Daily Summary

Thaw 797
Summary #1
1stResearched Glissom, King Durindar, The Mountains of Brack, The Prince of Darkness, Prince Fengil, Eltrandor
2ndPortaled to Brandenburg then rode north.
3rdRode north to Pillaton.
4thRode to Ingham.
5thRode on to Axebridge.
6thRode north towards Ashmore. Fought some hobgoblins.
7thRode through the forest.
8thRode to Glissom. Met Doron.
9thMet and were hired by Kilnded. Saw King Durindar who was a zombie!
10thChecked out King Durindar and his quarters.
11thWatched Kilnded and he acted suspiciously.
12thWe told Doron, Lord Rockwall and Hadron of what we had seen and they did some worrying astrology readings for us. Later we questioned Kilnded and found out he was in league with Prince Fengil to assist him in releasing Balor.
13thWe questioned Kilnded and found out of his and Prince Fengil's plot to assist the legendary Hawks of Balor to steal the Sacred Hearth Fire and free Balor.
14thWe defended the Kings tower and destroyed six Hawks of Balor.
15thThe council hired us to go up to the mountains and finish off Prince Fengil.
16thRode north out of Glissom.
17thWe rode north to the village Silver across the Felice river from the Siren forest.
18thWe went into the Siren forest and visited The White Tower, a magic pool, an Undead in his barrow and found Baz.
19thFound out all about the Ruins of Mimir.
20thEntered the Ruins of Mimir then fought mummies, necrophobius and succubi. Sasha was killed.
21stGave the elves back their sword, then rested up for the day.
22ndWent back to the Ruins of Mimir and searched more of it. Kel, Tso and Dunlan were killed.
23rdHealed up back at the village.
24thWent through the tunnel under The Mountains of Brack. Dunlan died fighting the Rime Wraith and Tso went missing trying to return his body for resurrection.
25thWent back to The Mountains of Brack with the help of the elves.
26thTunnelled to the Temple of Balor.
27thAttacked the Temple of Balor. An Obsodiac killed Murthac. Dunlan turned up back at the guild and we dissolved the party.
Thaw 798
Summary #2
1stDeparted for Glissom and met Doron and Lord Rockwall again. Travelled to the village of Mimir.
2ndInvestigated strange obelisk in the Siren forest.
3rd-12thAt the Ruins of Mimir gaining the gift of knowledge from the Catheads.
Blossom 798
18thAttacked the Temple of Balor and destroyed most of the Undead, laid a trap for Fengil.
19thReturned to the Temple of Balor and destroyed Fengil.