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Each title linked is in PDF format requiring Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have it, it can be downloaded. from Adobe. Titles in red are adventures that don't have any notes. Unlinked titles indicate notes stored on paper only.

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Session/Title Game Master Scribe
Autumn 806 WK
Scouting of the Games Jono Bean Scott (Kishwa)
Fishing in the Fastness Jono Bean (Braegon)
Into The Valley Callum Thorpe Claire (Ithilmor)
The Dreams of the Seven Callum Thorpe (Erzabet)
Kidnappers will Rue the Day Helen Saggers Keith (Aurora)
A Message For Gia Jeff Leddra Gordon (Douglas)
Summer 806 WK
Mayhem in the Dwarven Mines Miles Jackson Julie (Theodona)
Matt Toumbledown Jono Bean Hamish (GoK)
McBright Masterwork Gordon Lewis Keith (Aqualina)
Lath's Island Julia McSpadden Jon McSpadden(Shoka)
Big Bad Void Wolf Dean Ellis Lisa Rose(Pennlucien)
Black Watch: The Nightmare Murders Ben Taberner Mandos Mitchinson(Dramus)
Spring 805 WK
Endless Winter Clare Matthews Louise (Cypriano)
The Treaty of New Hope Helen Saggers Andrew (Faith)
How Much For The Little Boy? Lisa Rose Stephen Martin (Aryan)
More Minions for Rashak Jon McSpadden Andrew Luxton (Saydar)
Plague Upon Thee (Part 1) Ross Alexander Tricia Hunt (Belladonna)
Plague Upon Thee (Part II) Ross Alexander
Winter 805 WK
The Poison Cloud Jason Saggers Ian (Sau Rus)
Assault on Carlson's Switch Martin Dickson Martin Dickson (SGT)
Chasing off the Greys Jill Mitchinson James (Motley)
Of Elves and Goblins and Such and So Forth Mandos Mitchinson Brendan (Gavin's Hill)
Let's Try That Again Struan Judd Keith (Aurora)
The Hive Mind Adventure Jeff Leddra Keith (Aurora)
Where The Wind Blows Mandos Mitchinson Chris Caulfield (Father Broc)
Small Mistakes Craig Harper Jono Bean (Lath)
Autumn 805 WK
The Lost Templars (How We Won The War) Chris Caulfield Andrew (Sam the Ork)
Siren's Prize (Portals of Paolithica III - Kalimar) Jacqui Smith Keith (Aqualina)
Return to the Fastness - Part 1 Jono Bean William (Michael)
Where have all the Gryphons Gone Jeff Leddra Sally (Dawn)
Harbinger of Death William Dymock Stephen Martin (Braegon)
Things To Do In Brastor When You're Dead Ben Taberner Brendan (Gavin's Hill)
The Hunting of the Omnicognitron Ross Tricia Hunt (Tulip)
Summer 805 WK
Warrior's Big Day Out Clare Baldock Hamish (Gok)
A Timely Ghost Mandos Mitchinson Martin Dickson (Mortimer) - (Note: HTML opens in new window)
Conflict in Gaia Alan Grant Keith (Basalic)
Never Say Neverre Michael Parkinson Ian Wood (Isil Eth)
Spring 804 WK
The Great Library of Ekonda Helen Saggers Keith (Phaeton)
Portals of Paolithica #2 - Garweeze Wurld Keith Smith Jacqui (Grizelda)
Moving House Jill McSpadden James Mitchell (Motley)
Winter 804 WK
Rings of Deception Bernard Hoggins Emily (Tanis)
Gaia's Blessing Alan Grant Keith (Aqualina)
The Mystery of the Missing Suitors Martin Dickson Chris (Broc von Hecklyn)
Autumn 804 WK
The Dark Continent Adventure Miles Jackson Emily (Tanis)
Ice Demons in Flugelheim Struan Judd Sue (Kin)
Summer 804 WK
The Root of All Evil (When You Wish Upon A Leprechaun) Mandos Mitchinson William (Algarloth)
Elf Noir Michael Parkinson (Sir Francis)
Game Afoot (The Pocket Universe) Jeff Leddra Emily (Mira)
Searching Sol for Paradise Helen Saggers Michael McFadden (Roderigo)
Spring 803 WK
Hunting the Maiden Bernard Hoggins Keith (Aqualina)
The Riddle (The Manuscript Hunters) Lisa Rose (Father Broc von Hecklyn)
Dazed and Confused (Security Detail) Scott Raymond Keith (Aurora)
