything around you is benevolent.

    We went back for a closer look and got attacked by two succubi that TK raged and Phantasmed us then stabbed Sasha and myself with poisoned daggers. Sasha died, Kel was badly hurt and I was poisoned and had to be saved by Sir Ty. At the end of the fight they ran away and we retreated to the surface to recover. While down there we saw a strange vase in a side room that we think one or more of the succubi live in (they seem to be able to walk through walls and are as fast as me). We bought Sasha back to life with one of those fantastic potions Hadron gave us.

    We went back to the village to rest and recover.
    That night the succubi talked to Kel's mind and told her that Shader had summoned them.
    along with the Necrophobius but due to our efforts they were released now. They got Kel to draw a map of the underground area and said they wouldn't bother us if we wouldn't bother them. One of them said her name was Bodorward.


    21st Thaw 797 WK
    Next morning we met a score of elves lead by
    Lirasal and Misopha (who was wearing a crown made of silver) who wanted their sword back (The Last Word). The one we had picked up from The White Tower. We apologised and gave it back. They agreed to guide us through the forest to the tunnel to the lake.
    They told us we would need to enter the temple make our way through the maze then enter the totem of darkness. The warned us to not enter the room with Balor's head.

    They told us that Prince Fengil is a greater undead skilled in dark celestial magic with hundreds of years of training. He has a handful of human priest/assassins working with him.

    They also said that the temple of knowledge was something of a local joke (we didn't get it) and was used by the demon Shader to obtain sacrifices. There was knowledge to be gained there but it all came with a twist or payment.

    They said the undead in the barrow beside the forest path was King Quicksilver who died of disease and wanted to die in single combat so was rather unhappy.

    They didn't regard our Balor quest important (and wouldn't help) and said as long as the sacred hearth fire burned and the local king could use it to defend themselves Balor would not rise. We told them that the king was dead without a direct heir and the next in line (prince Doron) didn't know how to use the flame. This worried them a little and they said they might go and teach Doron how to use the flame.


    22nd Thaw 797 WK
    We went back to the underground temple and went through it to where we met the succubi (who had left).
    We then went and examined the side room with a vase (lidded) in it. There was also another ceramic vase with its lid off beside it.
    It turns out that both of these are spirit traps that can trap insubstantial creatures (once). The closed one had a wraith in it and also rattled - something else inside. We took the open vase (possibly for
    Prince Fengil).

    The next odd room (will they ever stop?) had seven skeletons and nine chests on the roof and a deep pit in the floor. If you walked into the room you "fell" upwards towards the ceiling. In the chests were three rings of walking on air with 23 charges between them.

    Further along was an altar room with a seven-pound bronze cursed helmet and a copper box in it. If you put the helmet on you cannot take if off, until someone removes the curse, and you might be able to understand all spoken tongues (or you might understand none and be unable to speak) - 18 MA curse. The copper box had a strange folding card in it :
    Another puzzle

    Next was a round room with a scroll on a pedestal in the middle. The scroll case (which was magic with preservation) had paper within with some sort of portal spell on it.

    The Wyrm Lair was full of mud and had skeleton hands that tried to strangle you and a worm that magically paralysed things. We dug a hole and drained out the mud (with the worm), also some stuff went down the hole, including some rather good chain mail, but we recovered some stuff;

    Kel tried to kill the worm thing but it paralysed her servant. So we went through the now drained Wyrm Lair and searched the end room. This room matched the card we found earlier. The rectangles on the card were bricks, hollow bricks. In them we found lots of stuff; Whilst looking at these Kel was attacked by two earth elemental and killed, Sir Ty was seriously injured trying to save her. The rest of us retreated into the bound earth room. Unfortunately the elementals released the wraith and then killed Tso and Dunlan. I created a magic portal and we escaped with the bodies back to the village.


