AshmoreA village one day's ride from Glissom.
AxebridgeA village two days ride from Glissom.
AzurA large kingdom famed for their ocean going fleet and trading routes.
BrandenburgThe capital of the Duchy of the same name.
CornumbriaNeighbours to Brandenburg whom are worried about the Evil necromancer Saydar.
EltrandorA large kingdom which tried to invade Glissom some time ago. See Centurion Drajan.
ErewornSaydar new fiefdom in Brandenburg.
GlissomGlissom is a rich, arable land lying at the mouth of the Felice River. It is bounded to the south by the Shriven Hills (Brandenburg), to the southwest by the Donier Basin, to the west by the Kriel Plain (Eltrandor), end to the north and east by The Mountains of Brack. King Doron currently rules it.
Goblin hillsThe area in which Grobbenbonk is the Sheriff. He lives in a tower full of Orcs and has a Rune portal back to the guild of Seagate. He also has a Rune portal directly to Glissom.
InghamA village two days ride up-river from Brandenburg.
KarrackAldred's county and near to Ereworn.
NemThe frozen city in the mountains. This used to be the seat of Balor's power until he was thrown down and the city locked beneath a lake of ice. There still remains a temple to Balor at the northern edge of the lake. The adventures of guild of Seagate attacked the temple and killed the Priests including the head priest Fengil.
PillatonA village one day's ride up-river from Brandenburg.
Ruins of MimirUnknown ruins in the Siren forest. The people that used to inhabit these ruins worshiped a god of knowledge. In this was a temple to Mimir that was investigated by adventurers from Seagate.
SilverThis is a small village on the southern side of the Siren forest near the path that leads into it. The Silver Stag Inn is there.
Siren forestThis is a fey forest to the north of Glissom. Pixies, nymphs and other fey occupy it. It contains The White Tower and Ruins of Mimir, The barrow of the Elf King (King Quicksilver), some hags in a pool of cursed youth and a small village in it's north.
The Mountains of BrackA towering mountain range more than 100 miles deep, whose soaring peaks are perpetually lost in swirling snow and icy winds. Forming an impassable barrier between Brandenburg and Cauldersfield, these wastes remain untravelled by man and are only talked about in relation to myth and legend.
The Silver GriffinA reasonable Inn in Glissom owned by Hyden. Where we met Doron.
The Silver StagA reasonable Inn in the village of Silver.
The White TowerA tower in the Siren forest that holds a weapon of great power (a Sword). The weapon is watched over by the local elves and is King Quicksilver's sword. It is called "The Last Word".