Colder than a Snowman's Codpiece Struan Judd Michael McFadden (Roderigo)
Winter 803 WK
Escorting A Lord Bernard Hoggins Keith (Aurora)
A Party of Elegant people, or Rébellion et la Robe Royale Ian Wood Mike Parkinson (Silverfoam)
Sorting the Smugglers with Samdar, Saydar's Son Chris Caulfield Michael McFadden (Roderigo)
Send In The Clowns Andrew Withey Martin Dickson (Mortimer) - (Note: HTML opens in new window)
Autumn 803 WK
Rousted in Rastenberg at the Rose Court Anna Michael McFadden
Wot I did on my Holidays Stephen Martin Andrew (Sam the Ork)
Merfolk, Sahuagan, and the Deep Blue Hole Jacqui Smith Keith (Aqualina)
All About Alexander Sally Musgrave Lisa (Penni)
Summer 803 WK
Wyvern Hunting Mandos Mitchinson Phil (TDP) - (Note: HTML opens in new window)
A Cunning Rescue Michael Parkinson Noel (Amaud) / Andrew (Kit)
The Emperor's Gonna Die Scott Raymond Keith (Phaeton)
Pet Show Gordon Lewis
Tails You Lose Mandos
Caravan to the Enchanted Forest Chris Caulfield
Spring 802 WK
Trip to Savarea Eamon Zink Bernard (Silent)
Heretics of Miloo Gordon Lewis Noel (Armaud)
Investigation of D'Abres Mandos Mitchinson Sally (Kathleen)
Dragonquest - Baal's Final Return
For the Good of her Halph Chris Caulfield
Winter 802 WK
Spying on the Plane Eating City Ben Tabenar Noel (Armaud)
For the Faerie King and Karma Ben Tabenar Noel (Armaud)
Quarry in a Quarry Sally Jackson Keven (Stardreamer)
Seven Stout Hearts in Phantasia Andrew Withey Gordon(Graaven Brightrock)
The Needs of a Tree Jason Saggers Keith (Basalic)
Dragon Beds are Hard to Find Phil Judd
Autumn 802 WK
Olympic Security/Destinian Gold Mike Parkinson Sally (Kathleen)
Into the Se of Wizards William Dymock Noel (Armaud)
Mystery in Mystra Simon White Keith (Aurora)
Dealing with the Troll Mandos
Summer 802 WK
Pasifikan Plundering Keith Smith Noel (Armaud)
Godric's Trail Clare Gordon (Graaven)
Joe the Balrog Rosemary Keith (Basalic)
Rannitarian Diplomacy Lisa Rose
Spring 801 WK
South Haven Academy for Girls William Dymock Noel (Armaud)
A Gentleman's Sport Eamon Zink Anna (Scorpion)
Theft of the Faerie Flag Jacqui Smith Keith (Aurora)
Gardens of Phadre Gordon Lewis Errol (Darien)
Recover the Deeds to the Mines ??? ??? (Raven Frost)
Arkansas Asylum (Hadarin - A State of Mind) Tom Mason (Andrew)
Winter 801 WK
Kaith Tax Collection Julie Noel (Armaud)
Rumblings of Evil beneath Rank Dwarves Jon McSpadden Andrew (Kryan)
Surprise for Sahuagan William Dymock Keith (Aqualina)
Autumn 801 WK
Into A Strange Land Struan Simon (Arwen)
Runeation Jon McSpadden Gordon (Loxi)
Jhensi Hallenger's Birthday Gordon Lewis Sally (Valery)
Summer 801 WK
The Great Mummy Hunt Rosemary Gordon (Graaven Brightrock)
Football of Purple Mike Parkinson Errol (Darien) - (Note: HTML opens in new window)
Fighting The Good Fight, No Matter The Cost Paul Schmidt Keith (Basalic)
Strange Journey To Monmosphoidoi Eamon Zink Anna (Scorpion)
A Terranovan Picnic Martin Dickson Andrew (Kryan)
Spring 800 WK
Going on a Bear Hunt Sally Jackson Gordon (Loxi)
Scrying Thy Neighbour Greg Taylor Tom (Tom)
Christopher's Doom Clare West Sally (Kathleen)
Winter 800 WK
Escort to Countess Kirsten Jono Bean Sally (Kathleen)
Pasifika in Peril Keith Smith Jacqui (Flamis)
Trade Mission to Milloo Gordon Lewis Ian Hassle(Gerrad)
Bringing Light into the Darkness Paul Schmidt Keith (Basalic)
The Missing Reporter Jacqui Smith
Westphalia - Hai Kipchak Andrew Withy
Autumn 800 WK
Seven for Thebes Mike Parkinson Keith(Aqualina)
Battles in the Dark (Against the Dark Circle) Jono Bean Chris Caulfield (Kern)