    23rd Thaw 797 WK
    Spent today resting with the elves after restore life'ing Tso and Dunlan. We also got Kel back and healed up Sir Ty. Decided that going back was a bad idea.


    24th Thaw 797 WK
    We rode north (about 3 miles), escorted by the elves, to a cave in a cliff face. This is the start of the tunnels that go through the mountains. From the cave we heard a ghostly wailing. Just before we went in the elves gave us lots of healing herbs to take with us.

    We left our horses with the elves and went into the cave. The other end of the cave had a Monolithic figure carved in stone sitting with both its arms outstretched. One arm was raised up with the disk of the sun and the other was lowered holding an eclipsed moon. It had a summoning ward on it that was triggered if you lower the hand with the sun in it.

    In the roof was a large hole in it. We climbed up this on my rope and into a large cold room. In the room was a ice statue holding an ice key. We grabbed the key (it was for a lock in the far wall) and the statue animated and attacked us. We beat it up. In the corner of the room we found several scrolls;

    • Foscilite.
    • Stasis - Freezes time for three targets forever. (An E & E spell)
    • Summon Destria - Summons a horse from Hell.
    • Firestorm - Does d+42 damage to one target.
    • Death Light - Necromancy.
    All of the rooms off this one are traps of various sorts with fake or illusionary treasure in them. There are many dead
    Eltrantdorians here (see the Centurion Drajan). We headed up the tunnel found a magical banner (military standard) on a 9' pole.
    Then we encountered an Ice Spectre hiding (or trapped) in a whole lot of ice. It drained us a bit then cast a Darkness spell so we all could not see. We ran away and used a Sentinel to chase it away. But it got away (but conversely so did we).
    We dug around the cave with the fake treasure and 100 foot ice worm and discovered a strange one-way portal to the outside (snowy mountain top). A ledge ran around the mountain to a tomb. Beside the portal was a mallet that would destroy portals when you hit them with it.
    Further along the cave was a big hall with doors outside and lots of dead Eltrantdorians (killed by missile fire) in it, there also were big stalactites on the roof. Just outside of the main doors out of the hall were two frozen Eltrantdorians, one of which had a commanders baton (maybe the Centurion Drajan). Also to the right was a large hall with a big dog in it.

    We went back and investigated the tomb, we fought a Wight, which killed Dunlan. We have 3 1/2 hours before Dunlan turns into a night gaunt.

    Since we were in a hurry we went back down to the cave near the forest and I gave Tso my flying wand. We made him invisible and told him how to evade flying dragons (He should be able to fly faster than them).
    Sasha had a magic thing that kept track of Tso while he was flying. First he went south (as planned) for twenty minutes. Then suddenly he was to our north, then a minute later he was out of range (80 miles) or dead. Things first started going awry when Tso was over the middle of the forest. We were very confused and asked the local elves for help.

    The local elves told us of TWO dragons and a ROC, one of the dragon was male and a Air mage (Opps) who had recently claimed this area (we didn't know about him). The other that we had heard about was a female dragon who was a Mind mage and lived in a ruined city to the Southeast. The Roc had being stealing cattle earlier in the day. The said they could transport us, via a tree-walking spell, closer to the last place we thought Tso was. We went there and Sasha tracked him to the south and moving slowly, then he vanished again. This time he was beyond the female dragons lair and heading south. We think they are flying between rune-portals or some such thing. Next we went and visited Hadron's at Lord Rockwall's to see if they turned up there and they hadn't.

    Sasha suggested we go to see Grobbenbonk (about 50 mile south of Tso's last position) as he is a local Rune mage goblin she knew. We went to his tower but he wasn't home (but his Orc guards were) and we used his rune portals to return to the guild to report the missing guild members.

    At the guild we had two astrology readings done. We asked :

    1. Will Dunlan get resurrected ?
    2. Where will we next see Tso and Dunlan ?
    and the answers were ;
    1. These events lie in the past.
    2. It is up to Tso whether you will see him at the guild again.
    It didn't seem like we could help them (Since we didn't know where they were and couldn't locate them in any way) so we slept the night at the guild.


