Send in the Clowns

A Farce in Eight Acts

Dramatis Personae

In order of appearance

Braegon, Constant Commander, a male human earth-elemental.
Serendipity, Dark Damsel, female elven Celestial mage.
Dawn, Aerial Aficionado, a female human Air mage.
Roke, Eccentric Enchanter, a male human E&E.
Amelia, Military Maestro, a female halfling warrior.
Pent, Rimy Ruffian, a male halfling Ice mage.
Mortimer, Scrupulous Scribe, male halfling warlock.

Il Capitano, a former captain of Proscenia, party employer.
Patch, a mime.
Zorro, Woody, Peach and others, mimes.
Zanni, a servant to Il Capitano.
Columbina, a hand-maiden.
A Concierge, of the Grande hotel
Pedro, a silversmith. Brother of Paulo.
Paulo, a maker of musical instruments. Brother of Pedro.
Two Townswomen, wives of Pedro and Paulo.
Aristocrats, dressed for a soiree.
Five Artistic Enforcers, in black.
Lord Bartello, an aged aristocrat.
Six Artistic Enforcers, in black, two outfitted as warriors, and four as mages.
Scaramouch, current captain of the Artistic Enforcers.
An Enforcer, in black, of unbalanced mental state.
An Enforcer, in black, somewhat hesitant and cowardly in demeanour.
Servette, a maid to Il Capitano.
A Score of Artistic Enforcers, in black, outfitted as warriors and mages.
An Earth Elemental, emerging from the ground.
A Tribesman, primitively dressed, with spear.
Three Tribes-folk, primitively dressed, with sticks.
Two Riders, dressed after the nature of the natives of Araby.
Humble Ali, a native of Araby.
Two Ship Captains, dressed after the nature of the natives of Araby.
Smith, an agent of Guild Security.
A Woolly Mammoth, domesticated and trained.
Several Veteran Carters, some missing body parts.
A Barmaid, at the "Chicken and Yolk".
A Male and Female Mime, dressed as a Young Noble Couple.
Gods & Demons, distant figures in Dom Daniel.
Mordecai, a minion.
A Queen, suspended from the fly.
King Arturo, rightful ruler of Proscenia.
Arlechinno, chancellor and jester to King Arturo.
Brighella, a bard.
Zagne, a young woman, servant of Il Capitano.
Il Dottore, a figure in scholarly black.
Princess Garsenda, daughter of Arturo
Antelone, tyrant of Proscenia.
Lords, Ladies, Officers, Guards, Citizens and Servants of Proscenia.


Act I - Alusian Tales: Forward to Proscenia

Act II - Proscenia: A Kingdom for a stage

Act III - Upton-on-Sea: Oh, We do like to be beside the sea-side

Act IV - Proscenia City: Alarums and Excursions

Act V - Foreign Climes: There and Back Again

Act VI - Proscenia Again: O for a Muse...

Act VII - Dom Daniel: Another fine mess...

Act VIII - Finale