Summer 800 WK
Rescue II Clare West Gordon(Douglas)
Middlemarch Paul Schmidt Keith(Phaeton)
Murder Mystery Eamon Zink Anna (Scorpion)
Redemption or Else Adam Tennent
Spring 799 WK
Travels with Father Bob Mike Parkinson Simon(Arwen)
Return to Sudar Greg Taylor Daryl(Axy)
Resurrection River Jeff Leddra Anna (Scorpion)
To Map an Isle Jason Saggers Rosemary(Kayseri)
Heedless They ... Martin Dickson
Winter 799 WK
Enter the Cockroach Mike Parkinson (Loxi)
The Dragon Horde Daryl Crosby Mike P(Hagan)
Edge of the Underdark Paul Schmidt Keith(Basalic)
In Search of Silk Scott Whittaker
Trouble with the Troll King Dean Ellis
Autumn 799 WK
Return to Lorgos Greg Taylor Keith(Aqualina)
Thoth Paul Schmidt
Belial Baiting Andrew Withy
Summer 799 WK
The War of Tears Martin Dickson Phil(TDP) - (Note: HTML opens in new window)
Hobbit's Home Francis Keith(Phaeton)
A Sourjon To Hell Paul Schmidt
Empress of Azuria Michael Parkinson
Spring 798 WK
Dog Bothering Daryl Crosby Rosemary(Kayseri)
Return to Norden Greg Taylor Keith(Aqualina)
Save Our Senshi Keith Smith Jacqui(Flamis)
Walks In Earth William Dymock Anna(Scorpion)
Prince of Darkness - Part 2 Jon McSpadden Phil(Pent) - (Note: HTML opens in new window)
Saving Wegan Mike Young
Zinzanity Stephen Martin
Winter 798 WK
Overdue Library Books Martin Dickson Keith(Basalic)
Investigate Guild Vaults Andrew Withey Sally(Valery)
Kali and the Five Dwarves Rosemary Mansfield Michael W (Hoo)
Against the Necromancers (Sound of Death II) Jono Bean (Serendipidy)
Lorefakir Is Missing Paul Schmidt
Autumn 798 WK
Planeport Troopers Ross Alexander William(Liessa)
Mission to Malachandra Jacqui Smith Keith(Phaeton)
Defense of Ssqua Martin Dickson Brent(Bozo)
Mungodia Gold Jon McSpadden (Arkham)
Sky Dwarves Doom (Green Orcs in Purple) Mike Parkinson Andrew(Kryan)
Westphalia Succession Andrew Withey Sally(Kathleen)
Sound of Death Jono Lisa
Quest of the Soul Husk Caverns Paul Schmidt
Summer 798 WK
Root of Evil Mike Young Keith(Basalic)
Behold the Beholder Paul Schmidt Keith(Aqualina)
Hurolg the Hammer Karl
SC's Horses Struan
Ascension (Part II) Paul Schmidt
Spring 797 WK (Jan '97 AP)
The Seagate Guards Do Lower Ormathwaite Andrew Withey Daryl(Tixellanif)
The Hunt for Kontalie Phil Judd Keith(Basalic)
Killing of the Great Troll Chef Noel Livingston Keith(Aqualina)
Quest for Virtue Ben Taberner Noel(Ned)
Prince of Darkness - Part 1 Jon McSpadden Phil(Pent) - (Note: HTML opens in new window)
The Dragon Court of Ambra Craig Beere
Hard Bitches Ross Alexander
Winter 797 WK (Oct '96 AP)
Quest for Father Rowan's Holy Symbol Paul Schmidt Keith(Phaeton)
Rules of Engagement Paul Schmidt Jacqui(Starflower)
Eclipse Noel Livingston Anna(Scorpion)
That was now, this is then Mike Parkinson Amaranth
The Eye of Norden Greg Taylor Andrew(Eidolon)
Que Vigles Viglent Daniel Dixon
The Lurker on the Threshold Paul Schmidt
Conan the Librarian
Autumn 797 WK (Jul '96 AP)
Around A Hat in 80 Hours Martin Dickson Brent J(Bozo)
The Other Hat Adventure Lisa Rose Greg(Strontium)
Organised Chaos Scott Whittaker Keith(Aqualina)
Find the Worts Craig Beere Keith(Phaeton)
Rabbit Adventure Daryl Craig B(Berik)
Exploring Ildrisholm - Part 2 ? Ross(Ishmael)
Twelve Days Dean
The Battle of Emridy Meadows Paul Schmidt
Summer 797 WK (Apr '96 AP)
The Search for Flowers Struan Judd Daryl(Tixellanif)
Princess Bride in the Black Tower William Dymock Keith(Basalic)
The Return of the Prodigal Son Keith Smith Andrew(Hugh)
Destroy the Weapon of Mass Destruction Mandos (Gideon)
Saydar's Pub Crawl ? ?