    25th Thaw 797 WK
    With little more we could do we went back to
    Lord Rockwall's with heavy hearts (they weren't there) and picked up some earth invested's on a use (and pay for) or return basis. Then back to the cave (not there either) and through the tunnels to the large hall to outside on top of the mountain.

    We spied on the frost giants that lived in the hall near the lake and saw them eating a shepherd (YUK) with there six huge dogs (six foot high), we built a big pit trap for them and they fell in it and died along with a couple of dogs. The rest we dispatched except for one that Kel befriended and a puppy Sasha found.
    The hall of the Frost Giants was a strange (BIG) place with a meat locker full of human bodies (Double YUK), a kennel and a storage room with the following stuff :

    and finally in their bedroom was : After we released the homunculus we talked to him and he produced the key that opened the anti-magic room. Inside was a priest of Balor named Tabian (a celestial Mage) impersonating a Brandenburg adventurer. Kel thought we was about to attack us so we took him down. He had on him : The strange room with the image of the Rime Wraiths tomb (and the frozen fountain) had some sort of ward in it and we left it alone.
    We spent the rest of the day tunnelling down towards the lakeside. There are lots of dangerous animals around upstairs (Ice Snakes, Yeti's, Snow tigers, Whirlwind things, etc.)


    26th Thaw 797 WK
    Quietly tunnelled around the lake to the northern side where the temple of
    Balor was. It is actually on a pillar of bound earth and had Balor trapped within it. We scouted around a little and decided to attack next morning (don't fight undead at night).


    27th Thaw 797 WK
    Our scouting detected the following things in the temple.

    Due to our chance of spotting things I think there are approximately six times as many things as are detailed above.
    We tunnelled to the front door and captured the guard (there was a sign inside the door saying Touch the Hand of Darkness), who lead us through the maze to the center of the top floor, which was open to the sky. There was a balcony around an atrium in the middle that had a scum filled pool and four statues around it.

    There were four priests of Balor on the balcony who poisoned Kel's Dog and her Rat before they were killed, except for the one we captured as our prisoner. We recovered

    The statues represented Fire, Earth, Air and Darkness and all had a door in them. All the doors, bar the darkness one, do horrible things to the person stepping in to them then throw your remains into the pool. The darkness statue shadow-walks you to somewhere else (on Alusia).

    On Kel's suggestion Murthac (as he is the toughest) stuck a stick into the pool to see past the scum on the surface. A large black crystal golem (Obsidiac maybe) rose up and thumped him four times killing him. I smashed it and Sir Ty recovered Murthac's body.
    This meant we had to leave the temple (with our prisoner) and return to the Guild to get Murthac fixed so we back tracked to the Elves then Grobbenbonk place then home.

    That is where we called it a day. Interrogation of the captured priest of Balor revealed that we had killed all of them and there was only two Hawks of Balor left as well. We returned the armour that we were offered as payment for dealing with Prince Fengil (as he is still undead) and the invested's that we had borrowed from Lord Rockwall. Finally back at the guild we split up the loot except for the Cursed Helmet of Understanding which we kept as a group item so we could return to the Ruins of Mimir at a later date.


    Daily Notes Part #2


    1st Thaw 798 WK
    After getting together we left for
    Glissom via Grobbenbonk's tower.
    We caught up with King Doron and found out that he was getting along fine. The Elves have been teaching him how to be a Fire mage. We told him that we were intending to go back to the Ruins of Mimir and then finish off Fengil (if we can catch him).
    We picked up the armour (the magical leather offered as payment for dealing with Fengil and headed out of town to Lord Rockwall's manor to see him and Hadron. They lent us some Potions.

    After contacting the elves from the Siren forest the transported us to the village of Mimir. They told us of a strange obelisk in the east of the forest that seemed to be draining the mana from the area.


