Aim, The Fire DukeA powerful demon and partially responsible for the downfall of Balor.
AldredDuke of Karrack and our current employer.
Balor - Prince of DarknessOnce, long ago, Balor (Demon Prince of Darkness) ruled The Mountains of Brack, and from there his icy breath covered the land with thick blizzards and dark scudding clouds. Other Demons conspired together to overthrow the rule of Darkness, burying the city of Nem, the seat of Balor's power, forever in the icy mountains. First Aim (The Fire Duke) exploded at the heart of Balor's smithy where dark engines of destruction were built, and the city and the land for miles around were buried in deep volcanic ash. A burning ember of that explosion was carried far over the mountains by the howling wind and fell just where the city of Glissom now stands. To this day the glowing ember still burns at the center of the tower. Then Vapula (The Lion Duke) split open the earth to swallow the city and Crocell (The Duke of the Bath) poured down water, freezing it over and locking Balor and the rubble of his city forever beneath the ice pack. Balor is actually imprisoned beneath his temple on the northern edge of the frozen lake Nem. The Wight Prince Fengil was his head priest and worked to have him released before he was destroyed. For this Prince Fengil needed (but did not get) the sacred hearth fire from Glissom.
BazA messenger of Kilnded's who attempted to reach Prince Fengil. He was captured and turned over to the local authorities.
BordowardA succubus enslaved by Shader who now roams free in the region.
Centurion Drajan50 years ago when Eltrandor invaded Glissom with their Legions encased in bronze armor, one of the centurions named Drajan, led his men into the mountains in search of the city. Not one of his thousand men was ever seen again, although it is rumoured that their ghosts stand on the road to the north, begging travellers to go no further. He was found frozen solid outside of the Hall of the Frost Giants in The Mountains of Brack.
ChangHe's the Innkeeper on the north road and seems to be very knowledgeable about local goings on. He also is known to associate with and does "Odd jobs" for Kilnded.
Crocell, The Duke of the BathA powerful demon and partially responsible for the downfall of Balor.
DawnA mind mage and a friend of Lord Rockwall. She does not actually live in Glissom but can portal in if asked.
DoronThe prince (actually only a cousin to King Durindar) and heir to the throne of Glissom. A nice chap though prone to drink, womanise and act rashly. The prince is not liked by the town council and is generally not considered fit to rule. Luckily the prince also does not want to run Glissom and prefers his carefree life as it is. However the council discovered that the King was dead after being a controlled zombie and thus decided to crown Doron. Also the elves of the Siren forest were going to teach Doron how to use the Sacred Heath Fire to defend Glissom. He is now a Fire mage.
Duke BrandenLord of Brandenburg.
GrobbenbonkThe Sheriff of Goblin hills and a Rune mage with a rune portal network set up.
Hadron the HealerAn all round good guy apparently who can bring back people from the dead, but the prince hasn't personally experienced this. He lives with Lord Rockwall.
Also he is an Alchemist and a Seer and can thus see the future. He is old and frail, as he is a human over 150 years old. He also can create Restore Life potions. He did some readings into the future for us.
Hawks of BalorThese are demonic minions of Balor. They are giant man sized demonic hawks who were only affected by silvered or magical weapons. They are apparently very agile and have celestial dark magic from Balor. They occupy the same demonic niche as hellhounds. Six of them have been destroyed and there may be only two left.
HydenAn innkeeper in Glissom. Brother of Ned.
KilndedThe steward of Glissom. A necromancer and agent of The Prince of Darkness. (and an ally of Prince Fengil). He plotted to release Balor but was stopped. He currently is imprisoned at the guild in Seagate.