A Trip in the Woods (Truce with Harpies) Jono Bean Ross(Jedburgh)
Miners and Mages (Goblins and Gold) Phil Judd Chris Caulfield (Kern)
Portal (Nerrul's Gate) Paul Schmidt
Spring 796 WK (Jan '96 AP)
Attempted Patricide Lisa Rose (Strontium)
Neverland Rosemary Mansfield (Shizane)
Chaining the Dark Lord Scott Whittaker Keith(Aqualina)
Find Liessa's Tutor Mandos Craig B(Berik)
Garsen's Tower - Epilogue Greg Graydon (Vapour)
Scroll of Himcules Bryan Holden Anna(Scorpion)
And the Moon Fell Down Mike Parkinson
Coasealance Paul Schmidt
Winter 796 WK (Oct '95 AP)
The Chancellors Message Ian Wood Mike W(Anathea)
Worts and Boyles Craig Beere Mark(Glod)
Arabian Adventure Alastair Craig B(Darksinger)
Garsen's Tower Greg Graydon (Vapour)
Castle of Ultimate Darkness Adam Tennant
At the Mounds of the Dawn Paul Schmidt
Autumn 796 WK (Jul '95 AP)
Where is Gammy? Daryl Crosby Michael G(Gideon)
The Gnome with the Golden Hand Carl Reynolds Keith(Basalic)
The Alternate Adventure William Dymock Craig B(Berik)
Object Delivery Steven Anna(Scorpion)
Down on the Farm Craig Beere Mark(Glod)
To Granton and Back Jon McSpadden Clare(Ithilmore)
In Search of Knowledge Dean
Ascension Paul Schmidt
Summer 796 WK (Apr '95 AP)
Kedri, Sushi and Calimari Surprise William Dymock Keith(Aqualina)
A Diplomatic Undertaking Eamon Zink Anna(Scorpion)
Quest for Shaman's Daughter Craig Beere Noel(Pinefeller)
The Trouble with Triffids Jacqui Smith Mark(Glod)
Rescue the Idiots Phil Judd (Keshah)
Under Molag Paul Schmidt
Spring 795 WK (Jan '95 AP)
Dorvogel's Dungeon Daryl Crosby Nigel(Britamus)
Magi, Mistresses, and Mind Mages William Dymock Anna(Scorpion)
Delta Blues Rosemary Mansfield Keith(Aqualina)
Die Wintergarden Mike Young ?
Giants, Woman, and Winter ? Ross(Callas)
Dead End Alley Paul Schmidt
Winter 795 WK (Oct '94 AP)
Yana the Undying Brent Jackson Andrew(Eidolon)
Kings Quest Scott Whittaker Keith (Phaeton)
The Rescue at Hob's Dell ? Ross (Jedburgh)
Temple of the White Goddess Jon McSpadden ?