    2nd Thaw 798 WK
    After staying the night in the village of Mimir we were taken to the obelisk site by the elves. It pained them to get to close to the obelisk so Esmeralda walked the last bit alone to have a look at it.
    Esmaralda looked at the obelisk which was made of some strange brown rock, and almost seemed to be alive. She collected some of this strange rock and bought it back to us for later examination.

    We went to the Ruins of Mimir and found it was completely deserted (we had expected a wraith or elementals or succubi to be around).


    3rd - 12th Thaw 798 WK
    We spent all this time either at the
    Ruins of Mimir or having curses removed. Eventually we each had learnt one thing from the Catheads.


    In the middle of the session we had 8 weeks training and investigated the Obelisk.


    18th Blossom 798 WK
    We returned to the Elves from the Guild and entered
    The Mountains of Brack but since we had maps from last time it was easy to negotiate the tunnels.
    Eventually we came to the hall of the Frost Giants (deceased) and it was pretty much as we had left it a year ago but the Giants bodies (and their dogs bodies) were all missing? We continued down our underground tunnel making much better time that last time we were here.

    At last (mid afternoon) we got to the end of the tunnel and I tunnelled through the ice to the temple in the middle of the lake. Just outside the temple was the Eltrandorian war banner we forgot to pick up last time we were here.
    We entered the temple, went through the maze, and prepared to go though the statue of darkness to defeat Fengil (and his minions - see above for the full list). It is a place of power for Dark Celestials and a high mana zone only for them as well. It also is made mostly out of magically bound earth and ice.

    Stepping out of the beam of black light we arrived in the dungeon under the Temple of Balor. Steps lead out into this black gooey stuff. We waded through the goo (we'd been told it would protect us from the Grey Hood) and arrived in a huge room partially full of grey mist with a large throne at the other end of it. To our left and right were two small rooms which we looted first (Circlets and Cloaks).
    On the stairs (leading down into the mist) on the right had side there were a number of strange torches which we left as we could all see in the dark anyway. We went through the creepy grey mist and through a door under the throne.

    The next corridor had a wall of darkness in the middle of it and rooms (the doors to them were hidden by the wall of darkness) to the left and right. The left room was were you prepared for the test of Balor and the right had some scrolls in it. Logan and Sasha explored the room to the right and the corridor beyond it accidentally setting off an explosive trap (they both survived).
    The rest of us continued straight ahead and carefully snuck through the circular room with the huge pool / well in the middle (supposably where the Ganglyings live) and out the other side where we were rejoined by Logan and Sasha.
    By opening the two swing doors and shutting them so no breeze went down the stairs to Krang we ensured he would not smell us and attack us.

    Finally we advanced down the stairs to where Fengil lived. In the big room down the bottom we saw six zombie dogs and two zombie frost giants. We had a quick fight and got two of the dogs until Fengil turned up and cast lots of Darkness around so we couldn't see. We backed off into the light and Fengil sent a couple of dark spheres after us, so retreated some more.
    We realised that the magic torches back by the Grey Hood could proberly penetrate the darkness so I ran back to get them (mostly followed by the party). This also woke up the Ganglyings which I had to zap before getting back with the torches. I distributed the torches and we advanced through the darkness (the light shone out about thirty feet), we couldn't find Fengil so we beat up his zombies and Sasha laid a trap for him using her Scroll of Entrapment.

    Just before we left Ithilmore bravely did the test of Balor and survived (although quite hurt) and got some neat Armour of Darkness. Only one person could do the test and then the magic left.
    We backed off and camped in the tunnels outside the Temple and rested for the night.


    19th Blossom 798 WK
    We returned to the Temple of
    Balor and found Fengil and another greater undead in Sarsha's pentacle of Entrapment (from the scroll) and we destroyed them both then returned to Glissom for much drinking before coming back to the Guild in Seagate.