King DurindarGlissom has been ruled by an old and wise King for the past fifty years (since the failed occupation by Eltrandor). King Durindar has ensured that his people have flourished and that the granaries are full to bursting after each harvest. Yet two years ago, on the night of the Spring Festival where the people pray for the coming season of growth, the King came before them on his balcony as is his custom and announced that from that night forward he would renounce affairs of state and become a hermit employed in prayers and fasting in the tower that stands in the north-western corner of the palace. For the past two years the only person to have had direct converse with the King has been his steward Kilnded, who has carried his food to him in the tower and taken from there the King's proclamations. For the past two years, the only two public appearances that Durindar has made have been on his balcony at the Spring Festival. The third such festival is now soon to come up, and the people of Glissom gather anxiously in their capital, awaiting the address of their King. Unfortunately it was discovered that the King was dead and had been turned into a zombie by Kilnded. After this was discovered the King was given a decent burial.
King QuicksilverThe undead elvish king in the Siren forest who wished to die in honourable single combat but instead died of disease thus has come back as an undead. He appears to be a VERY powerful necromancer and toys with groups of people. His method of attack involves a Rank 20 Nocuous vapours, followed by an Agony and a Mass fear. He can see through his own nocuous vapours!
LirasalA female leader of the elves in the Siren forest she recovered the magic sword The Last Word. Associates with Misopha.
Lord RockwallAn independently wealthy dwarf, who moved the area not long ago, he knows about Earth magic's and keeps to himself. The Healer lives with him. He was friendly with the adventurers from Seagate and gave them great assistance.
MordeA widowed Innkeeper.
MisophaA female elf leader from the Siren forest. She wears a silver crown and may be an elvish queen. Associates with Lirasal.
MutGuntan barbarian, wields a two handed sword and a crossbow, and is one of the personal guard of Kilnded
NedThe ferryman across the river near Glissom. Brother of Hyden.
NecrophobiusA big bug like type of demon with celestial dark talents. It is forty feet long and ten feet high with around fourteen points of armor. Necrophobius can shadow self (turn into a shadow and travel like that) unless blocked by celestial counterspells (which also can be used to banish it). One used to inhabit the temple of Mimir.
PhonGuntan barbarian, carries a great axe and a battle-axe, and is one of the personal guard of Kilnded
Prince FengilTwo hundred years before, there was a Prince of Glissom named Fengil who was much given to occult practices in his youth. One day he set off towards the mountains, claiming he sought Balor's lost city. But he never returned, and although the King, his father, sent many men to search for him, he was never found and his searchers became lost in the treacherous woods and the swamps at the foothills of the mountains. Many years later, however, a shepherd named Murvon lost his way in a storm in the mountains and discovered a series of caves leading through them. He climbed countless stairs cut into the rock and survived many encounters with dangerous creatures, until at last he reached the top of a mountain. Below him he glimpsed the frozen lake covering the Lost City of Nem, and a ruined temple structure standing at its northern end where the freezing winds blew most fiercely. Above this, he saw flapping in the shrieking wind the legendary Hawks of Balor, The Prince of Darkness' harbingers of doom in times post. Seeing this dreadful sight the shepherd fled the mountaintop, but only after he had picked up an object that he had seen gleaming on the ground. Murvon was found dying in the foothills to the south of the mountains; he told the men who found him his tale, then opened his hand revealing a gold pectoral, the object that he had picked up off the ground. On it was etched Prince Fengil's name. Since then, his name has become a byword with which to scare children into their bed, for it is said that the now undead Prince stalks outside the city gates at midnight calling on the name of The Prince of Darkness. He was in the Temple to Balor on the frozen lake above the City of Nem, acting as the high priest of Balor until a party from Seagate destroyed him.
SaydarOne of the more powerful Guild Members. A very experienced necromancer and an Orc. Was bequeathed a castle and land by Duke Branden for services rendered. This was not popular with the local populous and most peasants and nobility in the area have branded him "The Evil Necromancer".
SaraA wise woman who is able to cure warts and boils. See lives near the village of Silver.
ShaderA celestial demon responsible for the temple of Mimir. He uses it to gain sacrifices from the unwary. Although there is knowledge to be gained there it is only available at a price or with a twist. He also summoned Necrophobius and two succubi (including Bordoward) to protect it.
Shepherd MurvonA shepherd / adventurer who found a gold pectoral near the lost city of Nem. See Prince Fengil.
Vapula, The Lion DukeA powerful demon and partially responsible for the downfall of Balor.