Khatrich's Archaeological Expedition William Dymock Scott (Sh'rel)
Autumn 795 WK (Jul '94 AP)
Filgasso Forest - Retrieval of Artifact Ian Wood Noel(Pinefeller)
Strange Case of the Odd Guild Mission Rosemary Daryl(Axy)
Little Black Got'em Dean Ellis Jillian(Reck)
Return One Hero from the Cosmos William Dymock Keith(Basalic)
Tears of the Gods Jon McSpadden Anna(Scorpion)
Into the High Mana Zone Jono Bean Ross(Jedburgh)
Who Killed Roger Phil Judd
Summer 795 WK (Apr '94 AP)
There and Back Again Derek Ollie(Sabbath)
In Search of the Lost People ? Karl(Rasche)
In Search of Slavers Scott Whittaker Daryl(Axy)
Escorting Ensemble William Dymock Anna(Scorpion)
(untitled) Noel Terry(Adam)
Wings of Death in Mines Jono Bean
Spring 794 WK (Jan '94 AP)
Insect World Carl Reynolds Keith(Phaeton)
The Elven Crystals Jon McSpadden Neil(Logan)
Search for John William Dymock Craig B(Darksinger)
The Trial, Part 1 Jon McSpadden Neil(Vapour)
Six Go Mad in Amba
Winter 794 WK (Oct '93 AP)
Dragon's Eye Mike Harre Keith(Aqualina)
Rescue of Melissa ? (Sean)
Mission to Feralee Jim Arona Mike P(Sushi)
Orcs v Orcs v Dwarves William ?
Into the Malestrom Dean Ellis (Daemien)
An Inconstant Moon ? Ross (Ishamel)
Evil Below(Next Door to Hell) Michael Young Jim(Scratch)
Autumn 794 WK (Jul '93 AP)
Nendil's Journal Jono Bean Claire(Nendil)
Listen Carefully ... William Dymock Keith(Basalic)
Priests and Pregnancy Ian Wood Robert Amor(Romo)
On His Lordship's Secret Service ? Jacqui(Starflower)
Retrieve the Equipment of the Sorceress in Silver Jon McSpadden Clare(Prydera)
Search for Sigismund (The Spurs of Ulric) Mark Harrison
Summer 794 WK (Apr '93 AP)
The Return of the Unwilling Chosen Mike Harre Keith(Phaeton)
Wizard Killing Jon McSpadden Kelsie(One)
The Journal of Bartholomew Toadswart
Jim Arona Jon(Bartholomew)
Spring 793 (Jan '93 AP)
Knight of Mystery William Dymock Keith(Phaeton)
Romance in the South Seas Jacqui Smith Keith(Aqualina)
(untitled) Mike Parkinson Jonathan(Stark)
The Lost Inheritance/Mordag's Little Finger Jon McSpadden Alistair(Ptolemy)
Etrian Name Quest Greg Cole
Winter 793 WK (Oct '92 AP)
Rescue from the Hive Jacqui Smith Brent J(Bozo)
Lake Cartography Greg Graydon Keith(Basalic)
Search for the Holy Lance of Antioch Adam Tennant Ross(Callas)
Orc Slayer Jon McSpadden Ross(Jedburgh)
Defense of the Muleskin Tavern Jon McSpadden
The Day of the Snork Jon McSpadden
Autumn 793 WK (Jul '92 AP)
The Ship That Flew Jacqui Smith Keith(Phaeton)
Where's Alice? Daniel Dixon Brent J(Bozo)
Into the Land of Dreams (Return to Oz III) Lisa Cotton/Dean Ellis Ross(Callas)
Terranova III (Martin's Sword #5) Martin Dickson Lisa(Serendipity)
That Ranke Bishop's Come Calling Michael Young
Duchy of Trelbar - Caravan Guards Chris Caulfield
The Helyssian Crown Jewels Struan Judd
Priest of Famine Mark Eaton
Eremos Investigation Stephen Martin
Find the Pessant Decendants Ian Wood
Summer 793 WK (Apr '92 AP)
Trash and Burn Scott Whittaker Keith(Aqualina)
Purple Prose Michael Parkinson
Spring 792 WK (Jan '92 AP)
Rats Rats Ratties Phil Judd Keith(Basalic)
Mars Adventure Greg Graydon Brandon(Ineluki)
Dwarves of Near Novadom Ian Wood Andrew(Lady Carla)
Rescue the Brotherhood Bryan Holden
Winter 792 WK (Oct '91 AP)
Rendezvous with Gaia Daniel Dixon Keith(Phaeton)
Disappointment at Destiny Mike Parkinson Keith(Aqualina)
Naughty Maurice Lisa Cotton Chris(Amaranth)
The Snark's Revenge Martin
Autumn 792 WK (Jul '91 AP)
Mystery at Maltain Struan Judd Keith(Basalic)
(untitled) Greg Graydon (Tony)
Rescue Nasty Dwarves ? Sir Wojer
Summer 792 WK (Apr '91 AP)
Babes in Faerieland Jacqui Smith Keith(Aqualina)
The Stolen Seal Phil Judd Jacqui(Starflower)
Oz - Find the Cowardly Lion Brent Jackson
Spring 791 WK (Jan '91 AP)
The Enchanters Box Reid Jacqui(Flamis)
To Catch A Thief Mark Harrison Keith(Aqualina)
Two Brief Excursions ? Sue(Kin)
Winter 791 WK (Oct '90 AP)
Last Will and Testament of Baron Garcia Dean Ellis Jacqui(Starflower)
The Ghost of Trevaris Rosemary Mansfield Mike P(Hagan)
Medium Sized Evil Mike Parkinson Sue(Kin)
Autumn 791 WK (Jul '90 AP)
Mezzo Volta Suffering Craig Harper Kelsie(Anyway)
To Tax the Hobbits Phil Judd Keith(Basalic)
To Catch A Fallen Star Carl Reynolds Keith(Phaeton)
Dreamlands (Martin's Sword #4) Martin Dickson Mike P(Silverfoam)
Brastor Haunted House Bryan Holden Stephen(Braegon)
Ripping Off the Goblins Klaude Reid(Herbicide)
Afternoon Tea Time ? (Yvette)
Summer 791 WK (Apr '90 AP)
Do You Take This Frog? Craig Harper Keith(Basalic)
Crown of Souls Martin Dickson (Carol)
Untitled ? Mike P(Hagen)
Spring 790 WK (Jan '90 AP)
Soul Search Struan Judd
Winter 790 WK (Oct '89 AP)
King Ronald's Menagerie Rosemary Mansfield Bryan(Hawk)
Autumn 790 WK (Jul '89 AP)
The Quest for Missing Melanie Struan Judd Jacqui(Flamis)
Giant Axe ? (Fynn)
The Towers II Bart Janssen Martin(Mortimer)
Eringdale Kidnaps Rosemary Mansfield
Bug Hunt #2 Mark Harrison
Against ze Flying Nomes ?
Summer 790 WK (Apr '89 AP)
Regicide Brent Chris(Amaranth)
The Balrog's Egg Martin Dickson Lisa(Serendipity)
Bandits in the Woods(Towers I/Shattered Statue IV) Bart Jassen
Goblins Galore Lisa Cotton
Spring 789 WK (Jan '89 AP)
(untitled) ? (Galadriel)
Ye Noble Guardians of Ye Football Team Reid/Bryan Holden Jacqui(Starflower)
Trouble at Huddles Farm Lisa Cotton Rosemary(Amelia)
Seagate Guild and the Temple of Doom (Delph 3) Greg Taylor Kathy(Whisper)
Winter 789 WK (Oct '88 AP)
Sundered Realm Mark Harrison
Once Upon A Fairy Tale Lisa Cotton
The Shattered Statue III Bart Janssen
Autumn 789 WK (Jul '88 AP)
The Mines of Gothron Martin Dickson
The Shattered Statue II Bart Janssen
Hobgoblin Harassment Greg Graydon {The entire party}
Star Silver Revisited Gary Jackson
Summer 789 WK (Apr '88 AP)
Delf 2 - Insect World Greg Taylor Ian(Isil Eth)
Spring 788 WK (Jan '88 AP)
The Diary of Ventura Blue ?
Blabbo Take's Birthday Party Lisa Cotton
Gator Depression Greg Graydon {The entire party}
The Shattered Statue Bart Janssen
Winter 788 WK (Oct '87 AP)
Skystone Heist Mark Harrison
The Progress of Disease II Martin Dickson Helen (Mary M)
Bryan's Beginners Intro Bryan Holden
Autumn 785 WK (Jul '84 AP)
The Lost Woman Adventure Brent Jackson Andrew Williams(Bab El Ehr)
Ghostbusters (Un-)Limited Brent Jackson Andrew Williams(Bab El Ehr)
Summer 785 WK (Apr '84 AP)
Take It from the Top Kyn Jackson Brent (Borghoff)
Ruby Water Adventure Luke De Jong Brent (TDH)
Scabs Scribe Notes Jono Bean (Scab)
To Bring Back Orb from Naga ?
Asure Asafe's Shopping List Mike Young Scott(Rothgar)
The Golden Dragon Quest Brent Jackson ?

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